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Alaska Smokejumper EMT Kit 2009 Alaska Smokejumper EMT Kit 2009.

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1 Alaska Smokejumper EMT Kit 2009 Alaska Smokejumper EMT Kit 2009

2 ALASKA Smokejumper EMT Kit Boxed Up The Alaska Smokejumpers EMT kits are 70lbs. Due to the remote areas that we end up in and possible 24 hr. transport times are kits are more extensive than most. We have MAST pants which are not utilized much anymore. These are in hope of keeping a patient viable for longer periods of time, and are also used as splinting tools for lower extremity injuries. These have a strict methodology and once used the lead EMT must stay with the patient. Often the doctors at the hospital don’t know how to correctly take MAST pants off. We have flow conserving nasal cannulas to extend oxygen tank time.

3 Contents after opening box. IV kit and Trauma bag (left) are unattached for quick access and use to the main bag.

4 Traced out leg and arm splints are utilized on the EMT boxes.

5 Large Portion of EMT Main Bag SKED (rolled as tight as possible) KED Situated so that it would be against the carriers back 1-O 2 Bottle minimum 2000 psi (varying size bottle, packed w/ cardboard top and bottom and bubble wrap) ALASKA SMOKEJUMPER IV AND DRUG KIT CONTENTS The kit is contained in a vacuum sealed plastic bag with the following information written on the outside of the bag: AK SMJ IV / Drug Kit Date packed Expiration date of medications Packed By: Contents of kit: 3 - 14 gauge catheters 3 - 16 gauge catheters 3 - 18 gauge catheters Instructions for Vicodin IV Instructions / flow charts 2 infusion sets 15 DPM 2 IV Starter Kits 6-10 2" sterile gauze 6-10 alcohol pads 6-10 iodine pads 1 roll transpore tape 10 Vicodin capsules 1 sharps container TOTAL KIT INCLUDES: 3 BAGS 1000 ml Lactated Ringer’s 1 ANA Kit A few pairs of gloves in a ziplock bag * Entire kit placed in EMT box with cardboard on bottom and bubble wrap spray paint outside of box and stencil in splints on box as well. Wrapped and strapped with tag on the outside.

6 IV KIT CONTENTS 3 - 14 GAUGE CATHETERS 3 - 16 GAUGE CATHETERS 3 - 18 GAUGE CATHETERS 2 - IV STARTER KITS 2 - IV ADMIN KIT 3 BAGS - IV FLUID (RINGERS LACTATE) 1 - SHARPS SHUTTLE 12 - TABLETS VICODIN 6 - ALCOHOL PADS 6 - IODINE PADS 6 - 2 X 2 GAUZE PADS 1 BAG GLOVES ANAPHYLAXIS SHOCK KIT: 1-Twinject Epipen (.3mg) 2 - Benedryl packets (50mg) 3 - Prednisone Pills (50mg) 1 - Instruction sheet

7 Main Bag –Back Side cont. IV & Drug Kit

8 Main Bag- Front Side

9 Main Bag – Back Side



12 ALASKA SMOKEJUMPER O2 KIT CONTENTS 1- Regulator: Test and package in bubble wrap. Sign and date package. 1- Blob Mask: Make sure mask is properly inflated. 1- Simple Face Mask 1- V Vac / Suction Tube w/catheters 02 Tubing Oropharangeal Airways (various sizes) Nasopharangeal Airways (various sizes) Surgilube (1 tube) BVM Bag Valve Mask: Test and assure all components are included. 1- Bulb Syringe 1- Bag Zip-lock with gloves. 1- Non-rebreather mask 1- Nasal Cannula (flow saver model) * Once kit is complete, tag, date and sign kit.

13 MAST pants for shock and splinting use.

14 Inside contents of main pocket of EMT bag..

15 – AK SMJ RUN SHEET First Aid Specialist at the scene? Yes/no **note; consider ordering additional Oxygen Initial Assessment and Care Time Level Of Consciousness Time A  Airway Cleared  Alert/Oriented B  Airway Used  Responds to Verbal Stimuli  Artificial Respirations  Responds to Pain Stimuli C  C.P.R. Initiated  Unresponsive to Any Stimuli  Bleeding Controlled Primary Care and Support Time Other Care Time  O2 Rate_______L. /min.  Splints? Traction  IV Rate_______ ML/Hr.  MAST Pants  Neck/Spine Immobilization  Vicodin_____ # of Tablets  Other_________________  Other:___________ Remarks:____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Vital Sign (Indicate Rate and Describe Character of Signs in Remarks Below) Time (Every 5-15min.)_______/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______ Pulse_____________________/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______ Respirations_______________/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______ Blood Pressure_____________/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______/_______ Normal B.P._______ Pupils: equal unequal constricted dilated Remarks:____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Patient Information: Date________ Time________ (Injury occurred/illness reported) Patient Name____________________________________(Do Not report over radio) Age_____ yrs. Sex___ Weight_____ lbs. Cause of Injury________________________ Symptom or Complaint___________________________________________________ Allergies________________________ Patient Physician________________________ Medical History________________________ Routine Medication________________ Communications Link: M.D./Nurse Contacted___________ Time Established_____ hrs. Medical Orders Requested________________________________________________ Medical Orders Received_________________________________________________ Phone Numbers AFS 800-258-7706 AK SMJ Ops 800-237-3658 Galena 800-237-3644 Ft. Yukon 800-478-2476 Palmer 907-745-7565 McGrath 907-524-3366 Dr. Robinette 907-451-6142 Fbks Mem Hosp 907-458-5556 AK St. Troopers 907-451-5333/5100 Disposition of Patient Type of Demob ______________________________________ Time of Demob _____Hrs Receiving Hospital/MD________________ Phone________ Administration Medic P.I.C._______________________ SMJ P.I.C.___________________________ Scribe_____________________________ Date/Time Form Initiated_______________

16 Practice Jump EMT Kit. Contains all of the same components as the plane kit with the exception of the KED/SKED. These are replaced with the traditional backboard/Spider straps. This is due to the proximity of jump spots to the road system as well as ease and comfort.

17 Hopefully this gives insight into our kits in Alaska. I encourage you and all your personnel to go through one of our kits upon arriving for a boost in AK. The EMT Coordinator or any EMT will be more than happy to go through one of our kits with anyone interested. If you have any additional questions please call. (907) 356-5549 Thanks, Tony Marchini Alaska Smokejumpers EMT Coordinator

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