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Internet Power Systems i - SME - Business Platform.

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1 Internet Power Systems i - Tr@der SME - Business Platform

2 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Agenda 1.Current SME Solutions 2.Next Generation Business Systems 3.Why? - Cost Comparisons 4.Why? - SME Benefits 5.Why? - Trends Analysis 7.Next Generation Systems - Now 8.Conclusions Appendices : Case Studies 6.How will it happen?

3 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Current SME Solutions (1) Server Based Solutions Local Networks / VPn for remote offices / staff SBS platform providing email, File Management, Diaries, Sharepoint services, Web portal Windows 2000, XP Externally hosted Web-site / Catalogues Anti Spam / Virus protection Broadband Internet Access

4 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Current SME Solutions (2) Typical Software Applications deployed Accounting (Sage / Quickbooks) Contact Management (Act / Goldmine) Email Marketing (Web or Local system) Email / Diary Systems (Exchange / Outlook clients) File Management (SBS / Sharepoint)

5 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 System Topology

6 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Current SME Solutions (3) Contact records Diaries Share documents Sales / Marketing Email Web presence All SME’s need to operate similar processes Purchasing Purchase Liabilities Sales invoicing Outstanding debtors VAT management

7 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Current SME Solutions (4) Islands of information Information entered more than once Limited remote access to office systems Simpler applications Constant upgrades & disruption Fairly Typical SME issues Complexity of IT anti Virus/Spam/Backups Dependency on IT providers knowledge Unknown IT Costs Stronger partner relationships

8 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Next Generation Business Systems 1.All business processes via one application 2.A single program loaded on the client PC 3.No software installations / remote support 4.Automated Backups and anti virus 6.Share information easily with Partners 5.Accessible securely from anywhere 7.Improved control over Email & Web use 8.No Capital investment, low monthly rental

9 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Next Generation Topology

10 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Next Generation Usage Server A Server B Server C Server D Customer (1) Internet Broadband Customer (2) Customer (3) Dedicated Server Shared Server R1 (1)R2 (1)

11 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Cost Comparisons Server / Client Systems Next Generation (10 User system, excluding PC’s, 3 remote)

12 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Costs - Server / Client Item Costs £ Equipment Server 2,500 Operating System and Licences 750 Backup Device 1,200 Remote Access VPn solution / Firewall 1,000 Power Backup 300 Anti Virus S/W 800 Labour (2 days server, 1 day exchange / diaries 2,900 client configuration, anti virus/spam, remote workers configuration) TOTALS 9,450 Monthly Support may vary but £350 for 1 day per month

13 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Costs - Next Generation Item Costs £ Equipment Server 0 Operating System and Licences 0 Backup Device 0 Remote Access VPn solution / Firewall 0 Power Backup 0 Anti Virus S/W 0 Labour (Set up and configuration of Users) 1,000 TOTALS 1,000 Monthly Licence Rental £200 per calendar month

14 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Costs Comparison Pre-requisites / Comments Application systems included in Next Generation example Training / Consultancy presumed similar in both cases No Provision for hardware failure costs in Server case Time for management of Server and Backups not costed All PC’s presumed in both cases to have Windows XP and other local software loaded

15 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 SME Benefits (1) Immediate blueprint processes for SME’s Easy to use (de-skilled), consistent applications Reduction in IT Spend and support costs Anytime / anywhere secure solution Pay as you go, no initial capital outlay Improved information availability for business partners/customers/suppliers Postage and paper administration cost savings Reliable data security through automated backup Zero disruption on upgrades and application support

16 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 SME Benefits (2) Consider three areas of Improvement :- Centralised Contact Management database, integrated with incoming and outgoing emails and Accounts. –Complete Contact correspondence filed under one contact record irrespective of sender / receiver –No duplication of data Accounts and Contact Management using the same data Email back under control –Email to business contacts only, private mail management –95% of Spam mail eradicated overnight, forever –Reduction in Virus problems emails with Virus’s are not delivered Customer / Supplier relationship lock-in

17 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Trends Analysis Take up of Broadband connectivity Flexible working Practices –Family Friendly –Remote Workers –Outsourcing, job sharing –Government Legislation conformation –Competition / efficiencies and cost reductions –Diminishing importance of Location Environmental - Reduced need to travel

18 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 How will it happen? Distribution (WASP’s) Ingredients –Understanding of the Internet –Already providing Services to SME’s –Looking for Added value Sales Opportunities –Low cost base / recurring revenue model –Long term Supplier / Customer relationships –Looking for USP’s

19 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 How will it happen? Revenue opportunities –Business Process consultancy (£350-£700) per day –Project Management –Training –System Configuration / Set-up –On-Going customer support e.g. New User set-up / desktops / look and feel –Web Site builds –Catalogue builds –Recurring Software rental revenues

20 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Next Generation Systems - Now i-Tr@der

21 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 i-Tr@der Business Tools Suite IPS Web Site Healthcare Web Site

22 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 i-Tr@der Business Tools Suite Desktop Collaborative Diaries

23 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 i-Tr@der Business Tools Suite iEmail Virtual File Server

24 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 i-Tr@der Catalogue Systems Products Online Catalogue Ordering

25 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 i-Tr@der Place Orders View Orders Sales and Marketing System

26 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 i-Tr@der Statement Invoice Invoices & Statements

27 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Next Generation Systems - Now Conclusions

28 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Conclusions (1) Next Generation Systems are :- More affordable Simpler to use More flexible More efficient Tightly Integrated / Single developer More secure, robust and reliable Environmentally friendly

29 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Conclusions (2) Next Generation i-Tr@der system is :- Desktop The operating environment for most system users CMS Contact Management System CMS-Campaign eMail marketing system within the CMS module i-Lab Label printing iEmail Integrated email exchange and user mailbox application VFS Virtual File Server i-PWS Personal workspaces i-Dia Collaborative Diary system i-Pab Collaborative / Personal address books i-Con Collaborative / Personal notes library i-QMS Quick Messaging system (Instant messages between system users) i-AMS Alerts, never forget to do something again! IMS Internet / Intranet Management System (Web-site / Extranet) i-Pos Purchase Order Processing i-Pos Ledger Purchase Ledger, Purchase payments, VAT i-Sop Sales Order Processing i-Sop Ledger Sales Ledger, Debtors management, VAT i-Gen General Ledger i-Pic Product Inventory Control (Stock Management) i-Cat e-commerce Catalogue(s) / Forms Ordering

30 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Conclusions (3) i-Tr@der Designed in 2001 for the Internet Mission Statement “To Simplify the use of computers in business and reduce IT costs”

31 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Appendices Case Studies

32 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 User Case Studies Promotional Merchandising Company Main operation (Southampton) Accounts (Dorset) Telemarketing (Cheshire) Remote worker (Sales Manager) Home Office (Business Owners) Marketing (Newbury) Suppliers (England) (China) (Turkey) (Bulgaria) (Sweden) Support (Watford) Internet Network Data Centre

33 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 User Case Studies Specialised Garment Manufacturer Main operation (Luton) Accounts (St. Albans) Customers (o2 235 Retail shops) (BCA 27 UK depots) (BCA 3 European) Home Office (Harefield) Suppliers (England) (Malta) (Italy) Support (Watford) Internet Network Data Centre

34 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 User Case Studies Westminster University (CCPD) Main operation (London) Accounts (London) Assessors, using costing / estimating for inclusion on student assessment (35 remote Consultants) Home Office (Kent) Student Info Head Office (6 Remote Trainers) Support (Watford) Internet Network Data Centre

35 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 User Case Studies Stag and Hen weekend operator Main operation (Sales, Borehamwood) Enquiry Form - Updates Contacts - Enquiry confirm - Sales email - Call back +4 days - Auto Assignment - Label for brochure Support (Watford) Internet Network Data Centre Web Site (Web driven business) Prospects Leads Enquiry follow up Brochure fulfilment Prospect Management

36 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 User Case Studies Healthcare Products Distributor Main operation (Skipton) Online Catalogue Customers (FS – 430 Homes) <<< Customer Retention >>> Suppliers (England) (Ireland) Support (Watford) Internet Network Data Centre

37 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 User Case Studies Clothing Manufacturer Main operation (Belfast) Mobile Usage (England) Customers (800) Care Homes (UK) Caterers (UK) Dentists (UK) Partners (Deliver Net) Factory (Romania) Support (Watford) Internet Network Data Centre

38 IPS-i-Tr@der-060426-Rev001 Contact Details Internet Power Systems Limited Contact: Chris Ogle email: Web: Telephone : 01923-234170

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