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Copyright © 2005 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. The Tecra S3 Sales presentation.

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2 Copyright © 2005 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. The Tecra S3 Sales presentation

3 September 20052/Tecra S3 Notebook & AV Notebook PC segmentation: usage pattern / performance price Qosmio G20 Qosmio F20Qosmio G10 Satellite M60 price Portégé M200 Tecra M4 price Libretto U100 Portégé R200 Portégé M300Portégé S100 price Satellite M50Tecra A5 Tecra M3 Satellite Pro M40 Satellite M70 Satellite Pro M70 Tecra A4 Satellite L20Satellite Pro L20Satellite M40 Tecra S3 price Tecra A3 Performance Mobile Entertainment Centre Ultra-mobile Mobile Tablet PC Desktop replacement to see picture to hide picture

4 September 20053/Tecra S3 Positioning Tecra S3: A fully scalable corporate platform offering superior security and reliability.

5 September 20054/Tecra S3 Equipped with the new Anti-Theft Protection Timer feature, as part of Toshiba EasyGuard package for carefree mobile computing – the better way to enhanced data security, advanced system protection and easy connectivity Reduces the cost of evaluating, deploying and training users on new models with a consistent software image, long lifecycles, backwards compatible common docking solution, Ultra-slim SelectBay modules and options Superb system performance thanks to the latest Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology, high speed DDR2 memory and Serial ATA HDD, supported by brilliant 15.0" TFT XGA and SXGA+ displays and the latest NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6 Series graphics Take advantage of easy, professional expansion, including RGB and TV- out (S-Video) ports, SD® card, PC Card and new ExpressCard technology support, three USB 2.0 ports, i.LINK®, serial and parallel port Experience the rewards of seamless connectivity with everything onboard - Bluetooth™ V2.0 with EDR, Wireless LAN 802.11b/g, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Fast InfraRed and modem Why choose the Tecra S3? 1 2 3 4 5

6 September 20055/Tecra S3 New and exclusive: Toshiba EasyGuard Toshiba EasyGuard is the better way to enhanced data security, advanced system protection and easy connectivity. This next-generation computing experience incorporates technologies enabling optimal connectivity and security, Toshiba anti-accident innovations and advanced software utilities for carefree mobile computing.

7 September 20056/Tecra S3 Toshiba Assist button to access PC diagnostics, expansion/connectivity utilities and added productivity features instantly. Enter the world of carefree mobile computing with Toshiba EasyGuard. Simply press the button

8 September 20057/Tecra S3 Three core elements for carefree mobile computing In addressing the need for enhanced data security, advanced system protection and easy connectivity. Toshiba EasyGuard features can be divided into its three core elements: Secure Features that deliver enhanced system and data security Protect & Fix Protective design features and diagnostics utilities for maximum uptime Connect Features and software utility that ensures easy and reliable wired and wireless connectivity BenefitsElements Product shown: Portégé M300

9 September 20058/Tecra S3 Toshiba EasyGuard features and benefits: Tecra S3 The Secure element of Toshiba EasyGuard delivers enhanced system and data security in a variety of ways, providing protection of confidential data, protection from malicious attacks, including worms/viruses, and protection from unauthenticated access to system or data. Execute Disable Bit (XD-Bit) Industry standard method that prevents buffer overflow virus attacks. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Industry standard hardware / software security solution that protects sensitive data, encryption and digital signatures to ensure content integrity and privacy. Fingerprint ReaderSupports user authentication and access control as well as easy application selection and launch/control. Fingerprint Reader - Single Sign On Provides single touch convenient and fast Fingerprint password authentication for all system passwords (BIOS, HDD, Windows) Device LockToshiba software utility that allows flexible locking of specific devices in order to prevent unauthorised access to computer or copying of confidential files. Password UtilitiesToshiba software utilities that allows system administrators and users to set up of boot and HDD access passwords. Antivirus SoftwarePreinstalled 90-day free OEM version of Symantec’s Norton Internet Security 2005 provides up to date protection from viruses, hackers and privacy threats. At end of the period, Toshiba recommends to extend this service for security updates at a discounted

10 September 20059/Tecra S3 Toshiba EasyGuard features and benefits: Tecra S3 The Protect & Fix element of Toshiba EasyGuard incorporates protective design features and diagnostics utilities for maximum uptime, to give you reduced maintenance time and costs, greater data protection, reduced theft potential, quick and easy diagnostic and repair tools, maximised productivity, and minimised downtime. Toshiba RAIDLevel 1 RAID support leads to minimised downtime by protecting against data loss and ensuring quick data recovery Spill-resistant KeyboardPrevents system damage from accidental spills onto the keyboard. Shock Protection DesignSpecially designed shock absorption that encloses key components, such as HDD, LCD and inverter to help reduce risk of damage in case of accidental shock, vibration or fall. HDD ProtectionShock absorption in combination with Toshiba’s own 3-axis motion monitoring for reduced risk of hard disk drive damage and data loss in case of fall, shock or vibration. Toshiba Anti-theft Protection Timer Allows users to set up a timer-activated BIOS password that will prevent unauthorised system access in the event of theft. Data BackupBackup your data to protect it against accidental loss and store your backup copies on external hard disk drive, CDs, DVDs, or some other storage format. Easy Fix ComponentsEasy to access and exchange of components, such as memory, HDD, modem, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth™ modules can save maintenance cost and minimise system downtime. Durable DesignRobust system design for improved product quality, reliability and durability. Kensington LockIndustry standard external locking device that helps to prevent notebook theft. PC DiagnosticsSpecially developed Toshiba software that provides one-touch system support and services to save maintenance cost and minimise system downtime.

11 September 200510/Tecra S3 Toshiba EasyGuard features and benefits: Tecra S3 Toshiba ConfigFree™Software developed by Toshiba that allows users to quickly and easily set up a network connection, troubleshoot any connectivity problems, and capture a complete set of location settings for easy, one-button future use. Toshiba SummitSoftware developed by Toshiba for net meeting productivity and easy wireless file sharing. Diversity AntennaToshiba innovation (2 Wi-Fi™ antenna and 1 Bluetooth™ antenna in LCD display) that provides better Wi-Fi™ signal reception for optimal wireless connectivity. Wireless LAN Switch Sliding switch for easy and secure activation / deactivitation of integrated Wireless LAN or Bluetooth™ modules The Connect element of Toshiba EasyGuard ensures easy and reliable wired and wireless connections. These features provide the strongest wired and wireless connections available, seamless wireless connectivity, easy connectivity diagnostics and assistance, easy Bluetooth access -- all of which adds up to enhanced access to real-time information, self-sufficient, intuitive mobility for the user and reduced support time for IT.

12 September 200511/Tecra S3 Toshiba Anti-theft Protection Timer What is the Toshiba Anti-theft Protection Timer? Allows users to set up a timer-activated BIOS password that will prevent unauthorised system access in the event of theft. Features and benefits User set a time duration before BIOS password is activated (1-28 days). User can logs-on ‘as usual’ during the defined period of time. If user doesn’t log-on during the period of time, the timer activates the BIOS password request. If password unknown, user (or thief) cannot log on. User has peace-of-mind, because access to its system is locked if notebook is stolen. July-10 July-13 July-18 Time Example: Time Limit = 5 days User logs-on Windows, as usual User doesn’t log-on (Vacation/ Notebook Stolen…) BIOS Password is requested to log on

13 September 200512/Tecra S3 Fingerprint Reader Single Sign On What is the Fingerprint sensor technology ? Support user authentication and secure access (single sign-on), as well as easy selection, launch and control of applications for security and ease of use. Summary of features and benefits Non duplicateable authentication (unique fingerprint for each person) Convenient and fast log into the machine. With the simple touch of a finger you can access confidential content on your PC/Network Pre-boot authentication (BIOS logon) is newly supported by fingerprint on TECRA S3. Replacing the boot password –User does not need to type in the password, and just swipe his/her finger. Realizing the Single touch boot feature –User can sign on to BIOS, Windows and HDD by a single swipe of the fingerprint. –User no longer need to type in password three times or swipe finger three times. in the BIOS in the OS Just one swipe Authentication

14 September 200513/Tecra S3 ConfigFree™ Connectivity Doctor Analyze your network connection and assist in fixing the problem. Enables an easy and automatic switch between network configurations. Profile Settings Get connect with the members nearby. Members icon will show around the table, and document can be shared by dragging the file on the center. ConfigFree™ Summit Displays nearby active WiFi access point and Bluetooth in radar GUI. Draw a line to connect to devices. Wireless radar 1 2 3 4 What is ConfigFree™? Makes it easy for non-technical users to connect wired and wireless networks and Bluetooth™ devices and share files amongst locally connected users.

15 September 200514/Tecra S3 W-WAN Auto Connect Feature It will automatically dial up with Mobile Data / 3G Card when both LAN & WLAN are disconnected Dial up Device Selection Select which device to dial-up with. (supports any device such as data cards or 3G cards that can be used by dial-up) Auto Launch of Program Select Program to execute after Dial-up connection (e.g VPN client, IE) NEW Automatically switch between LAN/WLAN/WAN Version 5.7 ConfigFree™ Automatic Network Device Switch New main features

16 September 200515/Tecra S3 Toshiba summit Summary of features and benefits Quickly send files to other computers and devices in the local area Create a virtual meeting room, inviting all the local computers you want to have access to your file Simply drag and drop files into the middle of the “room” or send it directly to one of the participant only Provides a “quick share” feature by drag and drop a file onto the “wireless radar” icon What is the Toshiba summit? Toshiba Summit software to increase productivity, featuring efficient wireless conferencing functionality – including file sharing and chat.

17 September 200516/Tecra S3 Diversity Antenna What is the Diversity Antenna? This Toshiba innovation is in reality three antennae. Selected notebooks now have two Wi-Fi™ antennae and one Bluetooth™ antenna incorporated into the top lid of the LCD display as well as automatic antenna selection that provides users with optimal wireless connectivity. Summary of features and benefits Two W-LAN antennae - Increases the reliability and stability of wireless connectivity Antennae in top lid of LCD display - Prevents signal interference from users’ desk hands, etc Dual-band antennae - Makes it easier to connect quickly and maintain stable performance Bluetooth™ antenna between the two W-LAN antennas maintains the diversity effect and maximises the user’s ability to connect quickly and easily With Diversity Antenna with Standard Antenna

18 September 200517/Tecra S3 4 3 2 1 0 4 3 2 1 0 RAID-1 4 3 2 1 0 Unable to read data in the bad block. Standalone Application Read from 2 nd HDD and fix No2 of 1 st HDD Application Fixed 4 3 2 1 0 4 3 2 1 0 RAID-1 Read from 2 nd HDD. But does not fix No2 of 1 st HDD Application Not fixed Toshiba RAID1Intel IAA’s RAID1 Toshiba RAID* support What is RAID? –RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or sometimes "Independent") Disks. RAID is a method of creating one or more pools of data storage space from several hard drives. –It can offer fault tolerance and higher throughput levels than a single hard drive or group of independent hard drives. –Supports RAID Level 1* and ensures that data from main HDD (hard disk drive) is mirrored to optional Ultra-slim SelectBay HDD for full data redundancy and protection against accidental data loss –Data mirroring ensures data availability in event of HDD crash and allows for quick and simple swapping of defective HDD with intact HDD for minimum downtime * Optional second HDD and HDD adapter is required for Toshiba RAID support

19 September 200518/Tecra S3 Toshiba RAID* support Summary of features and benefits RAID-1 supported –Customer can continue computing with zero downtime even when one of hard drives is crushed (reliable computing by RAID-1 technology). Hard drive hot plug is supported –Hot insertion/extraction of the select bay hard drive is still supported on the RAID-1 system as same as stand alone configuration. Hard drive password is supported –Hard drive password is still supported on the RAID system when insert the select bay hard drive on Windows running state as same as stand alone configuration. Hot reconfiguration is supported –Customer can change the configuration status from/to stand alone to/from RAID-1 mutually by using RAID utility on Windows. Easy access to RAID status icon on task tray –Easy to open the RAID utility and to check/change the status of RAID configuration. Alarm by buzzer and pop up message –The RAID system notify users by buzzer and pop up message when one of the two hard drives have trouble (hardware crush or one of two hard drives is extracted). * Optional second HDD and HDD adapter is required for Toshiba RAID support

20 September 200519/Tecra S3 Shock Protection Design Summary of features and benefits Shock protection through larger base, rounded and protruding corners Rubber protection surround LCD Rubber tabs encase the hard disk drive for increased cushion Rubber security encircles and protects the delicate inverter What is the Shock Protector? Toshiba Shock Protection Design delivers enhanced system component protection against notebook damage in instances of drop, collision and physical impact of the notebook. The concept offers specialised features to withstand the physical trials of travelling, while also protecting against accidents.

21 September 200520/Tecra S3 Spill-resistant Keyboard What is the Spill-resistant Keyboard? Prevents system damage from accidental spills onto the keyboard Spill-resistant Keyboard - A layer of bending insulation beneath the keyboard holder to cover areas that would otherwise be exposed. What is the benefit? The Spill-resistant Keyboard gives users enough time to save their data and shut down their notebook in the event of an accidental spill. This allows them to save valuable data as well as ensure that the liquid is not contacting running components. KB Cover Insulator Tape Two-sided Tape Front Back Will not work when water is spilt. w/o Spill-resistant Keyboard with Spill-resistant keyboard Will work when water is spilt.

22 September 200521/Tecra S3 HDD Protection (3-axis) Toshiba system board with accelerometer sensor Unload head from HDD disks Improvement durability of HDD What is the benefit? The unique combination of Toshiba cutting-edge 3D accelerometer and HDD Protection offers an enhanced impact protection solution compared to systems without these features. The 3D monitoring capability accurately filters out minor tilt movements and detects sudden vibrations to unload the HDD head before impact. What is the HDD Protection? Prevents HDD from being damaged from shock or vibration (full 3-axis motion monitoring):

23 September 200522/Tecra S3 Durable Design What is Durable Design? Toshiba’s R&D, manufacturing and service activities are geared to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our principal design criteria for new products are maximum product quality, reliability and durability. What has been tested? Electronic shock test Keyboard endurance and pressure test HDD shock and vibration test System vibration test Hinge open/close endurance test Display open/shut durability test Drop test Pin-point pressure test What is the benefit? The durable but stylish design delivers reliability even for heavy duty use while on the move.

24 September 200523/Tecra S3 Mobility and performance Weighing from just 2.85 kg Choice between 15.0” XGA and SXGA+ TFT display Toshiba Dual Pointing Device Extra-wide palm rest Software stability for all configurations throughout the life-cycle Common docking to streamline the IT infrastructure Common Ultra-slim SelectBay to ensure cross-platform compatibility for greater flexibility Integrated Wireless LAN and Bluetooth™ capabilities to offer maximum mobility and increased efficiency Easy upgrade routes meet all future needs The Tecra S3 is designed for top-end desktop replacement performance with added benefit of mobility.

25 September 200524/Tecra S3 Mobility and performance Best all-round mobile performance Thanks to the latest Intel ® Centrino™ Mobile Technology including –Intel ® Pentium ® M processors, (up to 533 MHz FrontSide Bus and supporting Execute Disable Bit) –Mobile Intel ® 915PM Express chipset. (up to 533 MHz Front Side Bus and Intel® Display Power Saving Technology) –Intel ® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (supports latest IEEE standard and new optional PROSet/Wireless software v.9.0 with improved GUI for simplified WLAN capabilities) The new Intel ® Centrino™ mobile technology features PCI Express technology which doubles data transfer rates and improves graphics performance.

26 September 200525/Tecra S3 Mobility and performance Displays for large viewing with stunning 3D graphics 15" 15" XGA TFT display with 1,024 x 768 and SXGA+ TFT display with 1,400 x 1,050 resolution for large viewing and working area in a thin and stylish design Enjoy the stunning 3D graphics performance of the latest NVIDIA ® GeForce™ 6600 with 128 MB Video RAM supporting PCI Express bus architecture

27 September 200526/Tecra S3 Powerful, versatile mobile computing 512 MB DDR2 system memory, expandable to 2.048 MB, technology DDR2 RAM: –DDR2 is the next-generation evolution of DDR memory technology. –DDR2 memory features faster speeds, higher data bandwidths, lower power consumption and enhanced thermal performance. Primary 80 GB hard disk drive, 5,400 rpm, Serial ATA –Serial ATA is an evolutionary replacement for the Parallel ATA physical storage interface –Users of the Serial ATA interface benefit from greater speed, simpler upgradeable storage devices and easier configuration.

28 September 200527/Tecra S3 Easy to deploy and manage fully scalable corporate platform Reduces the cost of evaluating, deploying and training users on new models with consistent software images and long lifecycles Backwards-compatibility is assured by common options such as Advanced PortReplicator III Plus and Ultra-slim SelectBay modules for enhanced expandability and ease of use Fully compliant with EU directives for environmentally-friendly electronic equipment (RoHS / WEEE) No parts used by Tecra S3 contain six kinds of toxic substances* such as AC adaptor, cables and battery * Six substances which RoHS compliance have forbidden are Cadmium, Hexavalent chromium, Lead, Mercury, and PBBs (Polybromobiphenyls) and PBDEs(Polybromodiphenylethers).

29 September 200528/Tecra S3 Easy to deploy and manage Reduce the cost of evaluating, deploying and training users on new models with the consistent software image and long lifecycles Backwards compatible common docking available with the optional Advanced Port Replicator III RGBDVIParallelSerialModem/LAN 1394 PS/2USB DC-IN Line in/out Great Versatility Full APR-III docking support offers a wide range of interfaces for using peripherals and digital devices. The ARP III enables users to step back into the office and immediately adjust back to their office environment; this enables consistent and ……. uncompromised mobile working.

30 September 200529/Tecra S3 Easy to deploy and manage DVD-ROM drive The Ultra-slim SelectBay is a single drive bay that can accommodate modules such as: DVD±R/±RW drive DVD Multi drive (DVD-R/-RW, DVD-RAM) DVD Super Multi drive (DVD±R/±RW, DVD-RAM) DVD Super Multi drive (Double Layer) HDD adapter with HDD Kit

31 September 200530/Tecra S3 Easy to deploy and manage Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional with standards-based security, manageability and reliability Microsoft ® Office OneNote* 2003™ for quick and easy note-taking and organisation –Makes it easier to take notes and organize vital information. –Enables teams to manage, prioritize, and manipulate information more effectively. –Enables teams to maximise input from meetings and discussions by sharing information more effectively *Microsoft® Office OneNote™ 2003 is not available in all countries. For further information contact your Toshiba Authorised Reseller.

32 September 200531/Tecra S3 Easy expansion 3 USB 2.0 ports ExpressCard™ slot for future- proof PC Card support PC Card slot for 1 Type II card SD™ Card media slot i.LINK ® (IEEE1394) Monitor (RGB) port TV-out (S-Video) port Serial port Parallel port

33 September 200532/Tecra S3 A choice of 5 ways to connect Built-in dual-mode Wireless LAN 802.11b/g Fast InfraRed port Internal international V.90 modem (V.92 ready) 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port Bluetooth™ V2.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) –The EDR technology has a data rate that is up to three (3) times faster than Bluetooth version 1.2. –Backward compatible to standard rate mode

34 September 200533/Tecra S3 Toshiba Power Saver utility This indicator shows of your PC performance standard, battery life optimized or performance optimized. The bar changes in corporation with your choice of the settings, Screen Brightness, CPU speed, Monitor Power, etc. This utility help you in configuration of your suitable PC performance in corporation with your business style

35 September 200534/Tecra S3 Features summary Zoom IN and OUT instantly Fn+1 to make fonts smaller Fn+2 to make fonts bigger Work for below applications Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Office Windows Media Player Adobe Reader Icons on the desktop Toshiba Zooming utility Enlarge the text of explorer, Word, or Excel sheet instantly for easier viewing. The Toshiba Zooming utility allows you zoom in and zoom out of applications as well as the icons for Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Microsoft® Office, Windows® Media Player™, and Adobe® Reader.

36 September 200535/Tecra S3 Toshiba Presentation button Presentations made simple - Touch’and’Present - Ideal for mobile road warriors - Programmable “One-Touch” switching from “Single Display (LCD only) with Single Image” to “Dual Display (LCD and CRT) with Single Image”. - Programmable options Single image on Dual Display Ext. display resolution of 1,600x1,200, 1,280x1024, 1,024x768 or 800x600 Dual image on Dual Display Ext. display resolution the same as the notebook Single Display w/ Single Image (NB LCD only) Dual Display w/ Single Image (NB LCD & Ext. CRT) Toshiba Presentation Button Fn+F5 Toggle Menu vs

37 September 200536/Tecra S3 Intel ® High Definition Audio TECRA S3 have 2-channel audio codec compatible with the Intel ® High Definition (HD) Audio Interface. –This codec provides Stereo 24-bit resolution with sample rates up to 96kHz. It is able to play back at higher audio format than previous system(AC’97). –if 24 bit / 96kHz sound source played… 2 4 =16 times accuracy of sound volume than AC’97. 2 times range of possibility playback frequency than AC’97. 24 bit up to 96 KHz

38 September 200537/Tecra S3 External Primary Monitor New Extended desktop selection. On single or clone mode, user can switch to extended desktop by Fn-F5 utility. Primary, secondary selection. In addition, on extended desktop mode, user can exchange primary and secondary. Advantage –User can use External Monitor as Primary in multi monitor usage User scenario –Main screen is external monitor such as CRT or DVI –Taskbar or application start on external monitor in multi monitor mode How to change external monitor as primary –With simple operation, user can switch to multi monitor mode: New Hotkey utility (Fn+F5) or NVIDIA utility Multi monitor LCD: Primary Single LCD etc Multi monitor CRT/TFT: Primary

39 September 200538/Tecra S3 Basic specifications: Tecra S3 ModelTecra S3-129Tecra S3-130 Execute Disable Bit (XD-Bit), Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Fingerprint Reader, Fingerprint Reader Single Sign On, Device Lock, Password Utilities, Antivirus Software, Toshiba RAID, Spill-resistant Keyboard, Shock Protection Design, HDD Protection, Anti-theft Protection Timer, Data Backup, Easy Fix Components, Durable Design, PC Diagnostics, Kensington Lock, Toshiba ConfigFree™, Toshiba Summit, Diversity Antenna, Wireless LAN Switch Processor/TechnologyIntel® Centrino™ mobile technology including Intel® Pentium® M processor 750 (1.86 GHz, 533 MHz Front Side Bus, 2 MB 2nd level cache), Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection and Mobile Intel® 915 PM Express chipset Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology including Intel® Pentium® M processor 760 (2.00 GHz, 533 MHz Front Side Bus, 2 MB 2nd level cache), Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG network connection and Mobile Intel® 915 PM Express chipset Operating systemMicrosoft Windows XP Professional Display15.0" XGA TFT display, resolution 1,024 x 76815.0" SXGA+ TFT display, resolution 1,400 x 1,050 Hard disk80 GB (5,400 rpm), Serial ATA System memory512 MB, maximum expandability: 2,048, technology: DDR RAM Optical deviceUltra-slim SelectBay DVD Super Multi (Double Layer) drive Graphics adapterNVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 6600, 128 MB Video RAM, 16x PCI Express Pointing deviceToshiba Dual Pointing Device consists of integrated AccuPoint™ II and Touch Pad Wired communicationGigabit Ethernet LAN, international V.90 modem (V.92 ready) Wireless communicationWireless LAN (802.11b/g), Bluetooth™ 2.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), Fast InfraRed Sound systemToshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System, built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone, volume dial InterfacesDC-in, headphone, external monitor, expansion bus connector, RJ-11, RJ-45, SD™ Card slot, 3 x USB 2.0, i.LINK® (IEEE1394), SD™ Card slot, TV-out (s-video), parallel, serial ExpansionConnection to Advanced Port Replicator III (optional), Express Card™ slot, PC Card slot for 1x Type II card, 2 memory slots BatteryTechnology: lithium-ion, maximum life up to 3:12 hours (Mobile Mark™) Bundled softwareMicrosoft® Office OneNote™ 2003, online user and modem manual, Management Console, Bluetooth™ Service Center, Toshiba ConfigFree™, Connectivity Doctor, Sonic™ Record Now!, WinDVD, InterVideo® WinDVD Creator 2 Platinum, Norton Internet Security™ 2005 (includes free Internet updates for 90 days), Toshiba utilities and drivers, Toshiba RAID utility Bundled hardwareAC adapter Special featuresSM BIOS compliant, common docking and options with other Toshiba notebooks, Toshiba Enhanced SpeedStep, Toshiba Power Saver utility, Toshiba Presentation button, Toshiba Assist button, Toshiba Zooming utility, fully compliant with EU directives for environmentally-friendly electronic equipment (RoHS / WEEE) Toshiba EasyGuardExecute Disable Bit Protection (XD-Bit), Data Backup, Durable Design, Kensington Lock, Diversity Antenna, Toshiba ConfigFree™, PC Diagnostics, Easy Fix Components, Toshiba Summit, Wireless LAN Switch Physical dimensionsW x L x H: 338 x 280 x 29,7 (front) / 37,85 (back) mm, weight: 2,85 kg Warranty3-year international warranty. Upgrade your standard warranty with Toshiba warranty extension and uplift packs. Contact your nearest Toshiba Authorised Reseller for details.

40 September 200539/Tecra S3 Options & Services: Tecra S3 Basic options Tecra S3PA number Power AC Adapter PA3377E-2ACA Battery PA3356U-3BRS High Capacity Battery PA3357U-2BRL Expansion 512 MB USB MemoryPX1161E-1M51 Drives 80 GB HDD Kit (Serial-ATA)PA3407U-2H80 Ultra-slim SelectBay HDD AdaptorPA3408U-2ETC Connectivity Advanced Port Replicator IIIPA3474E-1PRP USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (Ethernet) PX1173E-1PRP Carry Cases Leather CasePX1186E-1NCA Desk-based USB Retractable Travel MousePX1096E-1NAC Services International Warranty Extensions EMEA On-site Repair, Next Business Day Response Service Contact Dealer

41 September 200540/Tecra S3 "With the launch of EasyGuard, Toshiba continues to demonstrate its ability to meet the increasingly demanding needs and requirements of business," said Andrew Brown, program manager, European Mobile Computing and Mobile Devices, IDC. "Through significant R&D investment in innovative, new "beyond the box" technologies, Toshiba is providing professionals with a differentiated offering that reduces downtime, improves security and offers central management tools to help significantly lower TCO and increase ROI for IT decision makers.„ “Tools such as Toshiba EasyGuard represent the first serious steps in addressing business market needs for stability and over the air (OTA) management of notebook systems.“ Personal Computing in Western Europe, Forecast and Analysis, 2005-2009, IDC "Toshiba has undoubtedly some highly innovative mobility solutions, which are very appropriate for small and large business users alike. Its recently launched EasyGuard solution is one such example.“ Personal Computing in Western Europe, Forecast and Analysis, 2005-2009, IDC


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