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1 Welcome! Parents’ Evening – S2 into S3 Course Choices Thursday, 27 th January 2011.

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1 1 Welcome! Parents’ Evening – S2 into S3 Course Choices Thursday, 27 th January 2011

2 2 Tonight’s Agenda Curriculum for Excellence S3 Curriculum: Core Content S3 Curriculum: Options S3 Curriculum: Other Options High Expectations Senior Timetable Profile Timescale Role of parent/carer Pitfalls to avoid Help

3 3 Challenge and enjoyment Personalisation and Choice Depth Progression Breadth Coherence Relevance Curriculum for Excellence: Principles of Curriculum design

4 4 Languages Mathematics Science Social Studies Technologies Expressive Arts Religious and Moral Education Curriculum for Excellence: Curriculum Areas Health & Wellbeing across learning Literacy across learning Numeracy across learning

5 5 S3 Curriculum: Core Content Compulsory subjects: English – 4 periods per week – leads to Standard Grade Maths – 4 periods per week – leads to Standard Grade Science (Biology, Physics or Chemistry) – 3 periods per week – leads to Standard Grade / Intermediate 1 SVS – 1 period per week – leads to Standard Grade PE – 2 periods per week – non-exam PSE – 1 period per week – non-exam RP – 1 period per week – non-exam

6 6 S3 Curriculum: Options Optional subjects (4 subjects @ 3 periods): Modern Languages : French Additional Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Social Studies: Geography, History, Modern Studies, RP Technologies: Computing, Craft & Design, Graphic Communications, Home Economics Expressive Arts: Art and Design, Drama, Music, PE

7 7 S3 Curriculum: Other Options Optional alternative courses: XL Club ASDAN Bronze Award Early Education and Childcare Uniformed and Emergency Services College and extended training and/or work placements

8 8 High Expectations Be clear – choose wisely Read the Booklet; talk to people! Possible interview Assertive Mentoring – Ms Fowler

9 9 S4S5S6 CreditHigherAdvanced Higher GeneralIntermediate 2 Higher FoundationIntermediate 1 Intermediate 2 No AwardAccessIntermediate 1

10 10 SeniorTimetable Profile At least 4 academic subjects = 5 lessons each per week (20-25) Core Subjects = PSE, PE, RMPS = 1 lesson each per week (3) Possible enrichment / vocational / citizenship option = 5 lessons per week (5) S5 and S6

11 11 Timescale This week During February 1 st MarchDeadline for CC Forms New S3 Curriculum Information Evening – Thursday 27 th January Discussion in PSE lessons – about making good choices * Individual CC interviews with House Staff, Senior Staff, or Mentor S2 Parents Evening By Friday 4th March 2011

12 12 Role of parent / carer What does your son/daughter enjoy? What is he/she good at… –In school? –Out of school? What is he/she suited to? Does he/she have any post-school ideas? Encourage him/her to find out about courses, jobs and qualifications

13 13 Pitfalls to avoid.. Do not make a choice because... Your friend is taking it You like (or don’t like) a certain teacher You feel “pressured” to do it The subject is “easy” Remember : You will have to do the work yourself

14 14 Help is available from: Teaching staff, Senior staff and House teams School website Careers Scotland –Stephen Smith Colleges & Universities Library Internet – PlanIt & Progress

15 15 Stephen Smith Careers Adviser Work for Skills Development Scotland Drop In for all year groups Tuesday 1 – 1:30

16 16 Careers Scotland Website p Helping your children with their career Research shows that you are the most important influence on your child’s career aspirations and choices. Throughout this section, we use the term 'parent' to include parent, guardian or other carer.

17 17 To see how you can help your child at key stages in their career, follow the links below. Getting started with Parents Activities Making career decisions Developing skills for work Choosing subjects Applying for opportunities Additional Support Needs

18 18 Planitplus Website Open School Zone Open Subjects and Careers Select a Subject e.g. Chemistry 74 careers are identified that are related to Chemistry Open a career of interest e.g. Nurse - Registered (Adult) This opens a job description including getting in Use the link on the left hand side for courses and qualifications

19 19 Planitplus – Researching a Career In the CertHE, DipHE and Degree section Entry Requirements for a Degree in Nursing (Adult) 2 Highers including English and preferably Biology or Human Biology plus 5 Standard grades including English and a science subject There is a link to the website

20 20 And Finally… Any general questions? Staff from departments are waiting in the Dining Hall to speak to you about their subjects – please take some time to chat to them Senior staff and House Staff will stay on in the Main Hall to answer individual questions

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