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Community Rail Update Network Rail Local Authority Conference Birmingham 3.12.13 Neil Buxton General Manager ACoRP.

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1 Community Rail Update Network Rail Local Authority Conference Birmingham 3.12.13 Neil Buxton General Manager ACoRP


3 Consistent Growth

4 Outperforming National & Regional

5 Top Five (percentage growth) 1.Truro – Falmouth = +209% 2.Bristol - Severn Beach = +180.7% 3.Oxenholme – Windermere = +163.3% 4.Preston – Ormskirk = +155.3% 5.Exeter – Barnstaple = +151.1% Top Five (absolute growth) 1. Preston - Ormskirk 2. Manchester P – Northwich - Chester 3. Manchester V - Clitheroe 4. Bishop Auckland - Darlington 5. Exeter - Exmouth Careful How You Interpret Growth!

6 The Value of Community Rail A well-organised CRP can return £4.60 for every £1 invested Over 4,000 volunteers A contribution worth £27m to the rail industry Delivers many Government outputs in terms of social cohesion and community well-being Circumstances change, information is better and methodology improves DfT and ACoRP working on updates to both ‘Values…’ studies, together with a new CR-focussed passenger satisfaction survey Aim to have updated ‘Values…’ studies by early summer 2014 and the passenger survey by late summer 2014.

7 Delivering Non-Rail Outputs Access to work, education, training & health Encourages social cohesion Contributes to environmental improvements and reduction in CO2 Transport integration Contribution to growth eg: social enterprise and small business development Working with volunteers and offenders

8 New Franchises, New Opportunities DfT - asking potential franchisees to consider the community much more. ITTs - making clear that bids should include community rail and community rail partnerships. ScotRail ITT has already given a lead in this respect Requires bidders to show a substantial financial commitment to community rail and station adoption.

9 Scotland and Wales ACoRP already work in Wales and have recently been awarded a three-year funding package to help develop community rail in Scotland. The key consideration = “What do you want your community rail services and lines to deliver?” The key answer from CRPs = “We can – and do - deliver that!” CR is already helping people access jobs, training and health facilities – we need to ensure that these departments recognise this in their funding considerations.

10 Local Authorities It’s vital that local authorities remain involved in their CRPs, although we appreciate that times are currently very hard indeed. Community rail is all about partnership, so it’s better for you to continue to be involved, even if there’s little or no funding attached. It’s crucial for LEPs to become engaged with community rail and to understand what it can deliver. We are relying on local authorities to help us make that link.

11 EU Funding Accrington eco-station A project to build a new railway station using sustainable techniques and materials ACoRP water tower A project to demonstrate the conversion of a listed building using sustainable techniques and materials Citizen’s Rail A project to develop local and regional railways in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands by involving the community. Northern’s Community Ambassadors Scheme is part of this project

12 Project Successes Accrington eco-station BREEAM Excellence Award Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors North West Region - winner Sustainability Prize Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors UK - runner up Sustainability Prize Network Rail Partnership Award - winner Environmental Sustainability UK Rail Innovation Awards - winner Environment Royal Town Planning Institute North West region - winner Sustainability 2011 Community Rail Awards winner Involving Young People category based on 'Greening the East Lancashire Line' DVD and Accrington Eco Station Education Resource Centre 2011 Community Rail Awards - 2 nd place Station Development Category for Accrington Eco Station ACoRP water tower National Railway Heritage Awards - winner Network Rail Partnership Award Community Ambassadors Scheme Category winner, 2012 Civil Service Diversity and Equality Awards Overall winner, 2012 National Civil Service Awards Customer Service Excellence award at 2013 European Rail Congress Awards.

13 Summary CRPs still deliver excellent value for money: –BCR = 4.6:1 –Value of volunteering = £27m pa –Regeneration Opportunities for Local Authorities to do Capex/Opex swaps with the TOCs New franchises will offer new opportunities Think about what else CR can deliver and how it can access that money (eg: access to health, jobs, education)

14 E: W: “New life for local lines”

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