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Style guide exercise Symbian 3 Nelli Kihniä, Hung Nguyen.

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1 Style guide exercise Symbian 3 Nelli Kihniä, Hung Nguyen

2 General This is a presentation about Symbian 3 guidelines Nelli Kihniä, Hung Nguyen,

3 General The style guide document gives an overview of the Nokia Symbian^3 (S^3) user interface and describes its essential parts, giving examples of how to use the interface elements The document can be used as an introduction to the style or as reference material. It provides background material to help user interface designers make decisions about their products.

4 Navigation The model of navigation is based on states arranged as hierarchical trees. The following added features bring in new flexibility: ▫ Tabs ▫ S^3 key and menu ▫ Direct navigation between sibling folders ▫ Links to applications and documents

5 Navigating in applications The traditional hierarchical tree structure forms the basis for navigation The user can move forward from one state by opening an available item or selecting an option from a menu The Back function returns to the previous level in the hierarchy

6 Navigation using tabs The S^3 user interface uses the tab metaphor that allows combining several pages of related information into a single state when all of it would not fit into a single screen or list The user can switch the tabs by tapping some of the visible tabs or pressing the Arrow key left and right

7 Navigation using links There might be links from one application to another Links are one-way shortcuts: there is no direct path back to the state where the link was started The navigation inside the linked application functions as if the user had manually activated the other application

8 Fonts, colors and icons The style guide doesn’t say anything about the fonts, colors or icons that should be used Changing the theme on the phone changes the appearance complitely

9 Menus You can access all the available applications from the menu It can be opened by pressing the home/menu key Applications are presented as a grid of items Selecting an application from the menu opens the application and closes the Menu

10 Menu list

11 Help feature A device with S^3 software may have a Help application containing information about the system The Help application is a normal application in regard to the ways it interacts with other applications Context Sensitive Help can be obtained by selecting the Help item from the Options menu within applications. The Help menu item opens the corresponding topic in the Help application

12 Display The S^3 user interface display specifications are as follows: The S^3 common UI components have ready-made scalability, meaning that they can be adjusted to different display resolutions and orientations. Supported resolutions: - 640 x 360 (nHD) portrait and landscape orientations - Square pixels - Color capability (4096 or more colors preferred)

13 UI themes A UI theme is a customised GUI that replaces the phone's default look, and it is used to change the appearance of the user interface for the phone’s applications UI themes give the UI theme designer the freedom to design a unique GUI, and by designing backgrounds and icons, the result can be very different from the default settings

14 Thank you!

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