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FOODTUBES A major Infrastructure proposal. Which needs International, expert PR. FOODTUBES Will save fuel: e.g. in UK Replace HGVs & vans with capsules.

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2 FOODTUBES A major Infrastructure proposal. Which needs International, expert PR. FOODTUBES Will save fuel: e.g. in UK Replace HGVs & vans with capsules Saves - 4 billion litres Road decongestion Saves - 13 billion litres Dr Henry Liu. Freight Pipeline Company 1 Google “FOODTUBES” for details

3 November 07 – Noel Hodson – at the Green Group at Lewis Media. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Foodtubes is a new goods-transport proposal. It was originally inspired by those pneumatic pipes and capsules that we used to see in department stores and banks carrying cash and invoices – and which are again growing in use. FOODTUBES proposes that, for example, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, which have been manufactured for decades in Trafford Park, Manchester, are not loaded onto lorries and sent by road – but, boxed and ready for sale, are put into lightweight capsules, in the loading bays at the factory, and transported in underground pipelines, to, say, Sainsbury’s store in Oxford – appearing in that shop’s loading bay; and are then brought directly into the shop. In the UK this will save 4 billion litres of fuel – plus a further 13 billion from the traffic decongestion effect of removing the 25% of all lorry and vans – which carry food every day.

4 FOODTUBES - ENERGY SAVING PIPELINE CAPSULE GOODS TRANSPORT “The transport industry Internet - Really Fast-Food”. PROPOSITION: 92% of the energy used to transport food and other supermarket goods, is spent on moving the vehicles; only 8% is used to move the goods. FOODTUBES proposes scientific research of the concept that by replacing heavy road vehicles (HGVs) with lightweight cargo- capsules running in pipelines, directly to and from loading bays in shops, distribution, processing and food-production centres – i.e. by changing the existing logistics industries - that billions of litres of fuel and up to 18% of the CO 2 added to the air each year, would be saved. No pipeline- capsule system on this scale exists. This project will create a new energy-efficient industry and reduce the costs of food and other goods. Foodtubes needs $2M for 18 months R&D. Who would transport water, oil & gas by road? Our daily bread is just as vital. Our team of 20 world-class scientists & engineers will design the Foodtubes Global Standards Agency blueprint. 4 million lightweight Cargo-Capsules each 1mtr X 2mtrs = 1.57M 3 Dr Henry Liu. Freight Pipeline Company 2 Dr Henry Liu. Freight Pipeline Company

5 Globally – this new infrastructure will save from 2 billion to 4.4 billion tonnes of CO2 from being added to the air each year. Freight Transport is relatively a far larger contributor to CO2 in emerging economies, in fact it is a massive 1/6th of their global warming problem. 12 projects of this scale would start to reverse global warming. Water, Oil, Gas and other vital daily commodities are transported through pipelines, safely, quietly and almost pollution free – and pipelines can be laid cheaply and rapidly. The Russian company GAZPROM has 250,000 kilometers of large diameter pipes, delivering our gas and oil. FOODTUBES is a major change, which needs $4M in R&D funding and needs a public figurehead to promote the concept to governments and industry – and to attract such a figurehead we need the PR offered by the Lewis Media Group. FOODTUBES – is also profitable – take a look at the financial forecasts. On the last slide.






11 I have been involved in Green-Transport initiatives since 1978 – slide number 4. My background spans several decades of accounting & project planning. In the 70’s I was MD of Mallalieu Engineering, a specialist car maker, where we worked on an early Petrol/electric hybrid, MICRODOT, – giving me a lifetime interest in energy efficient transport. That led to 14 years of promoting flexible working – to reduce business travel. I have written two global-warming novels.

12 1979 MICRODOT Petrol/Elect. Hybrid 100mpg - 100mph Designer - William Towns “Reduce business travel” 1988-2002 Global-Warming London drowning - 2006 Global-Warming Utopian future - 2004 1959-1969-1979-1989 Business Founder Blackstone Franks - Accountants Morton Hodson & Co – BES Oxford Research Science Parks 1988-2007 SW2000 Telework Studies Project-Planning-Tools FOODTUBES Coordinator, Noel Hodson MD of MALLALIEU ENGINEERING 1977-80 4

13 Finance – Even the best carbon saving transport ideas will not get off the ground – or, in this case, under-the-ground – …if they cost the Earth and make a loss. The initial results of this Project-Planning- Tool, are very encouraging. A complete UK system will earn revenues of 20 billion Euros and a surplus of 12 billion euros. So …FOODTUBES saves the Earth and makes a profit. It will greatly improve the global transport of food – helping people at all levels all over the world.

14 Project Planning Tools – 1980-2007 FOODTUBES IS GOOD, CLEAN, GREEN, PROFITABLE BUSINESS (Shows UK only - these calculations are for up to 23 million households) Noel Hodson, 16 Brookside, Oxford, UK – Tel +44 (0) 1865 3

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