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QNX based DCS Unique Value Proposition Igor V. Lapko

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1 QNX based DCS Unique Value Proposition Igor V. Lapko (

2 Which code is more reliable ? Code ACode B  Ask the question ! >What is the code length ? >How long/thoroughly it was tested ? >Is it vulnerable from outside ?

3 Traditional OS Architecture Protection among kernel components is absent !

4 QNX OS Architecture Hardware protected address spaces! QNX – it is 99.999% of availability (or 5 minutes of downtime annually !) Tiny microkernel, refined for 20+ years

5 Real Time All delays are specified and are in hundreds of nanoseconds range

6 Why QNX?  QNX was intentionally developed for real time and mission critical applications rather than it was adopted for it  Advanced and reliable scheduling. Bullet proof preemptive multitasking. Priority inheriting. All abovementioned enables the coexistence of control functions with HMI and DBMS functions at the same CPU core.  True microkernel. Perfect MMU.  Ability to restart every software component without system rebooting enables software watchdog functions.  Fault protected file system. Multiple redundant network connections.  POSIX-compatible. Very predictable, reliable and robust. No viruses.

7 Software Architecture S3™ QNX microkernel IEC-61131 Engine (S3) SQL Database (MySQL, Empress) Multimedia HMI WEB ServerOPC Server Distributed I/O Drivers Local I/O Drivers Gateway QNX based DCS, generalized node architecture

8 Software Architecture PAC features QNX SLWEB I/O HMIOPCSQL PAC Operator Panel SCADA Workstation Extended programming capabilities Extended communication options Extended database options Extended HMI

9 Communications  Availability of PAC’s data in any networks  Fieldbus adapters (PROFIBUS DP/FMS/FDL, CAN, LON, ASI, INTERBUS) from many vendors (Allen Bradley, Comsy, Echelon, Engenuity Systems, Inova Computers, PEP, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Softing, SST, TMG i-tec, VISTA Electronics, etc)  Full TCP/IP support and concomitant protocols (FTP, HTTP, ODBC, SNMP и т. п.)  Communication with MS Windows SCADAs via OPC

10 DBMS  It is possible to store data directly in PAC now  ERP/MES integration via ODBC/JDBC and replication;  Popular DBMS support (MySQL, PostgreSQL Empress)

11 HMI and WEB HMI  PAC itself can provide full featured HMI now.  It can realize complex graphical objects including animation and Flash objects  Even Apache server runs at PAC providing full featured WEB HMI

12 S3 Software Architecture S3™ QNX SL WEB I/O S3™ QNX Redundant fault tolerant network S3™ QNX HMI OPCSQL Watch dog DCS architecture

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