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S3/think.respect Webinar Series: 2014-2015 S3 Reports and Year 4 Application.

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1 S3/think.respect Webinar Series: 2014-2015 S3 Reports and Year 4 Application

2 In Lansing: Shawn Cannarile – S3 Project Coordinator Kim Kovalchick – Supervisor, CSH Unit Lauren Kazee – S3 Mental Health Consultant Nicole Kramer – MiPHY/MEGS+ technical assistance Bob Higgins – S3 Project Director Regionally / Coaches: Polly Brainerd – S3 Lead Coach Erica Kelley Amanda Mezuk Janie Colton Yolanda Urquhart-Williams Amanda Howison S3 Webinar Series: April 22, 2014 WELCOME! Webinar Participation Reminders: Phone on mute (either phone feature or *6) Do not put on hold Cell phones on silent If you have a question, options are: “Raise Hand” by clicking from toolbar Type question in Chat box Take phone off of mute temporarily and let us know what’s on your mind!

3 S3 Webinar Series: April 22, 2014 Welcome “2013-14 Reports and 2014-15 Application,” Facilitated by Polly Brainerd and Nicole Kramer - Michigan Department of Education Announcements Discussion / General Q & A April 2014 Agenda

4 Overview New requirement for Sustainability Plan documents to be attached to Term 1 or Term 2 Reports Review last year’s power point and guidance on completing reports on the April 11, 2013 webinar: S3 website- Guidance for the application will be emailed and posted on the school climate page

5 Overview The Term 1 Report consists of two parts: Part 1:Grant and CSHP Evaluation Indicators Part 2: Year 3 Term 1 Work Plan Progress Report and Evaluation Time Period Covered: October 1, 2013-June 30, 2014 Due: July 31, 2014


7 Overall points to remember MDE will be checking status of MiPHY surveying for the 2013- 14 school year. Continuation funding is contingent on yearly MiPHY surveying and reporting bullying incident data. The Year 3 Term 1 Report, Year 3 Term 2 Final Report, and Year 4 Continuation Application are all separate. Each report has different due dates and has different submission requirements. Please refer to the S3 Reporting and Meeting dates documents for official dates.

8 Overall points to remember A Final Expenditure Report (related to your entire Year 3 budget) is required at the end of Year 3 (November 29, 2014). For every intervention you intend to seek funding for in your Year 4 application, you must upload as an attachment a completed 2013-14 Sustainability Plan. Only those interventions supported by a completed 2013-14 Sustainability Plan will be considered for funding in Year 4.

9 Sustainability Plan

10 Directions for uploading Sustainability Plan into your report At the Attachments section in MEGS+ add your sustainability plan documents Make sure to title each attachment by intervention. Example: “Bully-Free Schools”



13 Year 4 Continuation Grant Application Important Dates: Funding cycle is October 1, 2014 – June 12, 2015 Grant application is due on August 22, 2014 Final Report is due June 12, 2015 FER is due August 11, 2015


15 Year 4 minimum grant requirements for funding As a requirement of funding, each funded S3 school will: Designate, at minimum, a.5 FTE staff member (called the S3 Building Liaison) to represent each grant funded school building. Work directly and meet regularly with the assigned regional coach via the designated staff member/building liaison to fulfill grant requirements. Implement the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY) student survey during the 2014-15 school-year. Implement the Michigan School Climate Assessment Instrument (MiSCAI) during the 2014-15 school- year.

16 Collect and report the number of incidents of student bullying that have occurred on school property or at a school-sponsored activity during the 2014-15 school year for your S3 Funded building. Send a team to the S3 Crucial Conversations Training/Conference in October Building Liaisons attend MDE-sponsored Building Liaison meetings two times per year, winter and spring.

17 Develop an action plan based on the approved workplan (goals and activities) that includes strategies to be implemented to achieve a systemic change within the building. This action plan must be submitted by November 4, 2014. A Coordinated School Health (CSH) representative continues to participate on the School Improvement Team. Preferably, your CSH team and SIT meet together. Include a meaningful school health and/or climate goal and how it enhances student achievement into the building school improvement plan.

18 Only those programmatic intervention(s) from the approved intervention list, supported by successful outcomes, and described in a Sustainability Plan in your Year 3 Term 1 or Term 2 Reports with be considered for funding. Participate in a site visit with the MDE team once during the school year. Principal and/or superintendent participation is expected. Provide a 10% hard or soft funding match to be reflected in the budget

19 Note: New cap on student incentives. Up to $4,000 for student incentives for schools receiving $140,400, $3,000 for schools receiving $120,400 and $2,000 for schools receiving $100,400(outlined in Safe and Supportive Schools Grant in the 2014-15 Guidance for Student Incentives document) New Student Incentives Cap

20 Year 4 Application Requirements 1.Building Contact page 2.Needs Assessment section 3.Capacity section 4.Workplan consisting of three goals (one process and two outcome goals). 5.Budget 6.Assurances and Certifications

21 2. Needs Assessment section – MiPHY student survey (year surveyed and overall building percentage of students). The year should be 2014 MiPHY. A) % of students who had a least one drink of alcohol in the last 30 days. This comes from the building 2014 Alcohol Report. B) % of students who have been bullied on school property in the past 12 months. This comes from the building 2014 Violence Report. – Incident data - number of suspensions for violent incidents without physical injury. MDE will provide the data for this section. We will provide it to you as soon as it is available to us. You will need to put a place holder in the box if it is not available to you by August 22 nd.

22 – Brief narrative – Using your data (e.g., BFS, MiPHY, MiPS3 score, building level data, etc.) describe your needs related to improving the conditions for learning in your building and how these needs will be met through your S3 goals. (4,000 characters) This section should illustrate rationale as to how your team developed goals and selected programmatic interventions.

23 3. Capacity section This section requires information on the following: – Year 4 Staffing plan (2,000 characters total) Describe the role, responsibilities and time commitment of any staff member funded through the S3 grant. Attach resumes and position descriptions of any new S3 funded staff members for 2014-15. Status of Coordinated School Health Team and plans for the year (2,000 characters ).

24 4. Workplan: Outcome goal requirements 1.Goal # 2.Type of change expected (state whether an increase or decrease will occur and then describe the specific change that will take place.) 3.Percentage of change expected 4.When change is expected 5.Estimated numbers to be served by target populations (high school students, teachers, support staff, administrative staff, parents, other) 6.Justification for each goal (1,000 characters)

25 4. Workplan: Outcome goal requirements, Cont. 7. Activities – include up to five activities, describe each (1,000 characters) a.Program Intervention b.Person Responsible c.Timeline d.Evaluation plan e.Itemized costs (description and cost of each item related to this activity). Remember, the itemized costs in this section must match up with your budget detail New this year: for each activity, include a statement of how your CSH team intends to plan for sustainability.

26 Safe and Supportive Schools Grant Programmatic Interventions Coordinated School Health Eliminating Barriers for Learning Parent Engagement SMY training Bully Free Schools Restorative Justice Michigan Model

27 4. Workplan: Process goal requirements 1.Goal # 2.Process goal (1,000 characters) 3.Justification for the goal (1,000 characters) 4.Activities – include up to five activities, describe each (1,000 characters) a.Program Intervention b.Person Responsible c.Timeline d.Evaluation plan e.Itemized costs (description and cost of each item related to this activity).

28 Include in the process goal for your CSH team, a statement on the plan for sustaining the CSH team and their mission

29 5. Budget All costs should be included with the most detail possible. For this funding, there is a 2% administration cap. – Appendix A for Allowable Expenditures Document – Appendix B for S3 Grant Allowable Function Codes.

30 Other Points to Remember MDE will be verifying status of MiPHY surveying for the 2014-15 school year. Funding is contingent on yearly MiPHY surveying. One required report is due on June 12, 2015 A Final Expenditure Report (related to your entire Year 4 budget) is required at the end of Year 4 (August 11, 2015).

31 Outcome Goal and Process Goal Workplan Samples (Appendix C)

32 Announcement Time / General Q&A Important Dates: Bullying Incident is due to Polly via email by June 13, 2014 Year 3 Amendment final acceptance date in MEGS+ is August 15, 2014 Year 3, Term 1 Report due July 31, 2014 Year 4 Application due August 22, 2014 Year 3, Term 2 Report due November 29, 2014 Year 3 Final Expenditure Report due November 29, 2014 *Reminder for Building Liaisons: The MiPHY and MiSCAI are required surveys. Please make sure you schedule time to complete these and contact your Coach for direction. The 2014-15 survey cycle closes on May 15, 2015. S3 Webinar Series: April 22, 2014 Movie shots: “Freedom Writers” (2007).

33 Neutral Zone will be meeting at lunch on May 6 th at the conference with the schools interested in getting more information about attending the Cohort C Summer Institute. Complete the application and return it to NZ by May 15 th.

34 Save the Date Crucial Conversations Training October 20 and 21 st or 23 rd and 24th Boyne Mountain

35 MDE School Climate

36 Thank you!

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