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Technology Resource Disk Trinity High School. Select Course Graphic Communication Craft and Design S1/S2 Graphics S1/S2 Craft.

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1 Technology Resource Disk Trinity High School

2 Select Course Graphic Communication Craft and Design S1/S2 Graphics S1/S2 Craft

3 Graphic Communication Drawing Ability Knowledge and Interpretation Illustration and Presentation REVISIONHomework Tasks Return to Contents Assessment Arrangements

4 Drawing Ability Oblique Perspective Planometric Pyramids Tangency True Shapes Isometrics Orthographic Prisms Dimensions and Scale Cones SQA Questions Sections Return to Contents

5 Knowledge and Interpretation Building Drawings Colour Theory Computer Work Signs and symbols Return to Contents Sequence Diagrams

6 Illustration and Presentation Modelling Graphs and charts Colour Theory Display and Lettering Folio Explained Return to Contents Folio Example

7 Folio Examples SG Illustration And Presentation Folio Markers Commentary for above folio Return to Contents

8 Modelling ModelsHex models Return to Contents

9 Building Drawings DrawingsSymbols Return to Contents

10 Cones Cut ConeCone Development

11 Perspectives Return to Contents 1 point2 point

12 Perspective 1 point 1 point a1 point b Return to Contents

13 Perspective 2 point 2 point a2 point b 2 point c2 point d Return to Contents

14 Pyramids Orthographic and Development Examples

15 Tangency Return to Contents Tangency 1Tangency 2

16 Revision Return to Contents NotesK & U notesSpecial Drawings

17 Colour theory Colour theory 1Colour theory 2 Colour theory 3 Return to Contents

18 Dimensions and Scale Return to Contents Dimensioning 1 Scale Drawing Line types and dimensioning Line Types Dimensioning 2 Nuts and Bolts

19 Graphs and charts Return to Contents Graph and Charts 1 Graph and Charts 2 Graph examples

20 Planometric Return to Contents Planometric 2 Planometric 3 Planometric 4 Planometric 1

21 Sequence Diagrams Return to Contents Sequence DiagramsStory boards

22 True Shapes Return to Contents RectangularCylinders PyramidsCones

23 Homework Tasks Return to Contents S4 Homework S3 Homework

24 S4 Graphics Homework S4 Homework S4 Revision Homework Return to Contents

25 Computer Work Return to Contents 3D models Advantages and Disadvantages of CAD CAD commandsCAG Computer HardwareComputer software Computer Theory CAG glossary

26 Display and Lettering Return to Contents Display Lettering and projection symbol

27 Isometrics Circles – Generator method Circles – Trammel method Introduction Return to Contents

28 Orthographic Introduction 1Introduction 2 Orthographic views Projection Symbols Return to Contents

29 Prisms Hexagonal prism 1 HexagonsTrue shapes Return to Contents

30 Signs and Symbols Signs and symbols 1Signs and symbols 2 Signs and symbols 3 Safety Signs Safety and warning signs Return to Contents

31 SQA Questions Return to Contents 2002 Q12002 Q7

32 Sections Sectional ElevationsSections Return to Contents

33 Craft and Design Return to Contents Design K and U Practical S4 Homework S3 Homework REVISON

34 Design S4 Folio Guide Sheets S3 Folio Guide Sheets Return to Contents S4 Folio Example

35 S3 Folio Guide Sheets Shovel Guide Sheets Screwdriver Guide Sheets Clock Guide Sheets Foot Stool Guide Sheets Return to Contents

36 Knowledge and Understanding Design notes Metal notes Plastic notes Wood notes Return to Contents Alternative notes

37 Practical

38 S1/S2 Graphics Rendering S1 Display S2 Return to Contents

39 S1/S2 Craft K and U BookletDesign Booklet S1 Homework BookletS2 Homework Booklet Blank Folio S2 Folio GuidesS1 Folio Guides Return to Contents

40 S1 Folio Guides Towers of Benares Keytab Noughts and crosses Return to Contents

41 S2 Folio Guides Trowel Clock Return to Contents

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