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Georgia’s Strategic Planning Process Overview Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget April 3, 2014 1.

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1 Georgia’s Strategic Planning Process Overview Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget April 3,

2 Topics State Strategic Plan Framework Plan Review and Use Reporting and Accountability 2015 Strategic Plan Horizon System Timeline 2

3 Introduction Governor’s approach to strategic planning: State government will be strategically focused and accountable for performance Budget requests and policy decisions will be evaluated against strategic goals 3

4 State Strategic Planning Framework 4 State Strategic Plan (Vision, Goals and Statewide Indicators) Agency Strategic Plan (Includes strategy resource planning for: Technology Investments, Staffing, Facilities) Agency Performance Report (Reports progress on strategies, objectives and indicators) Alignment Evaluation Through alignment, measurement and evaluation, the state strategic planning framework ensures that resources are strategically focused and results are measureable. Measurement 4-year plan, annual updates 5-year plan Regular status reports Accountability

5 State Strategic Plan 5+ year plan (OCGA ) Articulates state vision and strategic agenda Used to evaluate agency budget requests and agency legislative proposals Focuses the state’s strategic efforts Defines Governor’s goals for six policy areas

6 Governor Deal’s Vision A lean and responsive state government that allows communities, individuals and businesses to prosper

7 Governor Deal’s Policy Areas Educated: Developing life-, college-, and work-ready students Growing: Creating jobs and growing businesses Mobile: Transporting people and products in a 21st century Georgia Healthy: Accessible care and active lifestyles Safe: Protecting the public’s safety and security Responsible and efficient government: Fiscally sound, principled, conservative

8 AGENCY STRATEGIC PLANNING Planning Cycle, Plan Updates and Required Components 8 Ongoing Operations (Whirlwind) Strategic Initiatives

9 Agency Strategic Plan 4-year plan; updated annually Aligns with state strategic plan (OCGA ) Goals and strategies to improve services and outcomes Not operational; limited to what is new and different Communicates agency direction to stakeholders Planning model that works best for the agency Standard planning elements reported in Horizon 9

10 Components of a Strategic Plan Agency Mission Agency Vision Agency Core Values Challenges Workforce Planning Enterprise Ideas Goals Measurable Objectives Strategies – Strategy Description – Anticipated Benefits – Agency Partners – Budget Implications – Staffing implications – IT dependencies – Facilities/space implications 10

11 PLAN REVIEW AND USE Strategic Plan Reviews 11

12 Plan Review and Feedback Enterprise support agencies (ESAs) review plans: Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) Governor’s Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Agencies of the State Properties Officer (SPO) State Accounting Office (SAO) Comments entered in Horizon, followed by automated notification 12

13 Plan Use Agency Direction Alignment (Resources and Policy) Budget Development Enterprise Support Planning Accountability 13

14 Plan Use: ESA Planning OPB: evaluate funding requests and monitor progress on Governor’s goals GTA: identify enterprise technology needs, help agencies use technology more effectively, and develop the Georgia Enterprise IT Strategic Plan DOAS: identify agency workforce needs and enterprise procurement opportunities for statewide contracts SAO: identify common agencies goals or strategies, which could be addressed through enterprise solutions SPO: identify space needs, coordinate implementation of infrastructure investments, and support portfolio management 14

15 REPORTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY Performance Reports, Policy Meetings, Plan Evaluation 15

16 Agency Performance Reports Midyear and Year-end Performance Reports: – All agencies submit in Horizon – OPB prepares state performance reports by policy area – Used to measure achievement of state and agency goals – Agencies report on all state indicators, measurable objectives and strategies Quarterly Performance Updates: – Select agencies submit in Horizon (as designated by Governor’s Office/OPB) – Agencies report on status of priority strategies and quarterly state indicators 16

17 Evaluate Progress Review progress at internal management meetings Discuss at Agency Leadership and Policy Collaborative Meetings for improved accountability Evaluate and adjust approach Close out obsolete, completed or consolidated strategies in year-end performance report Update plan as needed to accomplish goals 17

18 2015 STRATEGIC PLAN What’s New, Best Practices and Writing a Reportable Plan 18

19 FY 2015: What’s New? Plan refinement, not directional change Evaluate progress, adjust strategies if needed Identify strategies to carry forward vs. close Address gaps and omissions – Review strategy implications (e.g., cost estimates, procurements, IT dependencies, staffing, facilities) – Select “None” if appropriate (new field) Meetings with OPB 19

20 FY 2015: What’s New? Continued Measureable objectives: – Not linked to strategies (measures goal achievement) – Enter X and Y in numeric field – Provide baseline date and target date – “from X as of date to Y by date” Agency performance reports: – Measureable objectives reported only once, in a manner consistent with X and Y values – Status updates focus on progress of listed strategies – ESA assistance (select among choices) Guidelines revised to include new appendices 20

21 Writing a Reportable Plan Goal: Reflects agency’s top priorities and specific to core functions Measureable Objective: – Measures goal achievement (i.e., outcomes, not the completion of strategies) – Includes time-bound baseline and target (X as of date to Y by date) – Target date is in the future, baseline is held constant – Performance is reportable using established method of calculation, consistent with X and Y Strategy: – Describes high-level work an agency will do to achieve the goal – Is a descriptive, complex action comprised of multiple action steps – Starts with verbs like develop, design, establish, enhance, implement, etc. – Includes completed detail for budget, staffing, IT, and facility implications 21

22 Examples: What’s Wrong? Goal: – G1: Improve customer service Measureable Objectives: – MO1: Decrease call hold times by 75% – MO2: Increase number of customers surveyed from 75% to 95% Strategies: – S1: Use technology to answer more calls – S2: Decrease call hold times – S3: Complaint resolution 22

23 Examples: Making the Plan Reportable Goal: Improve the customer experience for applicants Measureable Objectives: – Decrease call hold times from 20 minutes in 2014 to 5 minutes in 2016, based on monthly average – Increase customer satisfaction scores from 65% satisfied in 2013 to 80% in satisfied in 2016, using annual survey Strategies: – Implement interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology – Enhance website self-service options – Develop internal communication plan for complaint resolution 23

24 Reporting on Your Plan Performance Reporting (Measureable Objectives): – MO1: Decrease call hold times from 20 minutes in 2014 to 5 minutes in 2016 – MO2: Increase customer satisfaction scores from 65% satisfied in 2013 to 80% in satisfied in XYCurrent Performance Mid-Year (Q2) Performance Update MO12057Monthly call hold time in December was 7 minutes MO26580[left blank]N/A, survey is completed annually in March

25 Reporting on Your Plan Performance Reporting (Strategies): – S1: Implement interactive voice recognition (IVR) technology – S2: Enhance website self-service options – S3: Develop internal communication plan for complaint resolution 25 StatusStatus UpdateESA Assistance S1GreenMet with DOAS to explore enterprise contract options, but decided to issue an RFP. Received five bids and are currently evaluating. Anticipate selecting vendor by February. DOAS S2YellowDeveloping web application to allow public to track their complaint status online. Beta testing has been delayed until late spring None S3BlueCommunication plan completed and distributed to all staff outlining division responsibilities. Strategy complete. None

26 2014 Close Out 2015 Updates 26 Status of green, yellow, red Consolidated or significantly revised strategies Status of blue or black (i.e., completed, will not pursue) Example Strategies: S1: IVR (Green) S2: Web self-service (Yellow) S3: Communication plan (Blue) Yes. Include in 2015 plan Yes. Note change in 2014 year-end performance report No. Close out in report and do not include in 2015 plan Example Strategies: S1: Include in 2015 plan S2: Include in 2015 plan S3: Do not include in Performance Status:Carry forward in 2015 plan?

27 HORIZON SYSTEM How to View, Print and Export plans 27

28 Horizon System Security Online Login Request access via IT ticket Few revised data fields Advance and submit Agency performance reports View, print and export features (demo)demo 28

29 Timeline: Strategic planning guidelines: March 25, 2014 Horizon open for data entry: April 28, 2014 Agency strategic plans due: June 13, 2014 Enterprise support agencies review: July 31, 2014 Agency performance reports due (all agencies): July 31, 2014; December 31, 2014; and July 31, 2015 Quarterly performance reports due (select agencies only): April 18, 2014; October 17, 2014; and April 17,

30 Summary Let’s review … 30

31 What You’ve Learned Plan refinement, not directional change Annual update to plan Align budget requests with plan Objectives are X as of date to Y by date Reporting: semi-annual for all strategies and quarterly status for select priorities OPB available to meet prior to 2015 updates Agency plans due June 13,

32 Questions? OPB Planning Staff: 32 Alice Zimmerman, Coordinator Allen Fox Ashley Pandit Finis Whitt

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