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India & Wooden Construction 1 India & Wooden Houses Style of timbered architecture always approaches to those who wish to connect the life to the nature.

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2 India & Wooden Construction 1

3 India & Wooden Houses Style of timbered architecture always approaches to those who wish to connect the life to the nature. There is always something special about the wooden houses, it leaves a magic feeling in a soul & probably almost everyone dreams of a wooden house, where warmth and beauty of a tree is a nature part. Wood has been used by man as a construction material ever since he started to build a shelter for himself. India has witnessed wooden construction from the ancient times; it is 7 to 8 decades that Indians have been encouraging wooden construction. It is just that in the recent few decades because of the fast depleting Natural Forests has made wood scarce & expensive in India, thus giving Conventional – Concrete Jungles to flourish in India. If you go through the History of India, you can see that majority of our King’s & Maharaja’s have preferred the elegance of Wood Castles & Houses. It’s time for the Modern Community of India to adapt to the Wooden Houses & get the experience that our ancestors have enjoyed & benefited from. Kindly go through the history of Indian Wooden Houses & be assured and delete all apprehensions from your minds about the wooden construction in our Tropical Region. 2

4 Wonder why one should build a wooden house. The protection of the environment, the saving of energy has been gaining a more and more important role; therefore the demand for an environment in harmony with nature has been increasing. The modern, high quality manufacturing technology, based on ancient methods, but adapted to new demands, offers a healthy (eco) home even after many long decades, for many generations, when the beam house has received proper treatment. The beam house offers a man- friendly dwelling space, as the wood lives, breathes, the degree of humidity being always optimal and stable.. Due to the special structure of the wood substance, the moisture content and the oxygen level are balanced at the right level in the house. Wood interacts with the environment in a very special way. It has the ability to disinfect the air. It is also an ecologically friendly material that therefore does not cause any allergic reactions. The warm and sun-like color of wooden buildings creates a unique psychological ambiance which has a calming influence on the nervous system and has a good effect on health and well-being. People living in wooden houses are less prone to headaches, depression and stress. Not everyone can live in an ecologically clean environment, and therefore the opportunity to do so is increasingly vital for people in the modern world. It is clear that a wooden house is not just a building, but is a special world into which to invite friends and family. It should therefore bring joy and radiate a good, harmonious atmosphere. Due to the efficient isolation characteristic of wood, the dwelling space remains warm during winter and pleasantly refreshing during summer. 3

5 Wonder why one should build a wooden house. Contd… The main characteristics of wooden houses Fast execution, Long length of life, Simple and fast maintenance. The main benefits of wooden beam houses Inside the beam house, one’s general state of mind is totally different than in any other building. The interior atmosphere of the beam house radiates calmness with its warm colours and special atmosphere, relives stress, emits an incredibly pleasant perfume. Asthma and allergies are extremely rare in beam houses, as wood has no noxious emissions. Beam houses are extremely good isolators, therefore one can save a significant amount of heat- energy during winter, while during the summer one does need unhealthy air-conditioning. In beam houses there is no humidity retention, as wood is able to breathe. Beam houses are very appropriate for the using of modern, energy saving and totally eco- friendly heating systems (geothermal, solar collectors, etc.). The wood material is durable, there are many several hundred years old wooden buildings in the country. The walls of the beam houses need to be treated with the appropriate surface treatment substance only against UV rays and precipitation, which offers protection for five years even in the most extreme conditions. 4

6 5 Hey I am Wood – Ask me a few Questions about building a wooden house & I will answer you. Are houses made of Wood really habitable for decades & for every season? Yes of course! Wooden houses that are no serious homes is a widespread but unfounded prejudice. In fact, hundreds of wooden buildings survive from years and are just as durable as brick building. Do you think that I am a typically used for construction in colder countries? No, you are wrong. Wooden houses are not required to conform to the typical colder countries. Wooden houses, all those demands and realize in every style - even in urban areas, they can easily fit harmoniously in tropical conditions. Do I save energy? Yes I do! Wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating cold and heat. This means a saving a significant amount of energy when compared to stone, concrete and brick houses. As well as being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an excellent noise absorber, making wooden houses warm, relaxing and peaceful. Scientifically it has been proved that a Wooden House allows up to 80% energy savings.

7 Hey I am Wood – Ask me a few Questions about building a wooden house & I will answer you. Contd… Do you wonder how building a wooden house is considered as eco-friendly, when the manufactures are cutting trees for doing the same? Be assured – all of them take care to plant millions of new trees thus not hampering the ecology. The governments of the countries in where these manufacturers are placed take proper care thus abiding the manufacturer to plant trees in multiples of hundreds, when a single tree is cut by them. As such, wooden houses are not only environmentally friendly with regards to where they come from and how they get there, but what they do when built: wooden structures actively help the environment by absorbing and storing atmospheric CO2. How fast can you build a Wooden House? Hey, very fast indeed! When it comes to fast construction times, wooden houses are far superior to other construction methods. Building a house with 100m2 is completed in a few weeks - a turnkey basis. Am I safe during Earthquakes? Yes I am! Wooden structures provide an optimal balance between the weight and structure of the building structure. Therefore, wooden houses are much better designed to withstand stronger earthquakes without permanent deformation. For example, in Japan, a country with extremely high seismic risk, almost exclusively wooden houses are built. 6

8 Hey I am Wood – Ask me a few Questions about building a wooden house & I will answer you. Contd… Can I sustain Fire as per the International Fire Retardant time scale? Yes of course! I am in par with the International Fire Retardant time scale. The prejudice that wooden structures are particularly vulnerable to structural fires, now this is History, since the modern technologies take care of it and most of the companies have passed the tests at the International level & provide certificates to that effect. Am I suitable for building a house? Yes indeed! I am Energy Efficient & the most suitable for building an eco-friendly house. The wood material is characterized by a low thermal conductivity and has the best thermal insulation values ​​ of all natural materials. In a nutshell, this means for you. Savings of up to 80% of heating energy in your energy efficient house you are interested in energy-saving and environmentally friendly building solutions, you should also find out about the possibility of building a climate house. With your energy efficient house you can too - the environment will thank you and you will feel comfortable in your home. 7

9 Hey I am Wood – Ask me a few Questions about building a wooden house & I will answer you. Contd… Am I Costly? Yes I am Costly but I am Natural & Eco-Friendly If only the price, the wooden house is more expensive than a comparable building of masonry. This initial appearance is deceptive, however, you must not ignore the fact that you decide to choose a wooden house also committed to living sustainably, efficient and energy saving. The wooden house protects not only the environment but also your wallet in the long run because of its Eco-friendly natural nature. Because of the way these types of buildings are constructed and the careful planning of their construction, they are quick to build when compared to buildings made from materials such as stone or concrete. This fast build represents a significant saving of time & time is money. Don't worry, come to OxyGreen, we will help you build the Best Wooden House of your Dream… 8

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