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Grade 10 Science  Cluster 4 Weather Dynamics: Cloud Seeding The Reigning Rainmaker! “… there must be research on the changes that the country has undergone,

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1 Grade 10 Science  Cluster 4 Weather Dynamics: Cloud Seeding The Reigning Rainmaker! “… there must be research on the changes that the country has undergone, and in the future, it could be used as a lesson for our future actions.” King of Thailand - Bhumibol AdulyadejBhumibol Adulyadej

2 Manitoba Curriculum Outcomes Cluster 0- Overall Skills and Attitudes S2-0-8d Describe examples of how technologies have evolved in response to changing needs and scientific advances S2-0-8e Discuss how peoples of various cultures have contributed to the development of science and technology. S2-0-9a Appreciate and respect that science and technology have evolved from different views held by women and men from a variety of societies and cultural backgrounds. S2-0-9e Be sensitive and responsible in maintaining a balance between the needs of humans and a sustainable environment. Cluster 4 – Weather Dynamics S2-4-02 Outline factors influencing the Earth’s radiation budget. S2-4-07 Investigate and evaluate evidence that climate change occurs naturally and can be influenced by human activities. S2-4-08 Discuss potential consequences of climate change.

3 Lesson Overview Purpose & Intent - The goal of this lesson is to challenge: – 1. student understanding and appreciation of the contributions to science made by other cultures and societies. – 2. to develop a higher level of scientific literacy in the area of weather dynamics. – 3. students to critically think, read, and write in the field of science. Teacher Overview – Teachers should adjust and adapt the information and discussion questions in order to challenging their specific students to think, read, write, and discuss the relevant issues surrounding cloud seeding. As the main goal is to foster critical thinking and literacy skills, teachers should avoid focusing on or introducing the specific details relating to the scientific process of cloud seeding. The presentations lack of scientific content is an intended omission.

4 Lesson Structure The lesson is broken up into 3 phases – Activating a video-prediction activity to stimulate creativity and/or capture the interest of the students. – Acquiring Thai cultural beliefs regarding water/rain overview of the biography and interests of the King of Thailand basic informative overview of the process of cloud seeding. – Applying critical thinking and student discussion extension of topics to other areas of science

5 Activating Activities Students watch the first 2 minutes of the following video without any sound. =related (science of Super Storms) =related Following the silent viewing of the video students make written or oral predictions what they think the lesson will be about. NOTE: students will most likely have the context of weather from previous days/weeks of activities. Challenge them to be specific.

6 The King of Thailand Name: Bhumibol Adulyadej – Born December 5, 1927 – Ascended to the throne June 9, 1946 (under 20 years old!) Acted as the head of state for over 60 years! – Longest reigning monarch in the world – The King is extremely well respected, revered, and loved by all Thai people Speaking negatively about the Royal Family is illegal and carries extreme consequences

7 Skills & Interests of the King Academics  has studied Science, Politics, and Law at Swiss University Music  internationally respected jazz musician – performed and recorded many Jazz concerts With Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Lionel Hampton, Maynard Ferguson 010wFNXDfNk&feature=related 010wFNXDfNk&feature=related – (musical monarch video)

8 Skills & Interests of the King Athletics  Sailor – won a gold medal as an athlete in the South East Asian Games – designed and built several boats Humanitarian  Royal Development Projects to improve life of Thai people – Economic projects – Social projects – Scientific projects – Engineering projects QUOTE FROM THE KING “The important thing for the survival of the Thai society is that the majority of those who work, both in the government and the private sector, still strive to work in the same direction; this is why the Thai nation still stands.” - Bhumibol AdulyadejBhumibol Adulyadej

9 Thai Reverence of the King Thai people revere and respect the King to the utmost degree – It is illegal to speak negatively about the King in any respect – THAI movie theatres play a special anthem to respect the KING before every movie begins All movie goers are quiet, stand, and remove their hats during entire video/song =related (Thai Royal Anthem) =related

10 The Reigning King makes it Rain! ROYAL RAINMAKING PROJECT – Assisted in setting up the Royal Rain Making center in 1969 – In 1999 the King developed a new cloud seeding technique (and owns the patent) called “Super-sandwich” – received international awards for his contributions to the science of artificial rainmaking – Watch the following video – l3f_thai-king-s-artificial-rain- making_shortfilms l3f_thai-king-s-artificial-rain- making_shortfilms

11 Traditional Thai belief  Water/Rain 3 Major Thai Holidays/Festivals revolve around Water/Rain – Loy Kratong  celebrates the Goddess of Water, the importance and role of water in the life of Thai people – Songkran  Thai New Years, coincides with the hottest time of the year and the end of the dry season. – Kor-Fon  festival in the northeast of Thailand in the middle of the dry season. – NOTE: As water/rain has historically been of central importance in Thai life, the Thai King’s influence through the Royal Rainmaking Project resulted in

12 Basic Processes of Cloud Seeding Watch the following video (with sound) to see the basics of current cloud seeding – elated (Science of Super Storms) elated

13 Possible Extension Activities How has cloud seeding been listed as a potential solution to global warming? – Watch the video below for more information What problems do you predict with this technique? How were cloud seeding techniques were used in Beijing to influence the weather during the 2008 Olympics? Do you think it is environmentally responsible to alter the weather for an athletic competition? Explain how the “Royal Rainmaking Project” helped make the Thai King even more respected by the Thai people. Research how water is currently used in the Thai holidays and celebrations (Loy Khratong, Songkran, and Kor-Fon)

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