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S1 Versus S2 Thinking GET READY. 27 X 34.

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1 S1 Versus S2 Thinking GET READY




5 27 X 34


7 27 X 34

8 How Is Opening A Door A Reflection Of Your Mind?

9 Jump

10 Muller-Lyer Illusion

11 You cannot stop thinking it. The bottom line still seems longer. How did you know that the lines are the same size?

12 Instructions You will soon be presented with two columns of words. Your task is to go down both columns whispering to yourself whether each word is printed in the upper or lower case.

13 Upper lower LOWER upper UPPER lower LOWER upper LEFT left right RIGHT left LEFT right

14 Walking And Thinking


16 Invisible Gorilla

17 S1 System: Stanovich & West Operates automatically and quickly with little or no effort and no sense of voluntary control.

18 Some S1 Activities 1.Determining which of two objects is the furthest distance. 2.Detect hostility in a voice. 3.Add 4 + 4 4.In the UK you must look to your right to see if a car is coming (if you are an American). 5.Drive a car on a straight empty road. 6.Recognize that “well-to-do, White, Baptist, bankers” tend to support a particular political party.

19 S2 System: Stanovich & West Allocates attention to the effortful mental activities that demand it, including complex computations. System 2 is often associated with the subjective experience of agency, choice, and concentration.

20 Some S2 Activities 1.Wait to turn over your test paper until you are told to do so. 2.Look for a friend a the airport. 3.Walk at a faster pace than is natural for you. 4.Monitor the impression that you are creating at a job interview. 5.Count the number of times the letter e appears on this page. 6.Remember to look left to avoid cars if you are an American in England. 7.Fill out a form to register for classes. 8.Determine if a hypothesis logically flows from a scientific theory.

21 S1 and S2: Back And Forth 1.Generally, S1 runs the show, automatically and with little effort generating intuitions, feelings, and making impression-based decisions. S2 snoozes in the background. 2.When S1 encounters a new situation or unexpected difficulty, S2 is engaged. 3.S2, aroused from its lethargy, exerts efforts and uses reasoning to take control of the situation and set us on a better path.

22 Tell Someone What Not To Think About


24 What Can They Not Help But Think About

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