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S3 French Apprentice Challenge Glasgow as a tourist centre!

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1 S3 French Apprentice Challenge Glasgow as a tourist centre!

2 Task objective Work effectively and productively in a group using a variety of skills to ‘rebrand’ Glasgow for French-speaking tourists.

3 Rebranding Margate episode of ‘The Apprentice’ Watch the video from start to 6m55- to get an idea of what your task entails!

4 In a nutshell In light of the commonwealth, you will work in teams to rebrand Glasgow effectively for French-speaking tourists, enticing them to come to Glasgow this summer! You must produce: 1.A poster 2.A leaflet 3.A PowerPoint presentation Each team will present the finished product to their class, each class will have a winning team The winning teams will then compete against each other in the final in front of a judging panel with a prize for the winning team!

5 Let’s think! 3 min task! What skills/qualities will be needed in a group if it is to be successful? Organisational Leadership Reliability Commitment Proactive Communication Team player Language Problem solving Decision making Evaluating Management Creativity

6 In light of these skills…Your team needs to be carefully chosen! Remember while you may enjoy working with your friends, it is important that you have a range of skills and abilities in the group that different people may bring! Do you have what it takes to be the winning team?

7 Each team will be given a list of specific requirements for each part of the task Time will be allocated in school to work on the project and there will be one week of computer access for each class. However, if you want to win, you may want to spend additional time at home working on this project!!!

8 The final Remember you are competing to be part of the final in May where our very own ‘Gryffe’ Alan Sugar will be chairing the judging panel along with special guests with a prize for the winning team !

9 Now, let’s think...what vocabulary are you going to need? In Glasgow, you can + the infinitive There is... It is +adjectives Modes of transport Places in Glasgow Things to do in Glasgow Commonwealth events

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