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2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.2 Introduction of the company Address: Čechova 1, 370 01 České Budějovice Logged on: april 2005 Phone/Fax.: 387 718.

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2 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.2 Introduction of the company Address: Čechova 1, 370 01 České Budějovice Logged on: april 2005 Phone/Fax.: 387 718 306 Contact person: Vít Rajnoch, Sales Director Mobile phone: +420 775 173 504 E-mail: Significant customers: Telefónica O2, ČSA, SIKO koupelny, KB, MAFRA, T-Mobile, 3M Česko, Generali insurance company

3 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.3 Introduction of the company ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o. Director Tomáš Kruppa ATODA Call CentreATODA TrainingATODA Consulting Sales Director Vít Rajnoch Operators SupervisorsTrainer Senior Consultant Tomáš Kruppa Senior Consultant PhDr. Alena Housková Call Centre Director Václav Kroneisl

4 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.4 Introduction of the company ATODA Call Centre

5 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.5 Call Centre Call centre type: externí Telemarketing: 90% active 10% pasive Number of places: 100 Portfolio: Active telemarketing –Active selling calls to existing customers –Active selling calls to potential customers –Delivery and coordination of salesmen dates with potential customers –Active market research Pasive telemarketing –Helplines for incoming calls –Orders receipting –Survey of customers content and needs ( also potential target group of customers survey)

6 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.6 People Our company places high emphasis on the right choose of people. Management Is made of people, which have practical experiences with function and direction of commercial call centres or with big companies call centres in CZ. Supervisors They are entirely people, who have experiences in similar position from another call centre, or got on their position from operator role after previous long-time prowesses. Operators Really hard chosen people and they are in preparation for their job and continuously skilled and re-skilled.

7 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.7 Power management Characteristics: -number of sells -service level -number of calls -calls lenght -calls quality Tools: -statistics -reports -calls listening -recordings of calls -supervising Processes: -feedback -couching -training - sales plan - motivational competitions - operating plan

8 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.8 Technology Recording: system NICE – total recording Our company uses Avaya company technologies for providing our services. Avaya is one of the world top in this sphere. Our installation in actual configuration can serves for up to 100 simultneously working operators, which can serves different calls regimes – inbound and outbound. IT world integration goes without saying. Integral part of our using world is evaluation system, what makes possible detail opening of each campaign and operator work. In IT world we use technology from one of the most significant supplier of personal computers and servers.The big advantage is extended guarantee for all compnents, high reliability of each IT item. Private branch exchange -AVAYA Definity -capacity for up to 100 simultaneously talking operators -IT world integration -detail reporting for up to each operator, campaign…level. IT -Lenovo platform -IBM 226 Series server -operators PC – IBM NV A50 -server services are backuped against power failure -automatic backup of customers databasis runs every day

9 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.9 Safety Network security Workstations without possibility of data copying on mobile media, without private e-mail possibility, without external arrangement attachment possibility Intern network not accessible from Internet Chartred access to the domain Antivirus protection Data safety Database is available for only authorized users Data backups, they are stocking outside workplace Servers are set in separate room Constituency data only in urban network

10 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.10 Introduction of the company ATODA Training

11 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.11 Training Training range: Soft skills Using training methods: Active participants involving(model situation excercise) Lector supply Using of video and audio technics Training sphere prewiev: Sale: -making sell calls -identification of needs, asking questions -decision stimulation of customer -interception the purchase signal -Customer psychology -cros-sell, up-sell Entertainment: -focus on the customer -making the call efective -winback -antichurn activity -solving reclamations -constituency acqusition Manager acquirements: -motivation, leading of people -time-management -řízení priorit -motivation and appreciation of employees -team and individual development -couching, feedback

12 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.12 Introduction of company ATODA Consulting

13 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.13 Consulting Consultation activity sphere: processes manpower bussinec marketing technologies education Utilizes examples: -set – processes optimalization -costs optimalization -staff choose -identification of development needs -set of efficiency standards -operation optimalization

14 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.14 Process of consultation activity 1.Analysis with the client study through available informations meeting with client interwiev with client person responsible 2.Processing analysis – projects of resolutions acquried information processing describing of client situation project of resolution, changes identification next process and priorities determination client adjustment with resolution project 3.Implementation of resolution project help client with implementation takeover responsibility of implementation 4.Measuring of implementation results

15 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.15 Reference

16 2009ATODA Telemarketing, spol. s r.o.16 Thank you for your attention

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