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Tidal Marketing - The Future of marketing? Michael Killeen - London April 2014.

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1 Tidal Marketing - The Future of marketing? Michael Killeen - London April 2014

2 © The Dialogue Network Movement getting people back to work RESULTS: Created brand from scratch 8,550 jobs created on shoe-string budget Winners of

3 © The Dialogue Network An Introduction

4 © The Dialogue Network Inbound Marketing

5 © The Dialogue Network People don’t trust businesses the way they used to Dialogue believe it no longer makes sense to spray advertising messages to the many in the hope of persuading the few. Perfectly crafted corporate message are on the decline. And in todays connected world our most trusted sources are family, friends, colleagues or influencers whose unbiased opinions we respect. Creative marketing content must be blindingly brilliant so that todays consumer will want to engage it and want to share it.

6 © The Dialogue Network Turning strangers into customers and promoters of your business Dialogue call this new offering ‘Tidal Marketing © ’. Tidal Marketing © leverages the best of Inbound and Outbound marketing to deliver authentic messaging that today’s consumers engage with across their preferred channels at just the right time they need it. Meshing Outbound Marketing (world class insight led advertising) with Inbound Marketing (cutting-edge CRM).

7 © The Dialogue Network Tidal Marketing © Tidal Marketing © helps you determine whether your marketing plan is aligned to deliver your companies overall business goals. We Audit marketing activities through the sales funnel from the brand story hook, through your lead generation conversion and sales closing process, right through to delivering an amazing first time customer experience that delivers a robust retention and advocacy program

8 © The Dialogue Network T idal Marketing© across the customer journey O

9 © The Dialogue Network Masters of the Connected World We create amazing creative outbound media (Social media, viral, Press, TV, Radio etc) to targeted audiences to raise their hands to engage them with highly relevant content at just the precise moment they need it. These communications are based on insights and facts rather then a gut feeling. As customers gain more power over business via social media, their expectations keep rising and their tolerance keeps decreasing. CRM skills are leveraged to surprise and delight new customers from day one to become your most effective ambassadors. We can now build deep relationships with customers for life by tailoring experiences for each situation and anticipated need.

10 © The Dialogue Network Creative ambition Todays creative challenge is to create communications that humans engage with and robots allow access to. We create impactful and engaging work that consumers love and want to talk about. We are fully competent in the connected world and understand the challenges of firewalls and technical hurdles. The genesis of our work comes from a simple, fast and cooperative planning process we called ?whatif! It involves both client and agency working together to create growth based on understandable customer insights that come from places other agencies ignore.

11 © The Dialogue Network Content, copy writing & dynamic content Dialogues recent dynamic e-book had over 8,000+ downloads last week - Most in MII history with their average downloads approaching 250 per article.

12 © The Dialogue Network Leveraging technology with killer creative Tidal Marketing© clarifies the ATL / BTL confusion. Technology companies have slammed all forms of outbound marketing in order to drive sales of their CRM platforms. Dialogue blend both inbound and outbound seamlessly. Outbound feeds the funnel and inbound simply massages these leads into sales and create the most powerful sales ambassadors for your brand.

13 © The Dialogue Network Inbound samples

14 © The Dialogue Network Masters of the Connected World We are Inbound and Outbound Marketing’ practitioners offering Strategic planning, engaging outbound creative, customised content with CRM platforms and full ROI analysis. We are Hubspot’s (founders of the global Inbound Marketing movement) agency partner in Ireland.

15 © The Dialogue Network Telefonica: O2 Trigger Marketing

16 © The Dialogue Network Dialogue deeply embedded with O2 on their Lifecycle Marketing Communications project. Work with internal O2 stakeholders creating briefs for each stage of the lifecycle and subsequently delivering content via SMS, Email, DM and outbound calling Telefonica: O2 Trigger Marketing EDM Website Mobile/ SMS DM

17 © The Dialogue Network Telefonica: O2 Trigger Marketing

18 © The Dialogue Network Telefonica: O2 Trigger Marketing conversion rates by channel

19 © The Dialogue Network PARTY!

20 © The Dialogue Network Brief Scoping Planning Working together model Client & agencies: Identify challenges Develop creative brief Deliverables Costing Timings Updates Planning phase Client & agency uncover consumer insights and/or research (Qual/Quant) Dialogue working with other agencies/suppliers where necessary along the way

21 © The Dialogue Network Idea Generation Test & Tweak Presentation & Feedback Clues Hunches Creative Springboard Campaign Idea Test thinking and concepts past the target audience Assess/address feedback Present our ideas to you Feedback/discussion Tweak concepts Sign off Dialogue working with other agencies/suppliers where necessary along the way Working together model

22 © The Dialogue Network ProductionTrack & Act Report, Analysis & Close Production commences QC checks during process campaign sign off KPIs monitored throughout at intervals Results are acted upon– strategy is tweaked to promote continued growth Full campaign report on results & KPIs. Recommendations & learnings to feed into next campaign Dialogue working with other agencies/suppliers where necessary along the way But it’s not always like this… Working together model

23 © The Dialogue Network Job request inAction!Delivery Project request. Urgent. Short lead time Assess requirements. Flag issues. What’s needed, where & when? Specifications sought. Creative development. Suppliers lined up Quality Control Delivery of project & checking of same. Working together model Strategic 30% Time Tactical 70% Time

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