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What is a Student Learning Outcome?

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1 What is a Student Learning Outcome?
SLOs describe the: knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes that students attain by the end of a course, set of courses, program or degree. argentina/_global/large/students-in-argentina.jpg

2 What can students DO with what they’ve learned?

3 Assessment of SLOs informs us if students are getting the big picture
Or not

4 SLOs inform our students what to expect
Academic advisor

5 Grades and SLOs are different
Forest?? Obvious trees

6 Faculty discussions of SLOs and assessments can be rewarding and lead to improvements

7 SLOs and assessment at Cuesta, as confirmed by the SLO Principles Statement
Faculty driven Assessment data belongs to faculty Results used for improvements to programs Student data not used for Faculty evaluations Principles statement signed by Academic Senate, CCFT and Administration

8 WHY NOW? 2002 — ACCJC sets SLOs in accreditation standards
2007— ACCJC expected colleges to be “developmental” 2009 – ACCJC requires “proficiency” by 2012

9 ACCJC requires “proficiency” by 2012, leading to “sustainable.”

10 How to move forward: SLO Institutional Assessment Plan (IAP) for Instructional Programs (Senate, May 2010) Contains framework for how to assess, when to assess, and how to report


12 SLO and Assessment Co-Coordinators Sally Demarest Greg Baxley
Look for SLO and assessment workshops in fall: help with the IAP assessment cycle calendar and course/program SLO mapping classroom and program assessments

13 What’s in the IAP? Introduction to assessment methods
Course and Program Assessment Summary Assessment Cycle timeline


15 Assessment methods Performance based Student survey

16 Sample question: I am able to describe the content of this presentation and find help for creating a SLO assessment plan for my program. O Not at all O Slightly O Somewhat O Fairly Well O Very Well

17 Data

18 More info at:

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