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1 Our network story Presented to: Company name: Presented by: Date:

2 A better network faster. smarter. stronger 4G is transforming the way people do business Data usage is rising sky high We’re building a better network Putting customers front and centre Listening and acting quickly Building the foundations for a Digital Britain 4G wifi 3G 2G fixed

3 We’re proud of our network and committed to making sure that it delivers for our customers Experience and expertise Proven track record carrying 120m calls and 140m texts per day A network collaboration with Vodafone Part of the global Telefónica family across 25 countries Continued investment Over the last few years we’ve invested over £1 billion in our network We spend £1.5 million a day Focusing on areas that are important to you Delivering innovation O2 Wifi – growing by an average 100,000 customers every week, now at 10 million registered users. During 2013 increased the number of Wifi locations by over 50% to around 10,000 4G launched in August 2013 and we’ve rolled out to 15 major cities and over 163 towns – reaching 32% of the population Honesty and transparency We are open about network speeds and coverage Our award winning online tools let you check coverage and see any unexpected network issues or planned work

4 Our customers rely on us to keep them connected whatever the situation. But that’s just the day job….

5 4G is transforming the way people do business Our fastest network roll out ever Live in 15 cities and over 163 towns Coverage: 19m people. 32% UK population (indoor) Enabling better business Businesses are embracing Pop Up Office 4G is enabling cloud services for smart devices, unified comms, video based applications, remote expert scenarios…4G is enabling cloud services for smart devices, unified comms, video based applications, remote expert scenarios…

6 4G Roll Out – Cities (pop over 250,000)

7 4G Roll Out – ( Towns with population c70,000-250,000) *Locations in red are latest information

8 60% rise in data over the last year Our customers are using more and more data for a growing variety of apps They’re moving quickly to new generation of tablets & smartphones And have greater access to high speed networks.

9 We’re currently undertaking one of the biggest infrastructure improvement projects in the UK - building the foundations for Digital Britain We’re completely modernising our 2G & 3G networks while rolling out a brand new 4G network - bringing data coverage to parts of the UK where we haven’t had it before We’ll bring coverage to 98% of the UK population whether 2G, 3G or 4G, before our regulatory requirement of 2017 We’re heavily investing £1.5m a day in our network to improve customer experience – more resilience, improved reliability, better call quality, faster download speeds and greater coverage We’re strengthening our seamless connectivity options: 10m wifi customers using 10,000 hotspots and growing We currently have 4G live in 16 cities and 163 towns and covering 19m people - 32% of the population (indoor) We’re building a better network for the UK faster. smarter. stronger Our network modernisation programme is a game changing activity that will benefit all of our customers

10 Customer experience is always our #1 consideration in everything we do We’re measuring the impact of our activity at a local postcode level We’re working on our network at different times of the day and night - when our customers will feel less impact We’re clustering our approach to Network rollout – moving across a city in ‘waves’ and doing it quickly with less disruption We’re streamlined our processes to condense the amount of time it takes us to swap out our street furniture We’re using remote optimisation antennae tilting software, that reduces the time it takes to optimise a site We’ve got our different vendors together for the first time ever, sharing ideas to improve overall experience We’ve made our customer communication processes more effective We’re refreshing our network training for all our customer facing teams We’ve upgraded our network app and internal network reporting tools

11 We’re making our network more resilient and increasing it’s reliability Over the last 2 years we have been working hard to modernise, while increasing the resilience and capacity of our Network We’ve simplified our architecture and pooled technologies to provide redundancy across our Network We are significantly increasing capacity and using more modern technology to carry customer voice and data from our radio masts back to the core of our network We’ve expanded the number of ‘paths’ that our networks can take to connect to the internet (a bit like doubling the amount of lanes of traffic) – which means more capacity and faster speeds for customers

12 Delivering innovation with Wifi and 4G are perfect partners A UK-wide Wifi network with over 9,000 locations and growing Over 10 million registered O2 Wifi users. We are the fastest growing wifi provider in the UK* From the moment our public wifi service was switched on in 2011, we’ve fully content-filtered our service at all venues Free of charge. For everyone. Doesn’t use data allowance One-off registration process, then automatic connection to any of O2 Wifi's thousands of venues. No username or password required Free access to O2 Wifi on London Underground for O2 customers Reliable, fast, free internet for everyone, nationwide * Over five million of those customers signed up in the last 12 months making O2 Wifi the fastest growing Wifi provider in the UK

13 Making special times even more special With our innovative new motorbikes and customer experience testing equipment we are getting into those ‘hard to reach’ parts of cities Super-sizing our super cells Sending the O2 COWs to enable connectivity at busy times & places Bringing ground-breaking world-class technology into Premier League Stadiums

14 We’re all eyes and ears Our network coverage map, apps & tools all work together, so we can use customer insight to identify & fix things quicker

15 But don’t just take our word for it… O2 is a multi award winning network WINNER

16 Our commitment to you We will always be open about coverage and network speeds We have robust processes in place to continually support you -The Service Experience Management Centre (SEMC) pro-actively monitor the customer experience using data feeds such as, Yammer, Twitter and Crowd Source (i.e. 24/7 -Network Management Centre – manages and monitors the network around the clock -We categorise incidents by their severity -Over 200 local engineers working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to keep our network running If things go wrong, we’ll do everything we can to get things up and running as quickly as we can

17 And remember, it’s not just about our mobile network It’s about a consistent network experience across voice and data – fixed and mobile 23 million customers on multiple voice and data networks in the UK We manage

18 Our Network Story Appendix

19 The Technology that keeps you connected… 2G (900 / 1800) GPRS EDGE 3G (2100 / 900) 3G HSDPA 4G (Data Only) Wifi VoiceData

20 A few examples to get you thinking Saving time and increasing productivity A small, family-run civil engineering firm specialises in the design of roads, roundabouts and junctions. Whilst on site, staff use 4G tablets to quickly access and download large files such as completed design and drawings for reference, and upload photos and videos. They are also able to send plans and drawings to the local highways and buildings authorities for liaison and approval while working on-site.

21 A few examples to get you thinking Getting closer to customers, improving service and driving productivity A supplier of specialised aircraft equipment has a single technical team to support its customers across the UK. When specialist help is required, the maintenance technician can set up a high-quality live video link via a 4G phone so that support staff can run diagnostics and suggest fixes. The 4G phone can be used in the confined spaces around the aircraft, showing the remote team exactly what they need to see.

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