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1 Cloud Management Platform : NCTU OpenStack Introduction 國立交通大學 資訊技術服務中心 蘇俊憲 2013/06/04.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Cloud Management Platform : NCTU OpenStack Introduction 國立交通大學 資訊技術服務中心 蘇俊憲 2013/06/04."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Cloud Management Platform : NCTU OpenStack Introduction 國立交通大學 資訊技術服務中心 蘇俊憲 2013/06/04

2 2 Outline Cloud Computing What is OpenStack OpenStack Components NCTU OpenStack (Essex) NCTU OpenStack API Support New NCTU OpenStack (Grizzly) Conclusion and Future Work 資訊技術服務中心

3 3 Cloud Computing The NIST definition of cloud computing identifies On-demand self-service Broad network access Resource pooling Rapid elasticity Measured service Service models IaaS 、 PaaS 、 SaaS key attributes of cloud computing On-demand availability Ease of provisioning Dynamic and virtually infinite scalability (auto-scaled) 資訊技術服務中心

4 4 What is OpenStack The open source software for building private and public clouds Controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources

5 5 資訊技術服務中心 OpenStack Release Naming CodenameRelease Date Cactus Apr. 15 2011 Diablo Sep. 29 2011 Essex Apr. 5 2012 Folsom Sep. 27 2012 Grizzly Apr. 4 2013

6 6 OpenStack Conceptual Architecture 資訊技術服務中心

7 7 OpenStack Logical Architecture Version : Grizzly

8 8 OpenStack Components 資訊技術服務中心 Computing OpenStack Compute (Nova) OpenStack Image service (Glance) Networking OpenStack Networking (Quantum) Storing OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) Identity : Keystone Dashboard : Horizon

9 9 資訊技術服務中心 OpenStack Components (Cont.) Nova Compute Compute resource management and Scheduler VM life cycle management and VNC proxy Glance Discovering, registering, and retrieving VM images Quantum Manage VM’s Network, assign floating IP, Iptables, openvswitch

10 10 資訊技術服務中心 OpenStack Components (Cont.) Swift Object Storage (ex. Amazon S3) Cinder Provides persistent block storage to VM Keystone User Identity Components need register to keystone Horizon Web dashboard 。 (ex. user login, VM create and terminate, volume create, security group and etc.)

11 11 OpenStack - Compute API nova-api : supports OpenStack Compute API, Amazon's EC2 API and a special Admin API nova-api-metadata : accepts metadata requests from instances Computing core nova-compute : creates and terminates virtual machine instances(KVM, qemu, XEN and etc) nova-schedule : schedule the VM to run on a host nova-conductor : “mediator” between nova-compute and the database 資訊技術服務中心

12 12 Networking for VMs nova-network : setting up bridging interfaces or changing iptables rules -> quantum nova-dhcpbridge : tracks IP address leases and records -> quantum Console Interface nova-consoleauth : authorizes user’s tokens that console proxies provide nova-novncproxy : provides a proxy for accessing running instances through a VNC connection Image Management (EC2 scenario) Web dashboard 。 OpenStack – Compute(Cont.) 資訊技術服務中心

13 13 Image Management (EC2 scenario) nova-objectstore : provides an S3 interface for registering images onto the image management service euca2ools client : euca2ools can be used to issue cloud management commands Command Line Interpreter/Interfaces nova client nova-manage client Queue service : RabbitMQ Database : sqlite3, MySQL and PostgreSQL 資訊技術服務中心 OpenStack – Compute(cont.)

14 14 OpenStack – Object Store 資訊技術服務中心 Swift Distributed file system and prevent any single point of failure swift-proxy-server) accepts incoming requests via the OpenStack Object API or HTTP

15 15 資訊技術服務中心 OpenStack – Image Store glance-api accepts Image API calls for image discovery, image retrieval and image storage glance-registry stores, processes and retrieves metadata about images (size, type, etc.) A database to store the image metadata sqlite3, MySQL and PostgreSQL image repository Swift, normal filesystems, RADOS block devices, Amazon S3 and HTTP

16 16 OpenStack – Identity 資訊技術服務中心 keystone handles API requests as well as providing configurable catalog, policy, token and identity services pluggable backend LDAP or SQL and Key Value Stores

17 17 OpenStack – Network 資訊技術服務中心 quantum-server accepts API requests and then routes them to the appropriate OpenStack Networking plugins for action Networking plugins and agents Plugins : Cisco virtual and physical switches, Nicira NVP product, NEC OpenFlow products, Open vSwitch, Linux bridging and the Ryu Network Operating System Agents : L3 (layer 3), DHCP (dynamic host IP addressing)

18 18 OpenStack – Block Storage cinder-api accepts API requests and routes them to cinder-volume for action cinder-volume maintain Cinder database state interacting with other processes (like cinder-scheduler) through a message queue access upon block storage cinder-scheduler picks the optimal block storage provider node to create the volume on

19 19 OpenStack – Dashboard Horizon Horizon is a modular Django web application that provides an end user and administrator interface to OpenStack services

20 20 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack - Essex

21 21 資訊技術服務中心 OpenStack(Essex) with Swift Version : Essex

22 22 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack(Essex) with Ceph Version : Essex

23 23 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack Dashboard

24 24 NCTU OpenStack Dashboard (Cont.) 資訊技術服務中心 可產生 VM 的規格 Admin

25 25 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack Dashboard (Cont.) 提供 Inage 列表

26 26 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack Dashboard (Cont.) 建立一台新的 VM

27 27 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack Dashboard (Cont.) Project 中正在執行的 VM 控制 VM 開關機、快 照等等

28 28 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack Dashboard (Cont.) 網頁提供 VNC console

29 29 資訊技術服務中心 Amazon AWS S3 compatible

30 30 Amazon AWS S3 compatible (Cont.) CloudBerry 資訊技術服務中心

31 31 Amazon AWS S3 compatible (Cont.) Gladinet Cloud Drive 資訊技術服務中心

32 32 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack API Support 提供使用者下載 OpenStack or EC2 憑證資料,使用者可以透過 nova API 或 EC2 API 撰寫的程式,對 OpenStack 下命令 OpenStack Controller NOVA API Client EC2API Client

33 33 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack API Support (Cont.) #nova flavor-list

34 34 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack API Support (Cont.) #nova image-list

35 35 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack API Support (Cont.) #nova list #nova secgroup-list

36 36 資訊技術服務中心 #nova secgroup-list-rules default #nova keypair-list NCTU OpenStack API Support (Cont.)

37 37 資訊技術服務中心 NCTU OpenStack API Support (Cont.) #nova boot --flavor 1 --image 23461b5c-124d-4318-b1de- 740665be4bab --security_groups default --key_name chsu_openstack "nova-api-create"

38 38 NCTU OpenStack API Support (Cont.) 資訊技術服務中心 #nova list

39 39 資訊技術服務中心 New NCTU OpenStack – Grizzly Our New Physical Architecture

40 40 http://

41 41 資訊技術服務中心 New NCTU OpenStack – Grizzly (Cont.) Create Network (IPv4/6 、 DHCP 、 DNS 、 Route)

42 42 New NCTU OpenStack – Grizzly (Cont.) 資訊技術服務中心 Attach the New Network

43 43 資訊技術服務中心 New NCTU OpenStack – Grizzly (Cont.) View Network Topology

44 44 New NCTU OpenStack – Grizzly (Cont.) 資訊技術服務中心 Create Images

45 45 Reference 資訊技術服務中心 Guide/blob/OVS_MultiNode/OpenStack_Grizzly_Install_Guide.rst Guide/blob/OVS_MultiNode/OpenStack_Grizzly_Install_Guide.rst compute/admin/content/conceptual-architecture.html compute/admin/content/conceptual-architecture.html compute/admin/content/ch_getting-started-with-openstack.html

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