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3 What is Biodegradable Plastic Bag? * Biodegradation is the breakdown of an organic compound by micro organisms into CO2, water and biomass in a controlled environment by method of composting. *The Biodegradable Plastic Products (Bags, Industrial film, Garbage Bags etc) when composted in controlled environment in municipal and industrial composting facilities should breakdown. *These Environment Plastic Products are called compostable or biodegradable during composting Biodegradable Plastic should be such which break down under all climatic conditions and only when light (UV) or moisture is available.

4 There are three main types of biodegradable bags available: 1.Oxo - meaning the plastic will break down when exposed to oxygen; 2. Bio - meaning the plastic breaks down into CO2 and water when it is exposed to UV light, moisture, heat and microorganisms; 3. Degradable - means it can be broken down

5 What is the Problem? It was identify that the plastic is the major source of rubbish. One-third of all items collected in the garbage are plastic, with almost one in 10 of these being plastic bags.

6 Look at the garbage it almost Plastics

7 Do your role in controlling this rubbish. If we don’t move, our earth will wrapped up by plastic waste.

8 Plastic almost anywhere

9 We need to see the bigger picture When oil, gas and coal are used to produce plastic bags, they emit dangerous greenhouse gasses. The burning of gasses also creates emissions of toxic gasses, dioxins and heavy metals. Bags escape and float easily in air and water, travelling long distances. When animals which have ingested bags die and decay, the plastic is free again to repeat the deadly cycle. Do don’t forget it is not just ‘us’ that plastic can affect!


11 What’s the effect on the environment? There are huge pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of our oceans. It is estimated that plastic kills up to 1 million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish each year.


13 Why Using Biodegradable? Biodegradable trash bags are a good way to do your part to keep massive amounts of garbage out of our landfills. The fact of the matter is that we all throw things out, and when you add up the amount of garbage per person, it adds up to a huge pile of garbage. Our landfills are filling up faster than we can find space to throw out our garbage, so it is important to help out by: (a) throwing less out. (b) using bags that break down in our landfills.

14 So what can we contribute? With our deep concern in environment conservation, let us work together for this campaign to save our beloved Kuwait by reducing the plastic wastes that pollute our environment. Contribute your social role in saving our environment with the partnership of Cooperative Societies. To work seriously on using biodegradable plastic bag Together with your support, we will promote the need of using biodegradable plastic bag in cooperative societies. Be the main sponsor of “Environmental Friend” campaign.

15 How can you help us for this campaign? Advertising your product or company through 70,000 bags per ton with the monthly average of 8 tons per cooperative society, approximately 560,000 plastic bags per month.

16 Most of the shoppers use plastic!!!

17 Let us contribute to save our Environment… Promote of using BIODEGRADABLE Plastic Bag… It’s not too late… We can do something..

18 Laboratory Certificate of Biodegradable Plastic Bag:


20 Stop using Non-Biodegradable Plastic


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