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1 New Smart Energy R&D Cluster Initiative in Paris - Saclay Eilat, 28th of November 2012 Laurent Schmitt, Alstom Grid Chairman of Smart Energy Management.

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1 1 New Smart Energy R&D Cluster Initiative in Paris - Saclay Eilat, 28th of November 2012 Laurent Schmitt, Alstom Grid Chairman of Smart Energy Management Working Group

2 © Systematic 2010 What is Systematic ?  Pôle de Compétitivité :  Launched in 2005 as part of France’s national policy to boost the competitiveness of the French economy and to help develop growth and jobs in key markets.  A partnership based around a specific theme (software- intensive systems) and a specific region (Paris Region)  Stakeholders: GOVERNMENT Ministries Industry, Education & Research, Defence … LOCAL AUTHORITIES “Régions, Départements, Communautés de Communes” INDUSTRY & RESEARCH Corporations SMEs Reseach organisations

3 © Systematic 2010 Where is Systematic located ? Paris-Region wide

4 © Systematic 2010 EUROP E BRAZI L MORO CCO 318 R&D projects 1,4 Billion€ R&D investment 521 M€ public funding Fostering innovation through collaborative R&D

5 © Systematic 2010 Smart Energy Management at the core of Systematic Logiciels Libres Automobile & Transports Sécurité & Défense Télécoms Vertical Applications ICT & Health OCDS Logiciel Libre OptiqueElectronique Technologies Systems Design and Development Tools Free and Open Source Software Automotive & Transport Digital Trust & Security Telecoms Smart Energy Management ICT & Sustainable Cities

6 © Systematic 2010 Gérard Poirier Dassault Aviation Thierry Houdoin Orange Thematic WORKING GROUPS Secretariat Digital Trust & Security Free And Open Source Software Systems Design & Development Tools Automotive & Transportation Smart Energy Management Jean-Luc Beylat President Alcatel Lucent Bell Labs France Assemblée Générale General Assembly Collège Entreprises Collège Collectivités Locales Collège Recherche & Enseignement Supérieur Directoire Collège Investisseurs Collège Entreprises Collège Investisseurs Collège Recherche & Enseignement Supérieur Executive board Olivier Guetta Renault Telecoms Riadh Cammoun Vice-President CEA Jean-Noël De Galzain Vice-President WALLIX Jean-Pierre Tual Gemalto Stéfane Fermigier Nuxeo Laurent Schmitt Alstom Grid How do we organise ourselves ?

7 © Systematic 2010 1. Maximize integration of CO2 free non fossil energies  Balance intermittent renewable energies (wind, solar)  Integrate distributed energy resources (DG, DR & DS)  Favor integration of storage 2. Improve overall energy systems efficiency  Maximize usage of non CO2 energy  Minimize losses in networks  Favor mastering of demand vis-à-vis consumers  Integrate smart metering data 3. Maintain stability and resilience of energy grids  Estimate in real time dynamic stability of network  Minimize impact of systems’ failures (black out, …)  Implement safety and defense plans in case of failure (self repair) Innovation in Energy Management technology is essential to address new market challenges

8 © Systematic 2010 The Grid of the 21st century: towards a two-way flow of energy and information … to a meshed network with two-way flow of energy and information From a traditional top-down network… Smart PowerCentralized generation Smart EV Need to imply actors across the entire value Chain Smart Homes Smart Renewables Smart Storage Smart C&I

9 © Systematic 2010 Critical Technology Building Blocks Massive Data Computing (Big Data, Cloud…) Decision Support (Simulation, Forecast, Robust & Stochastic optimisation) System of System Approach (Architecture, design, integration & maintenance) Energy over internet (M2M, telecom, Sensor network, automation) Embedded Intelligence Complex Software & Systems Data Security & Safety User interface

10 © Systematic 2010 Presentation title - 01/01/2010 - P 10 First set of standards available end of 2012

11 © Systematic 2010 ServicesTechnologies Regulation  Academic  Local (French )& International Institutions (IDGEC, DGCIS, ISGAN)  Standardisation Committees (IEC, NIST, CEN-CENELEC- ETSI)  Grid Operators  Generation Companies  Energy Service Companies  City Infrastructure Operators  Control Center / IT  Telecom & Middleware  Metering & Automation  Power Electronics  Storage  EVs New open innovation approach required

12 © Systematic 2010 Smart Energy Steering Group Complementary ecosystem of reputed multinationals, SME and academics in the energy area Objective to expand the Steering group to a comprehensive ecosystem bridging with other clusters

13 © Systematic 2010 ERDF DERMS NiceGrid Veolia DERMS Reflexe UVSQ Alstom Smart Campus BOUYGUES EMBIX EPIT 2.0 Eco2charge Cooperate SNCF DERMS Prog Gare ALSTOM Meshed DC Windpower GDF SEEMPubs Paris GDF SUEZ Smart ZAE Toulouse AVOB CEA INRIA GDF COOL –IT Data centers GDF SUEZ RIDER Montpellier GDF SUEZ Move-in-Pure Lyon EDF Enbrin EMBIX ERDF IJENKO IssyGrid Implication on French Demonstrators GDF SUEZ EMBIX Greenlys Lyon Grenoble RTE Renewable Portfolio

14 © Systematic 2010 14 Consortium with 10 partners Energy Positive IT is about Urban Power FUI11: Application submitted Oct 2011 Consortium agreement finalized Schedule over 26 months (1012-2014) Status Update (Expected End March 2012) Advanced Application for Energy Management: Forecast of PV and building consumption, Optimization and Balance based on environmental and economical constraints, Services for real time monitoring and communication with Distributed Energy Resources DER Lead Bouygues Challenger Smart Campus Alstom Urban Power Building Typical project – EPIT Virtualized Energy Management in Cities Alstom-Bouygues EV Fleet

15 © Systematic 2010 EPIT – New Cloud base Community Energy Management Building Portfolios Smart Cities Benchmarking Flexibility Integration Alstom Urban Power Massy Renewable Connection Bouygues Challenger Real-time Carbon Footprint Green Mobility Smart Charging Alstom EVs Micro-grid / StreetLighting Private Campus

16 © Systematic 2010  Define coordinated actions for innovation and international promotion  Favor the creation of new R&D collaboration and deployment projects Coordination with French R&D clusters

17 Thank you for your attention! Systematic Paris-Region and its projects are supported by More information:

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