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Welcome to. About Us Website : The Sawant Group of Industries is.

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1 Welcome to

2 About Us Website : E-mail :, The Sawant Group of Industries is one among the best Industries in this part of the Country with strong fundamentals and poised. The group of industries is exposed to myriad fields that include Precise Auto omponents, Sheet Metal, Springs & Welded Assemblies. A professionally managed organization by qualified & experienced staff as per ISO 9001:2008. Our quality analysts keep a strict eye on the entire process of production and take all the measures to minimize the cost in all the levels.

3 Certificate’s Website : E-mail :, ISO Certificate

4 Company Profile Website : E-mail :,

5 Company Profile Website : E-mail :,

6 Company Profile Website : E-mail :, Managing Partner02 No. Skilled Worker10 Nos. Semi Skilled Worker10 Nos. Security02 Nos. Supervisor03 Nos. Engineers02 Nos. Accountant02 Nos. Office Assistant01 No.

7 We are using following inspection instruments all are calibrated and Well maintained. Website : E-mail :, Sr. No.NameRangeLeast CountQuantity 1Vernier Caliper0 – 150 mm0.02 mm2 Nos. 2Vernier Height Gauge0 – 300 mm0.02 mm2 Nos. 3External Micrometer0 – 25 mm0.01 mm1 Nos. 4External Micrometer25 – 50 mm0.01 mm1 Nos. 5Surface Plate450 – 450 mm0.01 mm1 Nos. 6Plunger Dial0 – 0.8 mm0.001 mm2 Nos. 7Bore Gauge8 – 17 mm0.001 mm1 No. 8Bore Gauge18 – 35 mm0.001 mm1 No. Company Profile

8 List Of Our Customers Website : E-mail :,

9 Machines & Plant Details Website : E-mail :, Sr. No.Name Of MachineMake/ CapacityQuantity 1CNCACE Designers Jobber Bed Length 800mm, Turret Tooling, Travel-150mmX axis 200mmZ axis, Fanuc Controller. 2 No. 2Press M/CMANKOO 50 T2 No. 3Press M/CMANKOO 30 T2 No. 4Spring Machine Set Up (From 0.8 to 10mm Dia Spring) Hosa SPM Machine2 No. 5Troub MachineA - 252 No. 6Troub MachineA - 322 No. 7Drilling Machine2550 RPM1 No. 8Air Compressor1 No. 9Welding M/CCo22 No.

10 Our Workshop Website : E-mail :,

11 Our Products Website : E-mail :,

12 Our Products Website : E-mail :,

13 Our Products Website : E-mail :, 2D Drawing 3D Design

14 Our Products Website : E-mail :,

15 Registrations Website : E-mail :,

16 Achievements Website : E-mail :,

17 Achievements Website : E-mail :,

18 Get in touch with us E-mail :, Website :

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