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January 2 nd, 3 rd, and 4 th, 2015 Scarborough Sharks Girls Hockey Association OWHA Sanction #1415051 31st Annual.

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1 January 2 nd, 3 rd, and 4 th, 2015 Scarborough Sharks Girls Hockey Association OWHA Sanction #1415051 31st Annual

2 E-Program Index 1. Welcome Message 2.Scarborough Sharks Tournament Sponsor 3.Daily Bread Food Bank Donations Info 4.Tournament Rules 5.Divisions and Teams Schedules 6.Scarborough Sharks Sponsors 7.Previous Year’s New Year’s Classic Champions 8.Arena Maps 9.Toronto Attractions and Places to Visit 2

3 3

4 Special Thanks to our Tournament Sponsor 4

5 Daily Bread Food Bank Donations Accepted at Malvern and Canlan 5

6 Tournament Rules OWHA Sanction # 1415051 1. Hockey Canada and OWHA rules shall apply. The decisions of the Tournament Officials are final with no appeals!! 2. All games will consist of 3 periods (10-10-12), stop time. Peewee AA, Bantam A, Midget AA/A/BB, and Intermediate will consist of 3 periods (12-15-15), stop time. 3. There will be a 3 minute warm-up prior to each game. All games begin immediately upon completion of the 3 minute warm up. The clock will not stop at the10 minute mark but will continue until the first stoppage of the game. Longer games will have a 5 minute warm-up. The Clock will stop for the starting of the game. 4. All teams MUST be available to play 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. 5. The OWHA minimum suspension guidelines will be strictly enforced. All suspensions will be enforced according to OWHA 2014-2015 Constitution, By-Laws, Regulations & Rules. 6. If the goal spread at any time of the third period reaches 5 goals, the clock will run until the spread is reduced to 3 goals, then stop time will resume. 7. One - 30 second timeout will be allowed for each team ONLY during Semifinal & Championship games. Overtime is not a new game. There is NO TIMEOUT in Round Robin Games. 8. A player may only participate with one designated team in a tournament and may only participate in one tournament on any date. 6

7 Tournament Rules OWHA Sanction #1415051 9. To be eligible to participate in the tournament, the participant’s name must appear on the official OWHA team roster or USA Hockey Official Roster. The OWHA “Pickup Consent” form will be honoured and must be presented at registration table prior to team’s first game of tournament. No changes to tournament roster permitted after team’s first game of tournament. 10. Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss. 11. Standings after the round robin will be calculated on the basis of the points awarded as per rule # 12. In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be used to break the tie: a) Number of wins. b) Winner between the tied teams when they played head to head. c) Percentage as calculated by dividing team’s total “Goals For” by the SUM of the team’s “Goals For and Goals Against”. TGF / ( GF+GA) = % d) Fewest Goals Against. e) Most Goals For. f) Fewest Penalty Minutes. g) Coin Toss. Follow Tie breaking rules in Order. Once a Tie Breaking Rule has been used or is not applicable, it cannot be used again. 12. Semi-Finals & Championship games are played to a winner. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, a Sudden Victory 5 minute overtime will commence. Teams will play 4 on 4 PLUS Goalies. Players may be changed at any time. Goalies may be “pulled” at any time and a substitute player from the bench may be used. If still tied, a shoot out will occur. 7

8 Tournament Rules OWHA Sanction #1415051 13. Shoot Outs: Teams do not change ends for Overtime or Shoot Outs. Each team must designate 3 shooters (S1, S2, S3) directly onto the game sheet prior to the start of the game. Any player serving a penalty at the end of overtime will not be eligible to participate in the shoot out. All players except shooter and goalies will be on the bench. Once a player has shot, they will go to the penalty box. Shooters from both teams will shoot separately, with the visiting team shooting first, starting at centre ice. All 3 designated shooters from each team will shoot. If still tied, each team will designate one shooter at a time until there is a winner. A player may not shoot for a second time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot. 14. Home teams must wear light coloured jerseys where possible. In the event of a conflict, the home team must change their jerseys. 15. All players and team officials must sign the game sheet prior to each game. 16. Flooding of the ice will occur at the end of each 10-10-12 game. Flooding of the ice will occur every second period for 12-15-15 games. Ice flooding may be deferred at the Tournament Committee’s discretion. 17. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure a clean dressing room is left upon completion of their game. All teams are requested to vacate the dressing room 25 minutes or less after their game is completed The Tournament Committee reserves itself the final word on the interpretation of the rules. GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS 8

9 OVERTIME RULES for Semi-final and Championship Games OWHA Sanction #1415051 Semi-final and Championship games are played to a winner. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time a SUDDEN VICTORY FIVE (5) MINUTE OVERTIME will commence. Teams will play 4 on 4 plus goalies. Players may be changed at any time. Goalies may be “pulled” at any time and a substitute player from the bench may be used. If still tied, a shoot out will occur. Each team MUST designate 3 shooters (S1, S2, S3) on the game sheet prior to the start of the game. Any player(s) serving a penalty at the end of overtime will not be eligible to participate in the shoot out. The coach must designate a shooter(s) to take her place(s) immediately at the end of regulation time. All players except shooter and goalies will be on the bench TO START. All 3 designated shooters from each team will shoot. Shooters will shoot at separate times, with the visiting team shooting first, starting at the centre ice red line. Once a player has shot, they will go directly to the penalty box. 9

10 OVERTIME RULES for Semi-final and Championship Games OWHA Sanction #1415051 If still tied, each team will designate one shooter at a time until there is a winner. A player may not shoot for a second time until all players on the game sheet (except goalies) have shot. If a penalty occurs during the 5 - Minute Stop Time overtime, teams play 4 on 3. If a second penalty is called on the SAME TEAM and the first penalty has not expired, then it will be treated as a delayed penalty and will commence when the first penalty expires. The Maximum a Team may be at a disadvantage is 4 on 3 **We respectfully ask for your assistance in that no team photos be taken on ice due to municipality and city insurance regulations. **Championship Awards and Medals MAY be Presented Off-ice if deemed by Tournament Officials due to time constraints and will be presented at a determined location as required. We thank you for your anticipated support in this matter. 10

11 2015 Scarborough Sharks New Years Classic Tournament Format OWHA Sanction No. 1415051 4-Game Guarantee In 3 Team Divisions: Teams will play a double round robin. Top two teams will advance to finals. In 4 Team Divisions: Teams will play a round robin. All 4 teams advance to semi-finals. Winners of semi-finals advance to finals. In 5 Team Divisions: Teams will play a round robin. 1st & 2nd overall place teams advance to the finals. In 7 and 8 Team Divisions: Top four teams following preliminary round will advance to semi-finals. Winners of semi-finals advance to finals. 11

12 12

13 Master Game Schedules Select any of the divisions to jump to the specific schedule or scroll forward Little Sharks Atom BBAtom A Atom B Peewee AA Peewee APeewee BBPeewee B Bantam ABantam BB Bantam B Midget AA Midget A Midget BB Midget B Intermediate A 13

14 GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR xxSaturdayIce SportsPad 112:15 PMFundamentalsLittle Sharks Division Schedule Little Sharks 14

15 Little Sharks Roster 15 Little Sharks Apollonia Arpaia Samantha Caccavelli Victoria Carew Caia Causton Olivia Chionglo Aliya Cisse Autumn Douglas Kathryn Downey Keira Ellis Hailey Fitzpatrick Mya Genovese Ava Griffin Avery Horst Sierra Janes Alice Kotyck Lily Kotyck Olivia Lambers Talula Machado Hayleigh Mason Leah McGuire Maya McLean Nieve Mulhall Emma Murday Vivienne Murray Avery Oneill Summer Parsons Jessi Raymond Eden Rebong Sydney Roedde Rory Russouw Samantha Staley Skye Steyrer Madeleine Tinline C Diane Cole

16 Division Schedule Atom A GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 1FridayMalvernPad 110:00 AMAtom AScarborough SharksDurham West Lightning 2FridayMontgomeryPad 110:00 AMAtom AToronto Leaside WildcatsAurora Panthers 3FridayMontgomeryPad 12:00 PMAtom ABarrie SharksScarborough Sharks 4FridayIce SportsPad 35:30 PMAtom ADurham West LightningToronto Leaside Wildcats 5FridayIce SportsPad 15:45 PMAtom AAurora PanthersBarrie Sharks 6SaturdayIce SportsPad 18:00 AMAtom AScarborough SharksToronto Leaside Wildcats 7SaturdayIce SportsPad 38:00 AMAtom ADurham West LightningAurora Panthers 8SaturdayMalvernPad 212:30 PMAtom AToronto Leaside WildcatsBarrie Sharks 9SaturdayIce SportsPad 24:30 PMAtom AAurora PanthersScarborough Sharks 10SaturdayIce SportsPad 44:30 PMAtom ABarrie SharksDurham West Lightning 11SundayIce SportsPad 311:30 AMAtom A Final1st Overall2nd Overall 16

17 Atom A Division Rosters Aurora Panthers, #58Barrie Sharks, #118Durham West Lightning, #311 1Sarah Chaves1Calli Hogarth2Nicole Poulakis 4Brooke Piper3Paige McGuire6Kylie Moir 9Natalie Tanaka3Natalia Smith7Ryin Cariak 10Paige Baker6Taryn Morris9Cali Tierney 11Lauren McCartney7Allison Phillips10Mackenzie Gillis 13Katrina McBain8Eden Dusome11Kayley Powell 14Gabrielle Pludra8Avery Neller16Madison Gruchy 15Kennedy Jackson9Taylor Battaglia21Nicole Spicer 16Sophie Naworynski9Mackenzie Keenan27Peyton Haywood 17Hadley McHenry14Abigail Robinson31Paige Hoogendam 18Brooke Hamilton15Sydney White33Erin Michalicka 19Chrysten Stratos16Jayden Bell-Webley43Jillian Pestell 21Kendra Keyes16Montelene Dymond61Peyton Wise 27Ella Weir16Emily Hill82Catriona Crarer 28Claire Johnson18Taliya Hildebrandt87Allison Szeto 29Emma Wedgewood93Payton Gilmour Jordan Knight99Riley Boddaert CCarey PiperCMike WhiteCGreg Crarer Scarborough Sharks, #840Toronto Leaside Wildcats, #3819 2Jayden McLennon4Camille Follens 5Riley McKee5Chiara Carcasole 6Ariella Vennema7Piper Nixon 7Sophia Rapos9Zoe Frantz 12Giordan Peck10Mae Hunter 14Kate Custance11Olivia Klunowski 19Tina Gkelis15Chelsea Boushel 22Sarah Hickey17Caitlyn Kukulowicz 28Rheanna Swanson18Alara Cardwell 29Makayla Boggs19Alexis Sacks 35Lauren Harvey22Paris Argyropoulos 77Kaia Collie28Meghan Cockburn 66Brooke Drouin 81Katie Mahoney 88Lauren Ford 98Lyla McKinnon CGreg PeckCCarolin Boushel 17

18 Division Schedule Atom BB GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 12FridayMalvernPad 211:15 AMAtom BBScarborough SharksNorth York Storm 13FridayMalvernPad 23:15 PMAtom BBNepean WildcatsScarborough Sharks 14FridayIce SportsPad 36:30 PMAtom BBNorth York StormNepean Wildcats 15SaturdayIce SportsPad 29:15 AMAtom BBNepean WildcatsNorth York Storm 16SaturdayMalvernPad 11:45 PMAtom BBNorth York StormScarborough Sharks 17SaturdayMalvernPad 25:30 PMAtom BBScarborough SharksNepean Wildcats 18SundayIce SportsPad 212:00 PMAtom BB Final1st Overall2nd Overall 18

19 Atom BB Division Rosters Nepean Wildcats, #2870North York Storm, #3001Scarborough Sharks, #842 1Rosie Reece1Julianne Guo3Jayden Delgado 2Kiarra Kooyman2Megan Mancini4Lexi Dimson 4Talia Theodossiou3Kyla O'Byrne5Shreya Cherukuri 5Emily Blinn7Brianna Donnelly9Carly Page 6Francesca DeBrienne9Angelica Harris11Sarah Grace Wilcox 7Zoe Iacovino11Alyssa Jones12Emily Misato Smith 8Ella Chambers12Sydney Lowe13Mackenzie Mason 9Abaigeal Kelso18Emily Guo14Clara Karunakar 10Kate Conacher19Mia Mangalji15Alia Rawji 11Maura Walsh22Caitlin Popovic17Jaqlynn Brady 12Alexie Snedden24Mackenzie Marzec-Hosford19Kennedy Brown 13Angelia Dinardo27Julianne Taylor22Kassandra Berthelot 14Emersynn McGillis31Maya Yousri33Hannah Coyle 15Naomi Black47Jordan Knock84Payten Vitor 16Tara Derksen49Celeste Moriana91Alyssa Speyer 17Annika Klassen81Noa Faberman94Asha Sukman 87Abigail McCormick CGreg ChambersCMike HarmanCRob Page 19

20 Division Schedule Atom B GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 19FridayMalvernPad 210:15 AMAtom BScarborough SharksDurham West Lightning 20FridayMalvernPad 111:00 AMAtom BNorth York StormClarington Flames 21FridayMalvernPad 22:15 PMAtom BSarnia Lady StingScarborough Sharks 22FridayMalvernPad 25:30 PMAtom BDurham West LightningNorth York Storm 23FridayIce SportsPad 46:15 PMAtom BClarington FlamesSarnia Lady Sting 24SaturdayIce SportsPad 28:15 AMAtom BScarborough SharksNorth York Storm 25SaturdayIce SportsPad 48:15 AMAtom BDurham West LightningClarington Flames 26SaturdayIce SportsPad 412:45 PMAtom BNorth York StormSarnia Lady Sting 27SaturdayMalvernPad 24:30 PMAtom BClarington FlamesScarborough Sharks 28SaturdayIce SportsPad 35:00 PMAtom BSarnia Lady StingDurham West Lightning 29SundayMalvernPad 111:45 AMAtom B Final1st Overall2nd Overall 20

21 Atom B Division Rosters Clarington Flames, #3919Durham West Lightning, #379North York Storm, #3002 1Courtney Townson2Emily Ramkumar1Jaime Rockwell 5Emily Rowland3Nicole Ryan7Angelica Catunto 6Kennedy Brosseau5Katherine McCleary8Amelia Campbell 9Jaiden Sisson7Jadyn Castillo9Sydney Robinson 10Megan French10Olivia Davis10Elizabeth Salnek-Lejeune 11Abigayle Tronstad13Evelyn Schaafsma11Taylor Wen 15Jessica MacDonnell14Drew Bell12Maya Shapiro 18Angelica Gregor-Pearse19Brie Schmitz13Riley Brynn Rachman 19Mackenzie Gauthier22Sarah Boyko14Melina Acosta 21Natalie Riopel23Sofia Syed15Kaitlyn Vanderpost 31Megan Dunlop27Jessica Colazio21Alyssa Coles 77Lia Henry32Elyse Meldrum22Amanda Thompson 91Charleigh Birch44Athena-Alexis Plassaras42Sophie Gorgiev 72Sara Ryan87Samantha Sankoff 77Autumn Miller88Morgan Baker 91Abigail Enhaynes91Sophie Marks de Chabris 97Elise Piper CSteven MacDonnellCBill MillerCJay Sankoff Sarnia Lady Sting, #3355Scarborough Sharks, #843 4Lauren Jackson1Jasmeen Khan 4Cadence MacDonald2Gwendolyn Lambert 5Kiara MacDonald3Olivia Picariello 5Paige Vidler5Rhiannon Carr 6Heather McIntosh6Jocelyn Inward 7Abigail Armitage7Violet Switzer 7Makayla Barclay11Lauren Popovski 8Kaitlyn Handy12Georgia Griffin 10Tessa Jackson14Shannon O'Keefe 11Ella Jackson15Leah Saini 13Felicia Park20Iliana Argiropoulos 15Kensie Lynne Lacroix44Emma Smith 15Robyn Storey81Laura Williams 19Teagan Cox Gabrielle Ignacio Peyton Burgess Sarah Gardner CMark MacDonaldCKevin Williams 21

22 Division Schedule Peewee AA GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 30FridayIce SportsPad 22:30 PMPeewee AAScarborough SharksMarkham-Stouffville Stars 31FridayIce SportsPad 42:30 PMPeewee AAClarington FlamesEtobicoke Dolphins 32FridayIce SportsPad 47:15 PMPeewee AAScarborough SharksClarington Flames 33FridayMontgomeryPad 17:30 PMPeewee AAMarkham-Stouffville StarsEtobicoke Dolphins 34SaturdayIce SportsPad 41:45 PMPeewee AAEtobicoke DolphinsScarborough Sharks 35SaturdayIce SportsPad 12:30 PMPeewee AAClarington FlamesMarkham-Stouffville Stars 36SundayIce SportsPad 18:15 AM Peewee AA Semi1st Overall4th Overall 37SundayIce SportsPad 48:15 AM Peewee AA Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 38SundayMalvernPad 11:00 PM Peewee AA FinalWinner Semi 22

23 Peewee AA Division Rosters Clarington Flames, #3905Etobicoke Dolphins, #421 Markham-Stouffville Stars, #3591Scarborough Sharks, #833 1Emily Gregoire3Ayden Santiago1Joelle Maduri2Brianna Bowman 2Olivia Parkinson4Jessica Smitiuch2Jillian Hutton4Anika Kuepfer 5Katelyn Gregorcic5Clare Duff3Lisa Matthews7Grace Karunakar 6Katarina Kraft7Emily Ignagni4Sierra Tohana-Belisle8Adele Swanson 7Abbey Mills8Olivia Deciantis9Claudia Yu10Sara Richardson 9Hannah Eaton13Isabella Italiano10Hayley Barnard11Skylar Brown 10Paige Roehig14Ketia Nicolakakos11Alex Hughes15Aoife Doyle 11Zoe Rae17Hayley Martin13Emma Weller16Sonia Walk 15Madison Cappuccitti18Olivia Fredrickson16Olivia Pridham17Andrew Fisher 18Logan Baumhauer25Rawley Loftus18Martine Falzone19Celeste Beaudoin 19Karmen Penney27Ruby Loughton19Lauren Omoto22Ekaterina Pelowich 21Kassidy McCarthy39Eryka Vella32Victoria Bullock31Hanna Zukow 22Lyndsay Biersteker71Rhys Cole-Ashbury33Kayla Kasak44Reilly Hunter 31Melissa Jackson81Madison Primeau53Cori Nickerson77Allison Arsenault 72Emma DeSilva83Logan Biggs55Paege Pilon88Lily Lacey 77Kirstyn McQuigge92Marie Morfidis-Toporowski87Grace Sumi97Hailey Craven 91Mikayla Todd 88Taylor Burton Emma Catalano CShannon ToddCJoseph DuzCMark SumiCAvi Karunakar 23

24 Division Schedule Peewee A GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 39FridayMontgomeryPad 112:00 PMPeewee AScarborough SharksAurora Panthers 40FridayMalvernPad 212:15 PMPeewee AOshawa Lady Generals SCFHA Brock Jr Badgers 41FridayMontgomeryPad 14:00 PMPeewee ANorth Bay Ice BoltzScarborough Sharks 42FridayMalvernPad 17:30 PMPeewee AAurora Panthers Oshawa Lady Generals 43FridayMalvernPad 27:45 PMPeewee ASCFHA Brock Jr BadgersNorth Bay Ice Boltz 44SaturdayIce SportsPad 19:00 AMPeewee AScarborough Sharks Oshawa Lady Generals 45SaturdayIce SportsPad 39:00 AMPeewee AAurora Panthers SCFHA Brock Jr Badgers 46SaturdayIce SportsPad 212:45 PMPeewee AOshawa Lady GeneralsNorth Bay Ice Boltz 47SaturdayMalvernPad 15:00 PMPeewee ASCFHA Brock Jr BadgersScarborough Sharks 48SaturdayIce SportsPad 16:15 PMPeewee ANorth Bay Ice BoltzAurora Panthers 49SundayMalvernPad 212:00 PMPeewee A Final1st Overall2nd Overall 24

25 Peewee A Division Rosters Aurora Panthers, #3North Bay Ice Boltz, #6258Oshawa Lady Generals, #3206 4Larissa Keyes1Gabrielle Russo1Taylor Higgins 7Zoe Bishop5Averi Fry2Chloe MacIntyre 9Sophie Hudson7Kyra O'Hagan4Kylie Schofield 10Elise Vestergaard8Ashtyn Denomme6Megan Fitchett 14Karsen Roy9Naomi Martin21Makenna Mann 16Claire DiLosa10Alexie Villeneuve22Julianne Davidson 17Cailey Davis11Carlie Pappano27Samantha Vanelst 19Sophia Gatzos12Alexandra Murmilo38Jennifer Sproxton 29Isabel Ianni15Tianna Maisonneuve44Tessa Guest 42Samantha Bellerby17Abbey Hubbard61Brianna Keuken 74Stephanie Worthy18Jayden Denomme71Sydney Telfer 76Emily James19Molly Bisson77Marissa Tozer 81Abigail Warriner20Madison Desmarais87Jacklyn Brown 91Ryley Whittaker22Emily Gravelle91Abby St. Aubin 92Mackenzie Zinner30Charley Wing93Bryan Hogg 93Katrina Noenchen81Eryn Wolfe97Emma Tozer Keira Dorrian 99Rachel Kucera CEddy ZinnerCJayde WolfeCChris Tozer Scarborough Sharks, #832SCFHA Brock Jr Badgers, #6728 2Sara Rawji1Lauren Viviers 7Natasha Papaioannou2Tia Chan 9Zoey MacLean-Howard8Marisa Valla 13Nicole Jones10Savanna Mayer 14Abby Scott19Allie Davidson 15Samantha Horwood22Nina Shaikh 16Chloe Coleman32Kaitlyn Sindall 17Bryanna Phillips47Stephanie Stuart 26Madison Brown66Emma Thompson 39Eve Widdifield67Kyla Wood 40Alex Dicks68Anna Emond 44Sarah McVicar70Ashley Schneider 51Kathryn Cheuk74Brooklyn Clark 77Jaime Donaldson76Abbey Parker 78Kyla Walton78Olivia Vasko 88Kayla Choi88Paige Lenson 96Rebecca Lo92Emily Caldwell 98Grace Tawil CCameron DonaldsonCSaeed Shaikh 25

26 Division Schedule Peewee BB GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 39FridayMontgomeryPad 112:00 PMPeewee AScarborough SharksAurora Panthers 40FridayMalvernPad 212:15 PMPeewee AOshawa Lady GeneralsSCFHA Brock Jr Badgers 41FridayMontgomeryPad 14:00 PMPeewee ANorth Bay Ice BoltzScarborough Sharks 42FridayMalvernPad 17:30 PMPeewee AAurora PanthersOshawa Lady Generals 43FridayMalvernPad 27:45 PMPeewee ASCFHA Brock Jr BadgersNorth Bay Ice Boltz 44SaturdayIce SportsPad 19:00 AMPeewee AScarborough SharksOshawa Lady Generals 45SaturdayIce SportsPad 39:00 AMPeewee AAurora PanthersSCFHA Brock Jr Badgers 46SaturdayIce SportsPad 212:45 PMPeewee AOshawa Lady GeneralsNorth Bay Ice Boltz 47SaturdayMalvernPad 15:00 PMPeewee ASCFHA Brock Jr BadgersScarborough Sharks 48SaturdayIce SportsPad 16:15 PMPeewee ANorth Bay Ice BoltzAurora Panthers 49SundayMalvernPad 212:00 PM Peewee A Final1st Overall2nd Overall 26

27 Peewee BB Division Rosters Markham-Stouffville Stars, #3571Oakville Hornets, #1253Scarborough Sharks, #821 Toronto Leaside Wildcats, #3756 2Olivia Black1Audrey Foster5Maya Schmidt2Clare Meurice 4Kelly Ripp3Emily Sampson6Maya Tomaiuolo3Natasha Cockett 9Chloe Freeze9Brooke Belzar8Alexandra Novikova8Kaitlyn Eng 11Kate McNaughton11Paige Prestidge9Cailynn Denoon10Charlotte Fleet 12Jasper Gibson12Jaden Dearsley10Julia Carrington12Mireilla Parsons 14Kate Sonnenberg16Marie Haluk11Kimberly Hirano13Kayleigh Koufis 15Erin Bain17Maya Cote17Stephanie Gauthier14Matigan Crozier 16Carys Collie18Emma Stevens22Aine Stephen-Conlan15Grace Dawe 18Audrey Watson28Teigan Balfour27Maddie Clarke18Samantha Barton 21Jenna Lou35Charlotte Guay33Emily Carew19Madelyn Briggs 22Anne Risi44Brooke McIntyre34Tyanna King28Rachael Bowman 27Shelby Oldham55Rebecca DiFilippo36Bryana Lennox29Mikaela Christie 36Colleen Bennett77Claire Gosse37Jordan Ho40Cait Roberts 37Grace Halcrow87Teagan Haggerty44Jenna Trantau55Isabelle Martel 44Vanessa Kozik88Fiona Gervin48Isabella Mende82Megan Decker 77Megan Soanes91Megan Breau76Laura Page88Katie Braid 92Rachel Marriott77Jessica Dorovenis90Jane Verkuyl 98Thallia Stephenson CTed SonnenbergCPat HaggertyCGreg ClarkeCPaul Verkuyl 27

28 Division Schedule Peewee B GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 59FridayMontgomeryPad 111:00 AMPeewee BScarborough SharksNorth York Storm 60FridayMontgomeryPad 13:00 PMPeewee BSarnia Lady StingScarborough Sharks 61FridayIce SportsPad 16:45 PMPeewee BNorth York StormSarnia Lady Sting 62SaturdayIce SportsPad 49:15 AMPeewee BSarnia Lady StingNorth York Storm 63SaturdayIce SportsPad 31:45 PMPeewee BNorth York StormScarborough Sharks 64SaturdayIce SportsPad 45:30 PMPeewee BScarborough SharksSarnia Lady Sting 65SundayIce SportsPad 412:15 PMPeewee B Final1st Overall2nd Overall 28

29 Peewee B Division Rosters North York Storm, #3031Sarnia Lady Sting, #3386Scarborough Sharks, #834 2Sophia Bristoll3Erin More3Ember Marlow 4Greer Gossack4Amanda Chafe4Sarah Mulroney 5Maya Bristoll6Caitlin Wilson5Elizabeth Mulroney 6Alyson McCarvell7Ryley Biggar6Bridget Badali 8Nicole Maurer7Kami Burr7Riley Dugwell 10Victoria McCarvell8Brooke Lauwers8Alessia Sabatini 11Amy Edwards9Vittoria Iacobelli9Madison Trevena 12Andrea Scarpelli9Juliette Rossi10Kayleigh Barrieau 13Myah Do10Paula Jackson18Melissa Cheng 14Kira Nourse10Isabelle Thiffeault21Ava Altobelli 16Caelen Allen11Josie Jackson22Jadyn Young 19Jaemi Do12Marley Jackson27Summer Noble 22Olivia Morello12Bridget Kristjansson55Brittany Newton 31Sarah Salmanovitch14Abigail Clouse77Brianna Ayotte 93Julia Marks17Kaitlyn Aliperti81Alexandra Lam 100Sophia Simurda18Megan Norcross88Jessica Lee Shue 30Alexa Whitlaw89Macy Hoffman CMike JamesCDerek JacksonCGreg Mulroney 29

30 Division Schedule Bantam A GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 66FridayIce SportsPad 211:15 AMBantam ABrampton CanadettesAurora Panthers 67FridayIce SportsPad 411:15 AMBantam AScarborough SharksMarkham-Stouffville Stars 68FridayIce SportsPad 311:30 AMBantam AOshawa Lady GeneralsNorth Simcoe Capitals 69FridayIce SportsPad 112:45 PMBantam AClarington FlamesSault Ste Marie Wildcats 70FridayIce SportsPad 26:15 PMBantam ANorth Simcoe CapitalsScarborough Sharks 71FridayMalvernPad 16:15 PMBantam AMarkham-Stouffville StarsOshawa Lady Generals 72FridayMontgomeryPad 16:15 PMBantam AAurora PanthersClarington Flames 73FridayMalvernPad 26:30 PMBantam ASault Ste Marie WildcatsBrampton Canadettes 74SaturdayIce SportsPad 311:15 AMBantam AOshawa Lady GeneralsAurora Panthers 75SaturdayMalvernPad 111:15 AMBantam AClarington FlamesNorth Simcoe Capitals 76SaturdayIce SportsPad 11:15 PMBantam AScarborough SharksSault Ste Marie Wildcats 77SaturdayIce SportsPad 21:45 PMBantam ABrampton CanadettesMarkham-Stouffville Stars 78SaturdayIce SportsPad 36:00 PMBantam AAurora PanthersScarborough Sharks 79SaturdayIce SportsPad 46:30 PMBantam AMarkham-Stouffville StarsClarington Flames 80SaturdayMalvernPad 26:30 PMBantam ANorth Simcoe CapitalsBrampton Canadettes 81SaturdayIce SportsPad 17:30 PMBantam ASault Ste Marie WildcatsOshawa Lady Generals 82SundayIce SportsPad 310:00 AMBantam A Semi1st Overall4th Overall 83SundayMalvernPad 110:15 AMBantam A Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 84SundayIce SportsPad 32:00 PMBantam A FinalWinner Semi 30

31 Bantam A Division Rosters Aurora Panthers, #23Brampton Canadettes, #225Clarington Flames, #3907Markham-Stouffville Stars, #3594 8Megan Schmitt2Rowenna James1Makayla Forrest1Katelyn Hanna 9Jessica Jollimore4Shaylyn Schwieg2Rhianon Keat3Meghan Hembruff 10Abbey MacTaggart9Avery Rowe5Emma Harris4Katie Currie 12Carolyn Forster10Vanessa Castellan6Morgan Davidson5Kathryn Mattinen 13Vanessa Carriere11Rylie Rivera7Jenna Rowland6Jamie Tjeng 16Victoria Bucic13Samantha Mendosa9Marki Elle Baylis7Theodora Ananiadis 19Sam Surtees16Kennedy Rawding10Kamryn Townshend8Mishelle Terry 23Emma Barber17Abigail Stevens Woo11Colleen Gilligan9Jacqueline Tait 26Jessica Latimer18Emma Tion15Cassidy Hellam11Melissa More 32Lexi Giorgi19Kathleen McMullen18Olivia Ostler19Kate MacLean 34Victoria Solilo21Claire Mattison19Grace Klompmaker21Mackenzie Yorke 42Jacey Dane30Taylor Gallow21Nathalie Lavigne22Georgian Mae Bender 61Emma Bellerby35Amanda Colquhoun22Mercedez Pedersen27Emily Gianias 81Anna Riopelle81Sabreena Bapoo31Kaitlyn Evelyn60Jordane Helvig 89Emily Fletcher91Isabella Dellelce72Maggie Rylott90Samantha Partridge 91Katie Locke 77Alexandra Bastarache91Gabrielle McFadden 92Hannah Warriner 91Avery Huxter99Catherine Quan CJohn Bellerby CSteve Bloxam CKen PedersenCTim McFadden North Simcoe Capitals, #1553Oshawa Lady Generals, #3201Sault Ste Marie Wildcats, #4004Scarborough Sharks, #829 1Natasha Restrup2Kayla Waldinsperger1Abigail McLean1Victoria Delaiditis 2Madeleine McInnish4Allison Marks2Makenzi Chartrand5Julianna Gallenero 3Brittney Badger5Taylor Slugg3Meghan Gerrie8Diana Cugno 3Rachel Hierholzer9Lisa Gregoire4Rachel McKinley9Ellena Douitsis 3Erica McInnish10Ariel Meehan5Britney Zack10Amy Nicoloff 4Courtney Nichols11Julia Fry7Madison Headrick11Marella Greco 5Lauren Dabrowski17Shawna Waldinsperger8Hailey Telik16Olivia Zelinski 5Elise McCormack19Cassidy King9Cassidy Smith21Madelyn Farmakovski 6Melanie Phillips20Corynn Taylor10Ruby Cheeseman22Leah Hickey 10Erin Moriarty22Kyla McGuire11Sarah Freeman24Bronwyn Brennan 11Mikayla Meridis24Sophie Hofmann12Gillian Tijerina32Emily Buffet 12Ashley Archer51Shannen Dionne13Katelyn Robinson39Alexandra Sfiris 15Stephanie Larmer66Hannah Sprackett14Dakota Rouse41Samantha Irwin 15Lauryn Marchand71Madison Mahnke15Jules Robert84Kristen Russell 20Saurin Lalonde77Mackenzie Moxley16Madison Pritchard88Cassandra Ball 30Breanna Zulak78Madison Martin29Alyssa Desgange91Teanna Peters 94Mackenzie Rye Maya Lortie CArchie Meridis CMichael Waldinsperger CMark Thorburn CJohn Douitsis 31

32 Division Schedule Bantam BB GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 85FridayIce SportsPad 312:45 PMBantam BBScarborough SharksDurham West Lightning 86FridayMontgomeryPad 11:00 PMBantam BBEtobicoke DolphinsOakville Hornets 87FridayMalvernPad 24:30 PMBantam BBDurham West LightningOakville Hornets 88FridayIce SportsPad 14:45 PMBantam BBScarborough SharksEtobicoke Dolphins 89SaturdayIce SportsPad 111:15 AMBantam BBOakville HornetsScarborough Sharks 90SaturdayMalvernPad 12:45 PMBantam BBEtobicoke DolphinsDurham West Lightning 91SundayIce SportsPad 39:00 AM Bantam BB Semi1st Overall4th Overall 92SundayIce SportsPad 29:30 AM Bantam BB Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 93SundayIce SportsPad 41:30 PM Bantam BB FinalWinner Semi 32

33 Bantam BB Division Rosters Durham West Lightning, #330Etobicoke Dolphins, #459Oakville Hornets, #1266Scarborough Sharks, #830 6Alyssa Perzylo3Maeve Reid1Riana Botnick4Lily Sedore 10Samantha Wiens4Allison Adams8Ashley Vincelli8Avery Brockerville 13Jordyn MacMenamin7Diana Dawydchak11Kaitlyn Shikaze10Toni Holder 15Payton Bell10Christine McLellan12Julia Britton12Meagan Girard 16Adrianna Petsinis11Erin Lennie19Hailey Clugston13Elizabeth Illias 18Rachel Degraauw12Erin Furlan21Michelle Boratko15Ryley McCauley 19Rebecca Rich13Danielle Thorburn22Hayley Lahn16Hailey Corkin 21Hailey McGurk14Katie Clarke27Caitlin Everett17Jessica Litowski 22Lindsay Hargreaves16Katie Patterson44Emiko Arai19Valerie Cunningham-Reimann 24Macey Lawrence17Danielle Banks46Katrina Stasiuk21Olivia Stewart 26Lindsay Noronha21Adelaide Huth62Olivia Jackson31Kate Reid 31Charlotte Welch23Taylor Bruce71Sophie Lower-Stewart42Meagan Brewing 70Hunter Watson25Kyla MacDonald77Tara McInnish63Taylor O'Leary 73Samantha Grape44Erin Walkovich81Julia Baumann77Carah Jones 75Olivia Egan62Breana Dudemaine88Sarah Bigham80Kate Arnold 77Emilie Roberts67Miranda Natalizio91Sarah Penman87Laura Sciberras Lauren Fraser 92Olivia Gardiner CChris RichCDerek MacDonaldCTerry GardinerCLindsay Collins 33

34 Division Schedule Bantam B GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 94FridayMalvernPad 21:15 PMBantam BScarborough SharksNorth York Storm 95FridayIce SportsPad 41:30 PMBantam BSmiths Falls CubsNorth Bay Ice Boltz 96FridayMalvernPad 15:15 PMBantam BScarborough SharksSmiths Falls Cubs 97FridayMontgomeryPad 15:15 PMBantam BNorth York StormNorth Bay Ice Boltz 98SaturdayMalvernPad 211:30 AMBantam BNorth Bay Ice BoltzScarborough Sharks 99SaturdayIce SportsPad 33:45 PMBantam BSmiths Falls CubsNorth York Storm 100SundayMalvernPad 28:15 AMBantam B Semi1st Overall4th Overall 101SundayIce SportsPad 28:30 AMBantam B Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 102SundayMalvernPad 21:15 PMBantam B FinalWinner Semi 34

35 Bantam B Division Rosters North Bay Ice Boltz, #6245North York Storm, #3027Scarborough Sharks, #831Smiths Falls Cubs, #6627 2Toni Lafrance3Abby Levisky2Samantha Baine Kathleen Cameron 3Olivia Ladouceur11Madison Harling4Kayla McDougall Mackenzie Campbell 4Grace Howes12Ainsley Deans5Abbey Horner Maria Campbell 5Robynne L'Ami13Emily Hammond7Khayla Ramnarain Emma Cassell 7Angela Green14Sinead Teevan9Midori Fukusaka Rachel Dopson 8Renee Gallagher16Saira Rahim13Charlotte Smith-Perez Katelyn Edwards 11Claudia Heffern22Catherine Fisher16Rebecca Salehi Nadia Fournier 12Calista Schlosser25Halle Daniel20Robin Sibley Oksana Johnston 13Trysta Young25Samantha Neumann22Giullia Peck Ellen Knott 14Laura Nakanishi37Noel Wilson-Carey24Kiera Warren Holly McCoy 15Bridget Tschanz42Isabella Stalteri33Cheyenne Haggett Leah Saumur 17Sydney MacFarlane55Jessica Martin55Jaida Guan-Armit Rachel Smith 18Gabrielle Budden64Carly Lanfer77Olivia Li Julia Street 19Lily Farrell81Jessica Paton87Wynona Maracle 34Molly Punnett91Noy Ravid88Michelle Lee 98Samantha Bernardo CPhilip BuddenCRick RahimCEddie FukusakaCRob Street 35

36 Division Schedule Midget AA GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 103FridayIce SportsPad 310:15 AMMidget AAScarborough SharksDurham West Lightning 104FridayIce SportsPad 111:30 AMMidget AAToronto Leaside WildcatsAurora Panthers 105FridayIce SportsPad 43:45 PMMidget AAEtobicoke DolphinsScarborough Sharks 106FridayIce SportsPad 38:45 PMMidget AADurham West LightningToronto Leaside Wildcats 107FridayIce SportsPad 19:00 PMMidget AAAurora PanthersEtobicoke Dolphins 108SaturdayIce SportsPad 210:15 AMMidget AAScarborough SharksToronto Leaside Wildcats 109SaturdayIce SportsPad 410:15 AMMidget AADurham West LightningAurora Panthers 110SaturdayIce SportsPad 43:00 PMMidget AAToronto Leaside WildcatsEtobicoke Dolphins 111SaturdayIce SportsPad 47:45 PMMidget AAAurora PanthersScarborough Sharks 112SaturdayIce SportsPad 18:45 PMMidget AAEtobicoke DolphinsDurham West Lightning 113SundayIce SportsPad 112:15 PMMidget AA Final1st Overall2nd Overall 36

37 Midget AA Division Rosters Aurora Panthers, #64Durham West Lightning, #331Etobicoke Dolphins, #430 5Chloe Hampson4Emily Gates5Taylor Jackson 7Leah Dubeau9Julia Talman6Jacqueline Colle 8Tayler Grice10Robin Ketcheson7Emma Langlois 11Samantha Jones11Philomena Teggart14Miah Peer 19Alyssa Vitelli13Erin Hunt15Rachel Italiano 21Kate Barber14Katia Lepka16Keana Oshowy 24Kaitlyn Prescott15Erica Boomer17Samantha McCluskey 27Zoe Webster17Kiana Tobia18Julie Patricio 29Brooklyn Beatty21Mackenzie Wilson19Jacqueline Tam 33Kiana Ohori22Terri-Lynn Burke21Jennifer Italiano 40Ariana DePiero23Gwyneth Jordan26Melanie Forbes 44Emily Coldwell29Sierra Bingham30Susannah Dunn 50Jenna Alessandrini32Carly McDonell55Julia Manarin 55Alyssa Thibeault35Taylor Rovo77Deanna Trolano 63Erika Scott44Haley Tice91Melanie Camacho 71Emily Bell48Nicole Remedios91Shae Hot-behrend 73Morgan Graham87Alexandra Doyle Sydney McCluskey 78Chloe Pilote93Alexandra White 94Madison Collard CDan ColdwellCPatrick TeggartCNed Italiano Scarborough Sharks, #801Toronto Leaside Wildcats, #3789 1Rachelle Champion2Caterina Tassone 4Shannon Scott3Rachel Duffy 8Caitlyn Poon6Natalie Chu 10Niamh Haughey9Valerie Castaneda 13Dominique Rumball11Veronica Moore 15Octavia Bullen17Sarah Baxendale 16Natasha Zelinski18Samantha Jarron 18Genise Likourezos21Summer Sandford 21Emily Morgan22Jackie Boyle 44Anna Deinum24Olivia Reid 51Emma Carrington35Danielle Toland 53Rebecca Wickson44Chloe Gonsalves 66Arden Earhart55Julianna Farmakovski 81Ellie Sasaki70Katie Mowbray 84Shannon Nichol71Priscills Sfiris 88Lindsay Kent74Hana Brath 93Bailey Kennedy92Hayley Volden CLou MisketisCJohn Hebert 37

38 GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 114FridayIce SportsPad 210:00 AMMidget AScarborough SharksClarington Flames 115FridayIce SportsPad 410:00 AMMidget ADurham West LightningVaughan Flames 116FridayIce SportsPad 110:15 AMMidget ANorth Durham Blades Rideau St Lawrence Thunder 117FridayIce SportsPad 23:45 PMMidget ANorth Bay Ice BoltzScarborough Sharks 118FridayIce SportsPad 28:45 PMMidget AClarington FlamesDurham West Lightning 119FridayMontgomeryPad 18:45 PMMidget AVaughan FlamesNorth Durham Blades 120FridayMalvernPad 19:45 PMMidget A Rideau St Lawrence ThunderNorth Bay Ice Boltz 121SaturdayIce SportsPad 110:00 AMMidget AScarborough SharksVaughan Flames 122SaturdayIce SportsPad 310:00 AMMidget ADurham West LightningNorth Durham Blades 123SaturdayMalvernPad 110:00 AMMidget AClarington Flames Rideau St Lawrence Thunder 124SaturdayIce SportsPad 23:00 PMMidget AVaughan FlamesNorth Bay Ice Boltz 125SaturdayIce SportsPad 27:15 PMMidget ANorth Durham BladesScarborough Sharks 126SaturdayIce SportsPad 37:15 PMMidget A Rideau St Lawrence ThunderDurham West Lightning 127SaturdayMalvernPad 17:15 PMMidget ANorth Bay Ice BoltzClarington Flames 128SundayIce SportsPad 210:30 AMMidget A Semi1st Overall4th Overall 129SundayMalvernPad 210:30 AMMidget A Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 130SundayMalvernPad 12:30 PMMidget A FinalWinner Semi Division Schedule Midget A 38

39 Midget A Division Rosters Clarington Flames, #3929Durham West Lightning, #317North Bay Ice Boltz, #6272 1Brooke Campbell15Alexandra Marchese1Fiona Weaver 2Shonagh Milne16Meagan Capati2Neve Belanger 5Mackenzie Harris17Samantha Mar4Elyn Rowe 6Mikayla Albright18Madison Ayres5Hunter Lounds 7Olivia Rodriguez19Jiame Ayres6Alison Brazeau 9Devin MacLeod26Liane Chretien7Kaylee Rich 10Emma Fox31Brooklyne MacDonald10Isabelle Aiken 11Teagan Biersteker34Megan Florian10Katelyn Charles 15Taylor Norquay61Emma Gunn14Kara Castiglione 18Courtney Sayer71Sarah Emara16Brooklyn Moore 19Erin McNamara72Amanda Rochon17Brooke Verhoeven 21Chloe Winslow76Kailey Steinhausen18Morgan Bossert 22Mercedes Buchholz77Julia-Rose Dipalo19Heather Nakanishi 31Holly Jones83Christine Hood23Chloe Houlder 72Hannah Paul87Kristina Pompilii76Abigail Allair 77Megan Evelyn91Claudia Houde96Teagan Feltz 91Jayden Hotrum CLee BrucknerCPaul MarubashiCBill Houlder Rideau St Lawrence Thunder, #1852Scarborough Sharks, #808Vaughan Flames, #1507 1Emily Tourangeau2Brittany Tait1Maddison Sumilas 4Krystin Barkley4Angela Cammisuli2Rachel Reynolds 7Taylor Barkley6Jaime Philips6Jordan Kazan Baigrie 8Amanda Switzer8Sofia Carew8Brittany Eliadis 10Isabelle Courtney10Ginny McClure10Stephanie Rintoul 11Madison O'Reilly12Megan Arsenault14Genevieve Multari 13Lila Elliott14Gwyneth West18Sarah Novak 14Jessica Pinkney15Kristen Long19Samara Silver 15Jenyka Blondin19Israel Sitzer21Julia Pellarin 16Adriana Bradford25Michaela Budd24Jordana Mincer 17Veronic Laflech29Claudia Coluccio26Rachael Walker 19Vanessa Cholette31Allyson Skeffington31Shanna Hayward 22Brianne van Ettinger33Jayme Robitaille33Sienna Lazzarino 23Alyssa Dietschweiler62Rachel Abela41Natali Robinson 31Kelsey Boucher63Heather Yoksimovich89Brittany Giles 44Kyrstn Burnie97Syd Greenberg91Megan Muraki CCarl Dietschweiler CMatt Weidenfelder CJohn Multari North Durham Blades, #4506 1Breanne Douse 3Hanna Jedemann 4Sydney Norris 5Molly Howe 6Kayla Belisle 7Samantha Gates 8Laura Metherel 10Emily Hughes 12Emma Winder 13Elyse Douse 14Anna Twohey 15Robyn Leger 17Brett Belanger 19Madison Vanderveen 25Jamie Farrell 30Amanda Howe 33Danielle Warr 77Mira Gill 91Brenna Forsyth CDave Hughes 39

40 GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 131FridayIce SportsPad 17:45 PMMidget BB Scarborough Sharks (Peters)North York Storm 132FridayMalvernPad 18:30 PMMidget BBScarborough Sharks (East) Toronto Leaside Wildcats 133SaturdayIce SportsPad 211:30 AMMidget BBNorth York Storm Toronto Leaside Wildcats 134SaturdayIce SportsPad 411:30 AMMidget BB Scarborough Sharks (Peters) Scarborough Sharks (East) 135SaturdayIce SportsPad 25:30 PMMidget BBToronto Leaside Wildcats Scarborough Sharks (Peters) 136SaturdayMalvernPad 16:00 PMMidget BBScarborough Sharks (East)North York Storm 137SundayIce SportsPad 19:30 AMMidget BB Semi1st Overall4th Overall 138SundayIce SportsPad 49:30 AMMidget BB Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 139SundayIce SportsPad 11:45 PMMidget BB FinalWinner Semi Division Schedule Midget BB 40

41 Midget BB Division Rosters North York Storm, #8008Scarborough Sharks, #809Scarborough Sharks, #857 Toronto Leaside Wildcats, #3758 1Kierstan Bell1Emma Culliton1Meghan McStay2Nicole Cheung 4Laura Murphy3Hanna Carroll3Breanne Kirkness3Nicole Templeton 7Kristen Lumb7Ann Marie Jones4Jocelyn Lee5Alyssa Suzuki 8Erica Deacon11Albie Kenny5Skylar Peters13Tessa Broadbent 9Victoria Toomey12Cameron Cakebread6Brittany Meraw15Jocelyn Rough 10Vanessa McCulloch15Tomiko Ferguson7Lexy Linnane16Kate Armstrong 12Veronika Quintana-James16Adriana Bass9Roisin Keane17Victoria Lamanna 13Tahara Nathoo19Jemma Tice11Danielle Porter19Jordan Burke 14Katherine Quintana-James32Kayla Tillekeraine13Nicole Picariello21Drew Cathcart 15Meaghan Glynn33Leanne Hirabayashi14Emily Visconti32Christina Curtis 16Diana Quintana-James33Gillian Lemieux18Laura Gupta34Moranne Parsons 20Reilly Paton51Vanessa Kalpakis22Julia Kuzmich44Rachel Gonsalves 33Kobe Doyle52Keringtyn Marchant33Rachel Gallagher61Allison Pharand 44Angelica Giansante87Kristen East51Emily McMaster71Kaira Tralman-Nye 57Aine Rowe 64Alison Trajanovski93Vanessa Richardson 80Victoria Doplaga 77Ashely Woo 88Grace Candy 97Megan Dugas 92Siobhan Carr CMike JamesCChuck EastCErik PetersCRaymond Halse 41

42 GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 140FridayIce SportsPad 21:30 PMMidget BToronto Leaside WildcatsVaughan Flames 141FridayIce SportsPad 31:45 PMMidget B Grey Highland Shooting StarsSmiths Falls Cubs 142FridayIce SportsPad 25:15 PMMidget BToronto Leaside Wildcats Grey Highland Shooting Stars 143FridayIce SportsPad 45:15 PMMidget BVaughan FlamesSmiths Falls Cubs 144SaturdayMalvernPad 13:45 PMMidget BSmiths Falls Cubs Toronto Leaside Wildcats 145SaturdayIce SportsPad 15:00 PMMidget B Grey Highland Shooting StarsVaughan Flames 146SundayMalvernPad 19:00 AMMidget B Semi1st Overall4th Overall 147SundayMalvernPad 29:15 AMMidget B Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 148SundayIce SportsPad 21:15 PMMidget B FinalWinner Semi Division Schedule Midget B 42

43 Midget B Division Rosters Grey Highland Shooting Stars, #8724Smiths Falls Cubs, #6630 Toronto Leaside Wildcats, #3760Vaughan Flames, #1508 Caitlyn Carney Abigail Cassell2Emma DellaRocca1Ashley Plante Leigha Monk Danielle Cassell3Maya Mittelstaedt5Taylor Steinberg Emily Birr Brighton Cassidy4Jaymee Calderwood7Melissa Diana Holly Brown Drew Doyle5Sophia Zambonelli9Alessia Villano Jessica Bullock Emily Doyle9Danielle Fitzgerald10Marietta Piccininni Kailene Clermont Becca Fowler11Katey Higgins11Liana Scida Nicole Gibbons Hailey Harrison12Kaylee Becker13Alexia Locicero Alyssa Holliday Mykaela Mallette14Holly Lalonde17Kassandra Bilzer Rebecca Janke Megan McCoy17Bailey McGregor28Madison Johnston Mariann Lobbezzo Madison McGillivary22Isabelle Harris35Averie Alexander Matalyn Lougheed Nicole McKenna29Bryanna Arnold37Mira Freedman Paige MacMillan Christiane Rodgers31Lily Merovitz-Budning44Tiana Napolitano Nicole Osborne Kira Sels66Janna Getty47Allison Garrity Heather Shaw Annie West73Fiona Roberts76Hayley Zak Lkatherine Teeter 76Naomi Smith77Olivia Grima Marissa Zago 88Jaida Dasent88Victoria Ouzounis CJohn BirrCSteve DoyleCGlenn CalderwoodCPat Scida 43

44 GM#DAYARENAPADTIMEDIVISIONHOMEVISITOR 149FridayIce SportsPad 12:15 PMIntermediate AScarborough SharksOshawa Lady Generals 150FridayIce SportsPad 32:45 PMIntermediate AWhitby WolvesEtobicoke Dolphins 151FridayMalvernPad 13:00 PMIntermediate APeterborough Ice KatsKingston Ice Wolves 152FridayIce SportsPad 13:30 PMIntermediate AStoney Creek SabresSudbury Lady Wolves 153FridayIce SportsPad 27:30 PMIntermediate AKingston Ice WolvesScarborough Sharks 154FridayIce SportsPad 37:30 PMIntermediate AOshawa Lady GeneralsPeterborough Ice Kats 155FridayIce SportsPad 48:30 PMIntermediate AEtobicoke DolphinsStoney Creek Sabres 156FridayMalvernPad 28:45 PMIntermediate ASudbury Lady WolvesWhitby Wolves 157SaturdayIce SportsPad 312:30 PMIntermediate APeterborough Ice KatsEtobicoke Dolphins 158SaturdayMalvernPad 112:30 PMIntermediate AStoney Creek SabresKingston Ice Wolves 159SaturdayMalvernPad 23:15 PMIntermediate AScarborough SharksSudbury Lady Wolves 160SaturdayIce SportsPad 13:45 PMIntermediate AWhitby WolvesOshawa Lady Generals 161SaturdayMalvernPad 27:45 PMIntermediate AOshawa Lady GeneralsStoney Creek Sabres 162SaturdayIce SportsPad 28:30 PMIntermediate AEtobicoke DolphinsScarborough Sharks 163SaturdayIce SportsPad 38:30 PMIntermediate AKingston Ice WolvesWhitby Wolves 164SaturdayMalvernPad 18:30 PMIntermediate ASudbury Lady WolvesPeterborough Ice Kats 165SundayIce SportsPad 110:45 AM Intermediate A Semi1st Overall4th Overall 166SundayIce SportsPad 410:45 AM Intermediate A Semi2nd Overall3rd Overall 167SundayIce SportsPad 42:45 PM Intermediate A FinalWinner Semi Division Schedule Intermediate A 44

45 Intermediate A Division Rosters Etobicoke Dolphins, #426Kingston Ice Wolves, #2614Oshawa Lady Generals, #3249Peterborough Ice Kats, #1381 1Etti Perivolaris1Hailee Carrigg4Hailey Gardiner2Andrea Beckett 3Madison Burrell2Cortney Brewer5Carley McLaughlin3Anney Vyse 5Johanna Ness4Jocelyn Sutton7Kaitlyn Harman4Cassidy Wagner 9Kati Smith5Sydney Cudmore11Carrie Atkinson7Karlie O'Grady 10Pascale Walters6Michaela Smith12Holly Adamec9Angela Crowley 11Rachel Carvalho7Brooke Lemeiux18Samantha Thomas10Kaylie Madill 12Alexandra Lee8Tess Kuhelj19Leanna Moffat12Kayla Cassibo 13Ashley Noonan9Roberta Mamakwa31Kaytlynn Heaslip12Kassandra Eby 19Charlie Young10Alexandra O'Leary41Sarah Fortune15Stephanie Sparkman 22Izzy Vickers11Annie Young44Morgan Stoliker16Brandi Buchanan 23Vanessa Morabito12Eliza Earle72Victoria Passfield19Halle Manson 25Khamoni Power14Erin McAuley73Taylor Landry27Emma Turney 27Taylor Topo16Emma Whalen91Samantha Denena31Taylor McVeigh 29Morgan Cisterna17Logan Begbie93Stephanie Fromm33Allison Juniper 44Victoria Falconi18Melissa Scott96Raeanne Lyttle77Mackenzie Craig 52Chenez Power20Kara Lawrie97Krystal Koenig91Samantha Tallman 77Ashley Gomes31Olivia Lackey Beth Helliwell93Taylor Edwards 93Amy Boncheff Emily Chapple 94Marlaina Fox CGlenn SmithCRandy ScottCTheo HuntingCChris Hutton ScarboroughSharks, #810Stoney Creek Sabres, #3484Sudbury Lady Wolves, #1097Whitby Wolves, #4837 1Ainsley Matulaitis4Sara Ramsden1Cheyenne Saucier4Victoria Morton 7Michelle McManus6Melissa Stefureak2Erika Smith7Stephanie Schuck 10Breanna Kenning7Miranda VonHanke3Rachele Mancini9Breanna Farrell 12Talia Faubert8Nicole Drochner4Jenna Gough11Courtney Geurts 16Laura Bashford9Madison Abramson5Melissa Martel13Shaiyena Cote 17Kiera Dever14Shannen Head6Lily Vescio14Clair Luckasavitch 18Charly Degen17Gabrielle Bellavia7Sarah Chenier18Rebekah Kiezebrink 21Lauren McClenaghan19Kelly Melo8Cynthia Levesque24Bailey Hewitt 22Shannon Misketis22Alexandria Ritchie9Tayulor Hartwick32Taylor Sutherland 27Erin Pickles24Rilee Wasilik11Lauren Hamill72Rachel Ellis 33Shannon Whittaker26Katie Mair12Cassandra Eliadis77Megan Pinkerton 44Jessica Eberts27Charlotte McCaig15Kelsey Corbeil83Alison McCaughey 66Renee Calbert31Allison MacNeil16Amber Lewis94Natalee Wise 81Ashley Habenschuss66Emily Oddi17Renee Scott95Alexandra Nicastro 82Laura Brighton83Melissa Hill19Megan Mackenzie97Brooke Hallett 89Kaleigh Dixon93Niki Grover22Courtney Sauve 93Nina Mammolita96Theresa Woodland24Renee Auger 96Alyssa McCrae 27Sierra Crossthwaite 30Kathleen Larson CSean Misketis CMike Grover CBrian Band CTom Hewit 45

46 Special Thanks to our House League Division Sponsors Novice Division Atom Division Peewee Division 46

47 Scarborough Sharks Sponsors The SSGHA appreciates the sponsorship that we receive from our local businesses and we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for their continued support. Little Sharks: McDonald’s Small Novice: Tim Hortons (Division Sponsor) Atom: McDonald’s Canada (Division Sponsor) Peewee: Hogan Chevrolet Buick Bantam: Long Life Ltd. John’s Scarborough Central Novellus Open: LGS Sportswear Marchants School Black and WanMoe Collins Chrislind 47

48 Tournament Vendors The following tournament vendors can be found at our Head Quarters. 48

49 Scarborough Sharks Tournament Headquarters & Arena Maps Tournament HQ Canlan Ice Sports – Scarborough 159 Dynamic Drive - 416 412-6491 Arenas Malvern Recreation Centre 30 Sewells Road – 416 396-4054 Don Montgomery CRC 2467 Eglinton Ave. East – 416 396-4053 49

50 Things to do while in Toronto For up to date events, restaurants, sightseeing, things to do in Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame Sights to see CN Tower Ripley’s Aquarium Casa Lomahttp://www.casaloma.org Ontario Science Centre Royal Ontario Museum Toronto Metro Zoo Shopping Toronto Eaton Centre Scarborough Town Centre Fairview Mall Yorkdale Mall Pacific Mall Vaughan Mills Outlet Mall 50

51 Restaurant Guide for Scarborough Movie Theatres Cineplex Odeon Coliseum Scarborough Cineplex Odeon Morningside Cinemas Silver City - Fairview Mall Bowling Playtime Bowl Thorncliffe Bowlerama Danforth Bowl All in One FUN The Rinx Laserquest 51

52 Good luck to all Teams! We hope to see you in 2016 at the 32 nd Annual New Year’s Classic Tournament. 52

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