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WorkOne Staff Enrichment: STEMworks INDIANA – The Program and Labor Statistics Alisa Griffin and Christal Redd.

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1 WorkOne Staff Enrichment: STEMworks INDIANA – The Program and Labor Statistics Alisa Griffin and Christal Redd

2 Welcome! Welcome to the WorkOne Staff Enrichment: STEMworks INDIANA – The Program and Labor Statistics – First of three in-depth sessions on this project – Focus of today’s session is to provide you with an update on the project status, in-depth info on STEM jobs/employers and give you a preview of the upcoming training sessions and project resources – WorkOne staff are key to the success of this project and the ultimate impact on dislocated workers

3 Agenda Welcome! STEMworks INDIANA Program Review All About STEM! STEMworks INDIANA and WorkOne

4 Learning Objectives By the end of our session today, you will be able to: – Describe the STEMworks INDIANA program and WorkOne’s role in the program – Identify in-demand STEM jobs, STEM job trends/data and STEM employers in Central Indiana – Determine which WorkOne clients are good candidates for the STEMworks INDIANA program and know how to initiate the WorkOne process for them


6 STEMworks INDIANA Purpose STEMworks INDIANA was created to help broaden the talent pool of the current and future Indiana STEM workforce by offering educational and training opportunities to receive a post-secondary degree, industry-recognized license, certificate or credential that will lead to job placement in a STEM occupation.

7 STEMworks INDIANA Project Review STEMworksIndiana is a comprehensive pipeline initiative that will create educational and occupational opportunities for dislocated workers and disadvantaged students. STEMworks INDIANA will use various resources so these program participants may – identify their occupational interests, – hone in on appropriate educational pathways, – transform into STEM career candidates, and – become employed in gateway STEM jobs.

8 STEM Eligibility: Disadvantage Youth MUST be a disadvantaged high school Junior or Senior MUST have an interest in a STEM-related career MUST pursue a certification or Associates degree Must be WIA eligible Candidates will be referred from the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG), Advanced Manufacturing Virtual Lab (AMVL) at Ben Davis High School program, Central Nine (C9), and Arsenal Technical High School These scholars will successfully enter post-secondary education geared toward STEM careers

9 STEM Eligibility: Dislocated Worker MUST be a Dislocated Worker MUST have an interest in a STEM-related career Looking to receive a certification or Associates degree Must be WIA eligible and fall into one of the following Dislocated Worker categories – Unlikely to return to previous occupation/career field – Unemployed through no fault of their own – Received notice of implementing lay-off – Spouse of a dislocated worker (earning less than 50% of family income) – Self-employed, but business closed as a result of economic conditions

10 Dislocated Worker Outcomes 400 will receive STEM-related services Of the 400 serviced; 200 will receive Occupational Skills training assistance and additional supportive services funding if needed Focus is on certificate and Associate degree programs – including accelerated programs COPS assessment testing will be administered to all program participants; TABE test will be administered at the discretion of the STEM coach STEM Coach will continue personalized counseling services as needed Participants may participate in job-readiness, interviewing and résumé-preparation workshops

11 Program Updates Dislocated Workers – 64 clients entered into the program to-date – Positives – Challenges – Interesting !?! Disadvantaged Youth – 42 students entered into the program to-date – Positives – Challenges – Interesting !?!

12 STEMworks INDIANA Program Time Line Today’s training is the 1 st of 3 in-depth sessions site available in June Career Blueprint available in August – Topic of August 12 training Kiosks will be installed and available in September – Topic of September 9 training


14 STEM Jobs = Key to Long-Term Success STEM is a career cluster of occupations that focuses on: S cience T echnology E ngineering M athematics STEM The long-term key to continued U.S. competitiveness and growth in the global economic environment is to supply STEM workers to incorporate knowledge and skills into new processes, products, and services.

15 Key STEM Areas in Indiana Advanced Manufacturing – Advanced manufacturing is the process of mass producing products on demand, using the latest technology maintain efficiency Biotechnology – Biotechnology is technology based on biology, agriculture, food science, and medicine Reminder! STEMworks INDIANA is not focused on STEM clinical areas such as nurses, CNAs and physicians Engineering – Engineering is the discipline, art and profession of acquiring and applying technical, scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and implement materials, structures, machines, devices, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective or inventions Information Technology – The study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware

16 Let’s take a look at STEM at work… Apollo 13 – CO2 Problem – 5:04 Minutes Apollo 13 – Original Theatrical Trailer – 2:34 Minutes

17 Outlook for STEM Jobs Nationwide Growing demand for technological advances means more jobs for STEM workers. BLS projects job growth of 22 percent for STEM occupations as a whole between 2004 and 2014. Nearly all the major STEM groups are expected to have about the same rate of growth as the national average of 13 percent. The exception is computer specialist occupations, which are expected to grow much faster than the average. Now let’s explore some HOT STEM jobs in Indiana

18 Advanced Manufacturing HOT Jobs CISCO networking Computer software applications Electrical engineers Industrial Production managers Industrial Engineers Industrial Machinery Mechanics Maintenance technicians

19 Biotechnology HOT Jobs! Agricultural and Food Science Technicians Biological Technicians Biochemists Chemists Chemical Technicians Environmental Science and Protection Technicians Medical Scientists Microbiologists Natural Sciences Managers

20 Engineering HOT Jobs! Chemical Engineer Electronic Engineer Industrial Engineer Mechanical Engineer Engineering Managers Engineering Technicians Mechanical Drafters

21 Information Technology HOT Jobs! Computer Software Engineers Computer Systems Analysts Graphic Designers Network Systems and Data Communication Analyst Network and Communication Systems Administrators Database Administrators Computer Support Specialist Technical Sales Representatives

22 Gateway Jobs Gateway STEM jobs provide entry into a STEM job field that with experience and additional training, may lead to a higher level, higher paying position. HOT gateway jobs in Central Indiana include – Computer Support Specialists O*Net Summary O*Net Summary – Civil Engineering Technicians – Miscellaneous Science Technicians – Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians – Mechanical Engineering Technicians – Industrial Engineering Technicians

23 STEM Employers in Central Indiana ENER DEL

24 Advanced Manufacturing Largest 10 Advanced Manufacturing Employers in the Indianapolis Region – Eli Lilly & Company – Whirlpool – Rolls-Royce – Allison Transmission – Roche Diagnostics – Cook Medical Device – Automotive Components Holdings – Raytheon Technical Services – United Technologies Carrier Corp – Red Gold Source: 2009

25 Biotechnology Biotechnology Employers in the Indianapolis Region – Eli Lilly & Company – Wellpoint Inc. – Roche Diagnostics – Cook Medical Device – Dow AgroSciences – Covance Laboratories – Baxter BioPharma Solutions – King Systems Corp – Diversified Systems Source: 2009

26 Information Technology Largest 10 Information Technology Employers in the Indianapolis Region – Sallie Mae – Bucher & Christian Consulting – TEKsystems – EDS Corp – Fusion Alliance Inc. – Crowe Chizek & Company – Interactive Intelligence – DDS Consulting – Computer Task Group Inc. – Author Solutions Inc. Source: 2009

27 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Largest 10 Information Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Employers in the Indianapolis Region – FedEx – Roche Diagnostics – United Parcel Service – Medco – – CVS Caremark – Onfield Apparel Group – Red Gold – CHN Logistics – Redcats Source: 2009

28 STEM Resources for You Additional training materials (printed and electronic) – STEM Jobs Data Spreadsheet (sample in binder) Electronic version will be distributed – STEM Occupations “backgrounder” (in binder) – The STEM Workforce Challenge report (in binder) – IN Advanced Manufacturing Article – IN Information Technology Article – IN Logistics Distribution Article – Conexus Advanced Manufacturing 2009 Report Card

29 STEM Resources for You Online – The best site for STEMworks INDIANA grant-related data – – – – –


31 Training Orientation Process Eligible candidates MAY receive up to $6,000 ($3,000 per academic year) for accredited certificate or associate degree programs in a STEM-related program Candidates will receive individualized counseling services which includes: career blueprints, assessment testing, and will participate in job- readiness, interviewing and resume preparation workshops, STEM work-based learning opportunities

32 Training Approval Process Scholarships are approved on an individual basis Consideration for scholarships occurs after working closely with your STEM Coach Training funds are approved for STEM-related occupations in demand STEM-related Occupations in Demand – (under construction) Education and Training Choices –

33 Training Process Flow WorkOne EAST/WEST/CP Customers interested in Training Adult customers are referred to the Training Orientation Session for possible WIA assistance CD1 conducts assessment and determines if customer is a DW or Adult DW info (including work history) is captured in TrackOne Customer is referred to the Training Orientation Session Yes Customer referred to CD1 for Intake Dislocated Worker? No STEM Interest? Yes No Customer completes a STEM Scholarship Application Customer referred to STEM Coach Non-STEM interested customers are referred to the Training Orientation Session for possible WIA assistance

34 Engagement & Training Strategies STEM Coaches will assist with the following – Career Placement – Indiana Career Connect (ICC) – And, if applicable, internships, job shadowing and on-the-job training (OJT) Kiosks will be located in the One Stop Centers created and maintained by IUPUI – Located in (5) offices: (2) in Marion County; (1) in Region 5 and (2) in partner schools – Displaying information on STEM occupations and current events Website: – Currently in progress

35 Client Referrals Typical client profile Atypical client profile We have had several successful internal referrals already, here are a few examples – Customer A: DW - has verifiable employment; but lacks certification – Customer B: DW - currently attending institution for degree program and needs help with her tuition – Customer C: DW - previously attained an degree, but lacks a certification


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