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Words for Production 21. decade [`dEked] n. [C] a period of ten years 十年 The movie star was recognized as the most influential entertainer in the last.

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2 Words for Production 21. decade [`dEked] n. [C] a period of ten years 十年 The movie star was recognized as the most influential entertainer in the last decade of the 20th century.

3 Words for Production 22. breakdown [`brek&da5n] n. [C] afailure of a system, relationship, or discussion ( 制度 ) 崩潰; ( 會談 ) 破裂 The employees decided to go on strike after the breakdown of talks with their employers.

4 Words for Production 23. reminder [rI`maInd2] n. [C] something that makes one think about or remember someone or something else 提醒物,提醒者 This photo will be a reminder of your stay in Australia. 詞類變化

5 remind [rI`maInd] vt. 提醒 The way the woman walks reminds me of my mother. * remind… of … 提醒 ( 某人 )( 某事 )

6 Words for Production 24. novel [`nAvL] adj. new and original 新的,新穎的,嶄新的 Drawing a big eye on each wing of an airplane is a novel way of keeping birds from getting too close to airplane engines in the air. * close to 靠近

7 Words for Production 25. syndrome [`sIn&drom] n. [C] a combination of medical problems that go together and show the existence of a particular disease or mental condition 症候群 People over the age of forty should check with their doctors regularly to see if they have any syndromes closely associated with cancer. * associated with 和 … 有關聯

8 Words for Production 26. primitive [`prIm1tIv] adj. undeveloped; very simple and old-fashioned 未開化的,簡陋的 It is inconvenient and uncomfortable to live in a primitive village where there is no electricity or tap water. * tap water 自來水

9 Words for Production 27. simultaneously [&saImL`tenI1slI] adv. at the same time 同時地 All the audience applauded simultaneously when the speaker finished her speech. 詞類變化 * simultaneously = at the same time

10 simultaneous [&saImL`tenI1s] adj. 同時的 Scientists are concerned about the unusual simultaneous earthquakes along the coast last week. * be concerned about 關切

11 Words for Production 28. generate [`dZEn1&ret] vt. to cause something to exist 產生 The new power plant can generate electricity for two thousand homes a day. * power plant 發電廠

12 Words for Production 29. lessen [`lEsN] vt. to make something smaller, weaker, or less important 降低,減輕,減少 Doctors insist on stricter preventive measures against the disease to lessen the risk of new infections. * insist on + N 堅持

13 Words for Production 30. strategy [`str8t1dZI] n. [C] a carefully designed plan for achieving a particular purpose 策略,對策 Mass production is one of Ford's marketing strategies in the motor vehicle industry. * mass production 大量生產

14 Words for Production 31. vaccine [`v8ksin] n. [C][U] a substance made from a virus used for protecting people against a specific disease 疫苗 Dozens of vaccines against AIDS are in varying stages of development.

15 Words for Production 32. wilderness [`wIld2nIs] n. [C] (usu. sing.) a large area that has never been used or developed due to the extreme environmental conditions there 荒野,荒地 Modern agricultural technology has turned the wilderness into farmland. * turn …into… 轉換

16 Words for Production 33. surveillance [s3`vel1ns] n. [U] close watch on a person, a place or an activity 監視 The nightclub has been kept under surveillance because of suspected illegal activities.

17 Words for Production 34. track [tr8k] vt. to follow the marks or signs left by a target 追蹤,跟蹤 At night, the army use satellites to track their targets. 詞類變化

18 track [tr8k] n. [C] 蹤跡 The hunters followed the tracks of the tiger for hours and found it in a cave.

19 Words for Production 35. monitor [`mAn1t2] vt. to watch and check something carefully for a period of time in order to see how it develops 監控,監視 The CIA is monitoring the man's phone calls because they suspect him of being a terrorist. * suspect … of… 懷疑 ( 某人 ) 犯 ( 某罪行 )

20 8. ape [ep] n. [C] a monkey-like animal that has no tail, such as gorillas and chimpanzees 猿 Words for Recognition

21 9. chimpanzee [&tSImp8n`zi] n. [C] a small and intelligent African ape 黑猩猩 Words for Recognition

22 10. corona virus [k1`ron1 `vaIr1s] n. [C] a virus that causes SARS 冠狀病毒 Words for Recognition

23 11. hybrid [`haIbrId] n. [C] a virus, plant, or animal bred from two different species 混種 Words for Recognition

24 12. stockpile [`stAk&paIl] vt. to store a large supply of something for future use 儲備 Words for Recognition

25 8. dead end a situation with no hope of advancement 絕境 The two countries have come to a dead end in their efforts to find a peaceful solution. Idioms and Phrases

26 9. burn oneself out to make oneself exhausted or ill by working too hard 耗盡;累垮,精疲 力竭 After working seven days a week for several months, William burned himself out. Idioms and Phrases

27 10. set off to make something start happening 引起,引發 The discovery of gold in California set off one of the greatest gold rushes in history. Idioms and Phrases

28 11. come of to result from 從 … 產生 Most citizens wondered if anything good would come of the government's new policy. Idioms and Phrases * come of = result from

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