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Unclassified Information Brief Officer Evaluation System PSC-opm-3.

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1 Unclassified Information Brief Officer Evaluation System PSC-opm-3

2 Unclassified Information Brief OPM-3 Staff / Responsibilities OES / OER Review Writing Hints Special and Derogatory OERs Reported-On Officer Options Board Feedback / Tips Resources Overview

3 Unclassified Information Brief Officer Evaluations Branch (opm-3) CDR Kevin Gavin Branch Chief LT Nick Worst Quality Reviewer LT Osvaldo Vera Quality Reviewer CWO3 Otto Argibay Quality Reviewer YN3 Devon McEwan Admin Reviewer Ms. Lubertha Moore Direct Access Mr. Leon Nedd Quality Reviewer

4 Unclassified Information Brief Opm-3 Responsibilities OES training Consultation (e.g., Special OERs) Review/process all active duty OERs Expedite OERs for Selection Boards / Post-Graduate Panel candidates Provide input for BCMR/PRRB applications

5 Unclassified Information Brief Officer Evaluation System Provides criteria for personnel management decisions –Promotions / Assignments / Career Development Establishes performance and character standards Marks deviating from “4” (including N/O) must be justified w/ comments –Above Standard (5, 6, & 7) –Standard (4) “High level of performance expected of all CG Officers” –Below Standard (3, 2, & 1) Prescribes organizational Core Values Provides performance feedback OER - most important document in an Officer’s record!

6 Unclassified Information Brief Rating Chain

7 Unclassified Information Brief Rating Chain Responsibilities Reported-On Officer Read PERSMAN – 10.A. Seeks guidance/feedback from Supervisor Use Officer Support Form (CG-5308) Required for O1 & O2 Prepares Sections 1 & 13; provides OER input to Supervisor (21 days prior to end of period) Seek Performance Feedback Reviews/signs prior to submission to OPM-3 Obtains copy of OER for personal files Supervisor Provides direction/expectations/feedback Evaluates performance Prepares Sections 2 through 6 Forwards OER to RO Initiates OER, if required

8 Unclassified Information Brief Rating Chain Responsibilities (cont’d.) Reporting Officer Evaluates overall performance Ensures Supervisor fulfilled role Completes page 3 Provides “Comparison Scale” mark Addresses “Leadership Potential” Provides performance feedback Reviewer Ensures OER reflects reasonably consistent picture of performance Adds Comments and/or Comparison Scale, when req’d Conducts admin review Returns OER to ROO for review and signature. Forwards to OER Administrator; OER arrives at OPM-3 within 45 days of end of period.

9 Unclassified Information Brief Good leadership and timely OERs “Timely and accurate performance feedback is a core leadership responsibility that must remain a unit priority..…Reported-on Officers should not be surprised with the content of their OER…” (CG-1)

10 Timeliness of OERs 2010 58.6% 2009 60.8%

11 Unclassified Information Brief Submission Schedule 31Jan & 31Jul – LTJG* 31Mar – CDR 30Apr – CAPT, LCDR, CWO4 31May– LT 30Jun – CWO2 31Jul – CWO3 31Mar & 30Sep – ENS * LTJG’s in-zone for next Selection Board shall use 30Jun vice 31Jul

12 Unclassified Information Brief Occasion of Report Annual/Semi-Annual Detachment of ROO (Transfer) Change of RO Promotion (usually for CAPTs and CWO to LT) Concurrent (TDY for 60+ days) Special (Performance Change / NJP) Continuity Purposes Only (Retirement or W4s w/ one OER on file) Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) Promotion OERs are rare for O5 and below; seek guidance from OPM-3 Regular OERs Exception OERs

13 Unclassified Information Brief Forms OER CG-5310A (W2 – O2) CG-5310B (O3 – O4) CG-5310C (O5) CG-5310D (O6) Reviewer Comments CG-5315A (W2 – O2) CG-5315B (O3 – O4) CG-5315C (O5) CG-5315D (O6) Authorized versions of forms (Rev. 02/09)

14 Unclassified Information Brief Writing the OER (Section 1 and 2) NO WORDING IN FULL CAPITAL LETTERS Explain scope of duties & responsibility for resources (equipment, $$, personnel, etc.) List collateral duties (do not type “Collateral Duties”) As listed in Direct Access or PAL List personal awards (i.e., CG Commendation Medal dtd 17Jul10)

15 Unclassified Information Brief Description of Duties (Section 2)

16 Unclassified Information Brief Attachments Personal awards only (COMDT’s Letter of Commendation or higher) –USCG and other armed services –Certificate and Citation (with seal) are required –Signature date must be within OER period Punitive Letters of Censure Court Memoranda

17 Unclassified Information Brief Sample OER Comment Extremely vigilant bridge watch-stander; detected small, intermittent radar contact maneuvered ship to intercept posn prior to sunset; resulted in interdiction of 60 migrants onboard wooden sailboat & prevented potential of loss of life due to deteriorating weather conditions. How well it’s done / Concise accomplishment/ Demonstrated Impact

18 Unclassified Information Brief Sample Comment (Cont’d) How well it’s done/ Concise accomplishment/ Demonstrated Impact Meticulously planned for Tailored Annual Cutter Trng (TACT) drills; led training team in achieving rating of “Excellent” while executing three flawless GUNEXs; played integral part in unit earning CG “E” ribbon in navigation/seamanship for first time in 4+ yrs.

19 Unclassified Information Brief Excessive Abbreviations: “Spb plg/prp res 4 mtg all op msn reqmts; thrly plnd 2 FL sts, 1 WWP, 1 GANTSEC, & 1 JIATF-S ptl.” Confuses the reader. “Community-Specific Acronyms: “SCC, WWM, PSC, CFVS” – Will the Board members know what you’re trying to say? Restricted Comments: Ongoing investigative proceedings; non- selection by Board/Panel; PRRB/BCMR applications; medical or psychological conditions; religion; gender; color; race; ethnicity; first name; marital or family status. OER will be returned for corrections. Use of Personal Pronouns: He, she,...- Places unnecessary emphasis on gender. As a rule of thumb no more then 4-5 within entire OER. Repetitive use of same information White space Avoid...

20 Unclassified Information Brief Comparison Scale (Section 9)

21 Unclassified Information Brief Potential (Section 10 ) Mandatory Comments Ability to assume greater leadership roles and responsibilities Optional Comments (Highly Encouraged) Assignments Promotion recommendation Graduate & Senior Service Schools Special Skills RO comments

22 2010 OER Corrections Error Rates 2010: 36.4% 2009: 17.98% 2008 : 8.1% 2007 : 16.3% 2006 : 16.0% 2005 : 15.7% Common admin errors - Date Reported: 22% - Not Observed/Other: 10% - Missing attachments: 8% - Period of Rpt: 7%

23 Unclassified Information Brief Special OERs CG Persman 10-A-3(c)  Counts for Continuity  Does Not Count for Continuity Performance of 6+ months for Officers considered for Selection Boards/Panels, extensions or continuation Performance Notably Different NJP, Court-Martial, or Criminal Conviction Performance significantly different or previously unknown When Specifically Directed (i.e., Relief for Cause)  Counts for Continuity  Does Not Count for Continuity Contact OPM-3 before drafting

24 Unclassified Information Brief Derogatory OERs CG Persman 10-A-4(h) Defined As: –“1” in any Performance Dimension, or –“UNSAT” Comparison Scale Mark, or –Removal from Primary Duty Addendum Process –Supervisor/RO Signs OER; provides copy to ROO –ROO has 14 days to prepare addendum (statement) –Supervisor/RO endorse addendum; forward entire package to Reviewer for signature/processing.

25 Unclassified Information Brief ROO Options Prepare a “Reply” Express your view of performance which differs from rating chain; comments are performance–oriented; restricted comments policy remains in effect; submit to Supervisor within 21 days of receipt of validated OER; (Format in Chapter 10-A of CG Personnel Manual) Correction of Military Record Submit application to Personnel Record Review Board (PRRB) or Board for Correction of Military Records (BCMR) (Procedures in Chapter 14-B of CG Personnel Manual) The “Reply” is placed in permanent record w/ OER

26 Unclassified Information Brief What Boards/Panels Consider (CG PERSMAN 14.A.3.a) Performance Professionalism Leadership Education Commandant’s Guidance Board Precept OER CG-4082 w/ Official Transcripts Promotion Year CG PSC Memo to Board President

27 Unclassified Information Brief Selection Board/ Panel Feedback Comprehensive description of duties is critical Watch acronym use and clichés (“Hit the deck running.”) Don’t write “Concur with Supervisor” & fill in bubble Review COMDT’s Guidance prior to drafting an OER Reviewer Comments –Optional/Mandatory comments provide value and validity when documenting observed performance and/or conduct.

28 Unclassified Information Brief Follow through with projects and PG programs Do not be vague with recommendation “Comparison Scale” not consistent with “Potential” Emphasize attainment of qualifications and licences Specifics are better than superlatives Selection Board / Panel Feedback

29 Unclassified Information Brief OER Status in CG Portal Check Individual OER Status Goto “Business Intelligence ”

30 Unclassified Information Brief Check Personal OER Status  Click on “Personal View” Tab OER Status in CG Portal

31 Unclassified Information Brief OER Status in CG Portal Look under “compliance tab” OER Status (shows which OER is due)

32 Unclassified Information Brief Resources CG Persman Chapter 10.A. CG Persman Chapter 14 COMDT’S Guidance to Boards & Panels ALCGOFF 024/09 ALCGOFF 036/09 ALCGOFF 008/09 ALCGOFF 037/08 ALCOAST 092/08 ALCOAST 199/08 OER Digital Signature Guidance:  Change 41   New OER forms & Digital Signatures  2008 OES Review  2009 OER Submissions  Primary Duty Alignment & OERs  W4 Continuity OERs  Emailing OERs as.PDF fiels

33 Unclassified Information Brief Important Tips Maintain a personal OER file Update Record of Professional Development (CG-4082) before Promotion Boards. Advanced education at the top! When writing an OER, save an “unlocked” version before digitally signing Don’t delay submission Verify validated OERs in Direct Access: Home> Self Service> Employee> View > My Employee Review Review or request copy of permanent record:

34 Unclassified Information Brief OER Excerpts “ Showed disrespect and contempt toward senior in front of all hands by refusing to salute CO & storming off upon receiving award that was lower than what SNO expected.” “Inexplicably disappeared for long periods of time…” “OES responsibilities were not met, turned in 6 positive bullets of performance for 6 month period, readily recognized lack of performance when addressed.” “Good appearance in/out of uniform.” “…planned unit tour for local schools, included dressing in Antarctic penguin costume…” “…blatant disrespect for uniform standards by not having rank insignia on garrison cover and wearing ODU belt with trops uniform.” “On more than one occasion was found asleep by EO in various locations about unit.”

35 Unclassified Information Brief OPM-3 Contact Info Website: Email OER Questions: ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPM@USCG.MIL Email OERs (as PDF file): ARL-PF-CGPSC-OPMOER@USCG.MIL (202) 493-1652 / 1653 / 1654 / 1655/ 1621

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