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AWS: A New World of Exploration Andy Jassy Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services August 16 th 2011.

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1 AWS: A New World of Exploration Andy Jassy Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services August 16 th 2011

2 Amazon’s Three Businesses Consumer Business (retail) Tens of millions of active customer accounts Eight countries: US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, China, Italy Seller Business Sell on Amazon websites Use Amazon technology for your own retail website Leverage Amazon’s massive fulfillment center network Developers/ IT Infrastructure Business Cloud computing infrastructure for hosting web-scale solutions Hundreds of thousands of registered customers in over 190 countries

3 How did Amazon get into Cloud Computing? ?

4 We’d been working on it for over a decade Development of a platform to enable sellers on the Amazon global infrastructure Internal need for centralized, scalable deployment environment for applications Early forays into web services proved developers were hungry for more How did Amazon get into Cloud Computing?

5 Led To Pursuing A Broader Mission Enable businesses and developers to use web services* to build scalable, sophisticated applications. *What people now call “the Cloud”

6 AWS Platform Your Application

7 Web site hosting Application hosting / SaaS hosting Internal IT application hosting Content delivery and media distribution High performance computing, batch data processing, and large scale analytics Storage, backup, and disaster recovery Development and test environments Common Use Cases

8 The new “Cloud” in hype cycle What does it really mean? Cloud changes the viability/cost of collecting, storing, analyzing and sharing data AWS building blocks actually let customers realize this vision People no longer constrained by having to know which questions they want to answer Big Data

9 Hundreds of Thousands of Customers in 190 Countries

10 Growing Partner Ecosystem

11 Cloud Scales: Amazon S3 Growth Peak Requests: 290,000+ per second Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3 2.9 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion 102 Billion 449 Billion 262 Billion

12 Each day AWS adds the equivalent server capacity to power Amazon when it was a global, $2.76B enterprise (circa 2000)

13 » Amazon RDS Read Replicas » Suse EC2 Linux » Amazon SNS Console » Amazon ELB HTTPS » AWS Free Tier » EMR Resizing Cluster » RDS Reserved » CloudFront Default Root » Startup Challenge 2010 » CloudFront Invalidation » CloudFront HTTPS » NYC Edge Location » Lowers Pricing HTTP » AWS Import Export GA » Amazon SNS » Amazon S3 Console » Amazon EBS CloudWatch » Amazon SNS » Combined AWS Data Transfer Savings » Amazon EMR Bootstrap Actions » Amazon ELB Session Stickiness » Amazon RDS in EU » New Singapore Region » EMR JobFlow Debugging » Simple DB Consistent Reads » Simple DB Conditional Puts » VPC in EU » Amazon RDS in US-west » Amazon CloudFront Access Logs » Amazon RDS Multi-AZ » Amazon S3 RRS » Amazon RDS Console » Amazon SQS Longer retention, Free Tier Amazon S3 Bucket Policies » Amazon VPC IP Address » Cluster Compute Instances » Amazon S3 RRS Notifications » Lowered Pricing EC2 » AWS IAM » Amazon VPC Console » Micro Instances » Amazon Linux AMI » Amazon EC2 Tagging, Filtering, Idempotency, » Oracle Certified AWS » AWS PHP SDK » Amazon S3 Lowered Pricing » CloudFront GA, SLA » S3 Multipart » GPGPU Instance Types » ISO27001/2 Certification » AWS Elastic Beanstalk » Amazon Simple Email Service » Improved AWS Support “Bronze” » Amazon CloudWatch Console » AWS CloudFormation » Amazon S3 Static Websites » AWS IAM Website Login » Paris Edge Location » VM Connector » Tokyo Region » AWS Support JP AWS Pace of Innovation is Intense » Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances with Windows, Extra Large High Memory Instances » Amazon S3 Versioning Feature » Consolidated Billing for AWS » Lower pricing for Outbound Data Transfer » AWS Java SDK » Windows BYOL » Singapore Pop » CloudFront Private Streaming » Free Monitoring EC2 » Amazon Route 53 » PCI DSS Level 1 Certification » Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone) » Large Object S3 Support » Florida POP » Import/Export APAC » New VPC » Dedicated Instances » Windows 2008 R2

14 Amazon Edge Locations (CloudFront & Route 53) Evolving AWS Worldwide Infrastructure AWS Regions

15 Cloud uses the same security measures used in the last 30 years Physical datacenter security Network Hardware Certifications and Accreditations ISO 27001 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) FISMA Compliant Controls SAS – 70 Type II Identity Access and Management Controls Virtual Private Cloud Security is our #1 priority

16 New World of IT

17 Old World: High Cap Ex

18 New World: Low Variable Expense Old World: High Cap Ex

19 Old World: Charge as much as you can

20 New World: Only pay for what you use

21 Old World: Guess on capacity needs

22 Predicting infrastructure need is difficult Compute Power Time Predicted Usage Actual Usage Waste Customer Dissatisfaction

23 Old World: Guess on capacity needs New World: Scale seamlessly up, Shed capacity as you wish

24 Example: Video App on Amazon EC2 Number of EC2 Instances Launch of a Facebook modification Scaled to peak of 5,000 instances in 3 days

25 Old World: Need a new server? See you in 2 or 3 months!

26 New World: Spin up hundreds, even thousands of servers in minutes

27 Old World: Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

28 Server hosting Bandwidth management Contract negotiation Purchase decisions Moving facilities Scaling and managing physical growth Heterogeneous hardware Legacy software Coordinating large teams Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

29 New World: Focus scarce engineering resources on Agency mission Old World: Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

30 The Private Cloud …New World or  Turn Capex into a Variable Expense  Low Variable expense  Only pay for what you use  Scale seamlessly up; shed capacity as you wish  Spin up hundreds, even thousands of servers in minutes  Focus scarce engineering resources on agency mission      Old ? Old

31 Today, we announce a new region… AWS GovCloud (US)

32 Supporting our US Government Customers Targeted at US Government entities and contractors supporting them FISMA Moderate Compliant Controls US Persons-only access; Located in the US Supports ITAR compliant requirements

33 VPC in AWS GovCloud (US) Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Put the cloud behind your firewall Dedicated Instances (optional) DirectConnect (optional)

34 Solution Providers for AWS Government Customers

35 Over 100 Government Agencies Including: Agencies using AWS to support their mission... GSA Infrastructure-as-a-Service BPA Award

36 NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory

37 Mars Exploration Rovers Mars Science Laboratory Deep Space Network Carbon in the Arctic Reservoir Vulnerability Experiment Lunar Mapper Mission Project ATHLETE Robot

38 Mars Science Lab - Curiosity Fast Motion Field Test - Image Processing in the Cloud Massively parallel computations on EC2  Image Stitching (panorama generation)  Stereo Correlation (depth perception)  Large Image Tiling Elasticity Zero to a few hundred cores, back to zero – in a few weeks Pay-as-you-go Mission paid only for what it used

39 European Space Agency ESA Centre for Earth Observation Data collected by Satellites stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Earth science data provided to organizations around the world – 50,000 users at peak, 30 TB at a time Scalability Scale up storage infrastructure as much as needed Speed and Agility Avoided time to procure dedicated hardware with on-demand service

40 Closing thoughts

41 Keys in Choosing a Cloud Focused on security Cloud experience Flexibility Listen to customers and iterate quickly Continue to lower costs for customers

42 In the fullness of time…


44 Thank You! Andy Jassy

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