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Individual Talk S3 - “A Holiday to Remember!”

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1 Individual Talk S3 - “A Holiday to Remember!”
WHO WHAT WHY WHEN WHERE Copyright, 1999 © Matt Sellen, Mintlaw Academy.

2 Task To produce an individual talk describing a memorable holiday you have been on in which: you give your audience a clear and detailed account of what happened you say how you felt at different points during the holiday

3 Getting Started

4 PLAN Opening Main Sections Conclusion

5 Opening: Give a brief introduction to your topic…
Briefly and clearly introduce: the place that you visited the type of holiday resort or location when and how long you stayed there who went with you

6 Opening: Give a sense of your overall feelings
Briefly describe your overall feelings about your experience: For Example, “I really enjoyed …” “I was excited about ...” “I was surprised by…”

7 Main Sections: Give more detail
What type of holiday did you go on? What did you do? Who did you go with? What new things did you experience? Describe an incident which stands out in your memory. How has your experience influenced your holiday interests for the future?

8 How did you get there? Describe how you felt as you set off on your holiday. How did you get to your destination. What did you do during the journey? Did anything go wrong on the way?

9 What type of accommodation or hotel did you stay at?
Describe in detail where you stayed. Say what kind of a room you stayed in. Describe the sort of facilities that were available. Explain what you most enjoyed about staying there.

10 What did you do? Describe a typical day during your holiday.
Describe the kind of sights you saw or the activities you took part in. Describe your feelings.

11 What did you eat? Describe the kind of food you ate.
Was the food different or unusual at the place you visited? Describe any types of food that you tried for the first time.

12 Did you do any sight-seeing?
Where did you visit? How did you get there? What did you see? Did you see anything new for the first time? How did you feel?

13 Describe an incident which stands out in your memory.
What happened? Who was involved? How did you feel? Why does this stand out in your memory?

14 Close - Conclusion You need to make clear to your audience that you have reached the end of your talk Include the following information ...

15 What kind of a holiday would you like to go on next?
Who would you take with you? What would you do on your holiday? Where would you like to go? Explain your ideas and feelings in as much detail as possible.

16 Tips for a successful talk
Make cue cards Practise carefully Avoid over-using your notes/cue cards Look at your audience Speak clearly and at a steady pace Vary your tone of voice

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