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Words for Production 1.familiar [ f1`mIlj2 ] adj. generally known, seen or experienced; common 熟悉的,常見的 This painting looks familiar to me. I have seen.

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2 Words for Production 1.familiar [ f1`mIlj2 ] adj. generally known, seen or experienced; common 熟悉的,常見的 This painting looks familiar to me. I have seen it before.

3 Words for Production 2.suggest [ s1G`dZEst ] vt. to say or write (an idea to be considered) 提議;暗示 My family doctor suggests that I take a walk every day. The dark sky suggests that it is going to rain. You had better carry an umbrella with you. had better: 最好 詞類變化

4 suggestion [ s1G`dZEstS1n ] n. 建議,提議 Whenever I have trouble, I turn to my teacher. She always gives me helpful suggestions. turn to : 求助於

5 Words for Production 3.modern [ `mAd2n ] adj. of the present time, or of the not far distant past; not ancient 現代的,近代 的 In the city, you can see ancient and modern buildings next to one another. next to : 次於 ; 比鄰

6 Words for Production 4.actually [ `8ktS51lI ] adv. really; in fact 事實上,實際上 Actually, she is not as young as you think. She doesn’t look her age. 詞類變化

7 actual [ `8ktS51l ] adj. 真實的,實際的 The actual cost of this house was much higher than I expected. 比較級前面常用 much 或 far 做加強用 副詞.

8 Words for Production 5.react [ rI`8kt ] vi. to act in response to an action or situation; to behave differently as a result of or in response to something 反應 All the drivers in this city reacted positively to the new traffic rules. 詞類變化

9 reaction [ rI`8kS1n ] n. [U] 反應 What was Susan’s reaction when you told her about the news?

10 Words for Production 6.claim [klem ] vt. to say that something is true even though there is no proof 聲稱;主張 The old man claimed to have seen a ghost in the house. 詞類變化

11 claim [ klem ] n. [C] 聲明;主張 He put forward the claim that he was the first person to find the lost diamond ring.

12 Words for Production 7.object [1b`dZEkt ] vi. to be against; to feel dislike 反對;不喜 歡 Many people objected to building a soccer field in the center of the city. 詞類變化 object to : 反對

13 object [ `AbdZIkt ] n. [C] 東西,物件 “What’s the little black object on the wall?” “It’s a fly.” objection [ 1b`dZEkS1n ] n. [C] 反對,不贊成 If there’s no objection, I will announce Gerald as the team leader.

14 Words for Production 8.sculpture [ `sk^lptS2 ] n. [U] a work of art produced by shaping solid representations of people, animal, or things out of stone, wood, metal, etc. 雕刻品,雕塑品 The artist collects many life-sized sculptures of Greek gods and goddesses.

15 Words for Production 9.downtown [ `da5n`ta5n ] adj. to, toward, or in the business center of a town or a city 市中心的 I will treat you to dinner at a downtown restaurant. We will be able to have a nice talk while we eat. 詞類變化

16 downtown [ `da5n`ta5n ] adv. ( 往 ) 市中心 I need to do some shopping. Would you like to go downtown with me tomorrow?

17 Words for Production 10. insist [ In`sIst ] vi.; vt. to ask somebody firmly to do something 堅持,一定要 ( 某人去做某 事 ) I insist on your coming to my party, since you are my best friend. My mother insisted that the whole family clean the house together once a week. S + insist on + Ving S + insist that + S + (should) + 原形動詞.

18 Words for Production 11. drag [ dr8G ] vt. to pull (a heavy thing) along 拖,拉 The police caught the thief on the spot and dragged him to the police station. on the spot : 當場

19 Words for Production 12. despair [ dI`spEr ] vi.; n. [U] to lose all hope (of); complete loss of hope 絕望,失去信心 “Don’t despair!” my teacher encouraged me, “Try to find another way to solve the problem.” When he found that he had lost all his money, he cried out in despair.

20 Words for Production 13. survive [ s2`vaIv ] vt.; vi. to live through a difficult situation 熬 過, 倖存 Those mountain climbers may not survive the cold weather in the mountains. Many people were killed in the big fire, but the little boy survived. He was the only survivor from the fire. 詞類變化

21 survival [ s2`vaIvL ] n. [U] 存活,倖存 People are losing hope for the survival of those missing mountain climbers. survivor [ s2`vaIv2 ] n. [C] 倖存者 How many survivors were there from the accident?

22 Words for Production 14. suffer [ `s^f2 ] vi.; vt. to feel pain or difficulty 受 … 之苦 My grandmother has been suffering from a serious backache. She needs to take a pain killer before she goes to bed. Many people suffered great loss in the earthquake.

23 Words for Production 15. absorb [ 1b`sOrb ] vt. to take or suck in (especially liquids) 吸收 If you don’t review what the teachers teach, you may find it impossible to absorb all the materials before the exam.

24 Words for Production 16. unless [ 1n`lEs ] conj. if not; except if 除非 I won’t leave unless you come with me.

25 Words for Production 17. schedule [ `skEdZ5l ] n. [C] a plan of things to be done or dealt with at certain time 進度表,工作進程 表 My boss has a very busy schedule this week; I don’t think she can spare any time to see you. 詞類變化

26 schedule [ `skEdZ5l ] vt. 安排 ( 程序 ) ,排定 ( 時間 ) We are scheduled to leave for Europe next Monday. leave for 動身前往

27 Words for Production 18. intellectual [ &IntL`EktS51l ] adj. concerning the ability to reason (rather than to feel or act) ( 需要 ) 智力的,知 識的 Those professors’ discussion about art was quite intellectual. I don’t think the average person could understand it.

28 Words for Production 19. personal [ `p3sNL ] adj. concerning, belonging to, or for the use of a particular person; private 個人的, 私人的 I have something personal to discuss with you. Can I talk to you in private? in private = privately

29 Words for Production 20. firmly [ `f3mlI ] adv. strongly; steadily 堅定地 Mrs. White said firmly to her son, “You must be home before midnight, or you’ll be locked out.” 詞類變化

30 firm [ f3m ] adj. 堅定的 John and Mary made a firm decision to get married―nobody could change their mind.

31 Words for Production 21. supposedly [ s1`pozIdlI ] adv. as believed to be in a certain way 一般 相信, 被認為是 This was supposedly the place where van Gogh painted his famous sunflowers.

32 Words for Production 22. fascinating [ `f8sN&etI9 ] adj. attractive; interesting 吸引人的;有趣 的 I find all of Claude Monet’s paintings fascinating. 詞類變化

33 fascinate [ `f8sN&et ] vt. 使迷住 I was fascinated by the way he talks.

34 Words for Recognition 1.yuck [ j^k ] interj. (an expression of extreme dislike) ( 表 示厭惡、不屑、拒絕等 ) 呸,啐

35 Words for Recognition 2.sensory [ `sEns1rI ] adj. of the bodily senses 感官的,知覺感官 的

36 Words for Recognition 3.overload [ &ov2`lod ] n. [U] too great a load 負荷過量,超載

37 Words for Recognition 4.Mona Lisa [ `mon1 `liz1 ] n. a painting by Leonardo da Vinci of a woman with a mysterious smile ( 畫作 名 ) 蒙娜麗莎的微笑

38 Idioms and Phrases 1.get... out of... to gain... from... 從 … 當中獲得 … I can’t understand why people smoke. What do they get out of it?

39 Idioms and Phrases 2.end up to finish in a particular place or way 結 果變成,最後發展成 We didn’t like the movie at first, but we ended up loving it.

40 Idioms and Phrases a time once 一次 Don’t try to do everything at a time. You might make a mess of things. * make a mess 弄亂

41 Idioms and Phrases 4.take one’s time to use as much time as is necessary (to do) 慢慢來 You still have one hour before the movie begins. Take your time, and enjoy the meal. take one’s time 慢慢來

42 Idioms and Phrases 5.(do)... in one’s (own) way to do exactly what one wants 照自己的 方式做 … Don’t tell me how to do it. I want to do it in my own way.

43 Idioms and Phrases 6.keep... in mind to remember... 記得 When you visit other countries, you must keep in mind that their customs can be very different from ours. keep …in mind = remember

44 Idioms and Phrases 7.account for to give an explanation or reason for 解釋,說明理由 How do you account for the fact that the money was found in your drawer? account for = explain

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