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Reading word of the day Click on the month. JanuaryFebruaryMarch.

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1 Reading word of the day Click on the month. JanuaryFebruaryMarch

2 Click on the date for the word of the day. February SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday 12345 6789101112 13141516171819 20212223242526 2728

3 February 1 Word: ◦ metaphor Definition: ◦ A figure of speech that expresses an idea through the image of another object  l l

4 February 2 Word: ◦ Cause/Effect Definition: ◦ Cause statements stem from actions and events  It rained… ◦ Effect are what happens as a result of the action or event  …so I took my umbrella.

5 February 3 word ◦ interpret Definition ◦ making sense or assigning a meaning to

6 February 7 Word: ◦ Compare/ contrast Definition: ◦ Compare- how are things the same ◦ Contrast- how are things different

7 February 8 Word: ◦ sequence Definition: ◦ To identify logical order of events 

8 February 9 Word: ◦ Character trait Definition: ◦ A physical or emotional characteristic of a character  m- prod/resource_documents/files/5220/original/traits. pdf?1285279587 m- prod/resource_documents/files/5220/original/traits. pdf?1285279587

9 February 10 Word: ◦ summarize Definition: ◦ To capture all the most important parts of the original text but express them in a much shorter space, and as much as possible, in the reader’s own words.  icID=119 icID=119

10 February 11 Word: ◦ Rising action Definition: ◦ The part of the story where the plot becomes increasingly complicated.

11 February 14 Word: ◦ Falling action Definition: ◦ The part of the story that occurs after the turning point in the story.

12 February 15 Word: ◦ Cite evidence Definition: ◦ Use part of the text to provide proof for a statement or idea.

13 February 16 Word: ◦ Moral Definition: ◦ Ideas that determine good or bad.

14 February 17 Word: ◦ theme Definition: ◦ A topic of discussion or writing; a major idea broad enough to cover the entire scope of a literary work.

15 February 18 Word ◦ persuade Definition ◦ To convince another to agree with your idea.

16 February 22 Word: ◦ symbolism Definition: ◦ A device in literature where an object represents an idea.

17 February 23 Word: ◦ Literary Elements Definition: ◦ The essential techniques used in literature (characterization, setting, plot, theme)

18 February 24 Word: ◦ Author’s intent Definition: ◦ The author’s intent either to inform or teach someone about something, to entertain people, or to persuade or convince their audience to do or not to do something.  web/match/term/matchgeneric2.asp?filename=kderit teauth web/match/term/matchgeneric2.asp?filename=kderit teauth

19 February 25 Word: ◦ Logical order Definition: ◦ An order of events in a literary work that makes sense.

20 February 28 Word: ◦ exaggeration Definition: ◦ To make an overstatement or to stretch the truth.

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