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1 Tribology Group Rotordynamics Laboratory Luis San Andres Mast-Childs Professor Turbomachinery Laboratory Mechanical Engineering Department Texas A&M.

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1 1 Tribology Group Rotordynamics Laboratory Luis San Andres Mast-Childs Professor Turbomachinery Laboratory Mechanical Engineering Department Texas A&M University 32 nd Turbomachinery Research Consortium Meeting May 2012

2 2 Tribology Group Mission: To advance state of the art in fluid film bearings for high performance turbomachinery Types of funded research projects: Engineering science fundamentals & development of computational engineering tools, Experimental – Bearing & Seal parameter identification Test-product verification & design validation Education

3 3 Students Tribology Group Top: Feng YuOwen Zhang Jose Hernandez Sung-Hwa Jeung Gary Bradley Bottom Yujiao Tao Alain Anderson Joshua Norsworthy Stephanie Simerskey Qing Liu

4 4 Thermal energy transport for bearing systems in turbochargers Honeywell Turbocharging Technologies (09/10-09/12) $ 208k Efficient energy transport by oil flow determines TC performance Analysis/test product & design validation

5 5 Modeling thrust foil bearings for PV & CV Turbos Borg-Warner ( ) $ 90.4 k Deliverable: Predictive tool for ready integration into B&W engineering design flow. Test validation at B&W (Germany) Needs: more reliable & + power efficient TCs, lighter oils (0-5W) and higher inlet temperatures (~150C). Oil free TCs dispense with contaminated engine oil to increase reliability. Analysis: product verification & design validation

6 6 High temperature seal test rig (300 C=572 F) Measurement of leakage in a novel all metal non- contacting annular seal at high temperature TRC (10-12) $ 74.8k (2 years) TRC funding Labyrinth seal HALO TM seal Project progress status follows HALO™ Seal

7 7 Computational model for tilting pad journal bearings TRC (10-12) $ 70.4k (2 years) For high load bearings (> 150 psi), improve correlation to experimental force coefficients by adding pad-pivot flexibility and fluid energy transport & thermal effects ASME GT Carter & Childs, TRC funding New Model New Model Test YY XX YY rotor speed 13.1 krpm Test TAMU TPB (Wilkes) Technical presentation follows

8 8 Automated Analysis of XLTRC 2 Time Transient Responses in Nonlinear Rotor Bearing Systems TRC (11-12) $ 34.8k (1 year) Manage output of XLTRC 2 time response of NL rotor-bearing motions & characterize frequency and modal content TRC funding Technical presentation follows

9 9 Metal Mesh Foil Bearings: Operation at High Temperature Oil free TM research past funding TRC ( ) $ 312 k NSF ( ) $ 255.5k NASA GRC ( ) $ 284.6k Capstone (2007) $ 64.7 k State of the art predictive tools benchmarked to test data TRC (11-12) $ 36.6k (1 year) TRC funding: Gas bearings for MTM Technical presentation follows. Report TRC-BC001-12

10 10 SFD TESTING & ANALYTICAL METHODS DEVELOPMENT Large load (500 lb f ) SFD test rig Pratt & Whitney (08/08-12/12) $ 436k Static loader Shaker assembly (Y direction) Shaker assembly (X direction) SFD test bearing TRC (12) $ 39.k (1 year) Technical presentation follows Report TRC-SFD TRC funding: Linear/Nonlinear SFDs

11 11 Other industrial project Computational analysis of textured gas face seals for steam turbines CIATEQ A.C. (Mexico) ( ) Sponsors1 grad student Typical steam turbine for lubrication system mechanical drive Replace carbon rings to increase turbine reliability. Model novel textured face seal geometries and GUI for whole seal cartridge Non-contacting gas face seal with textured pattern

12 12 Invited submissions (May 31) NSF China-TAMU program Xi’an Jiaotong University DESIGN AND OPERATION OF LUBRICATED HIGH SPEED SPINDLES: COUPLED SYSTEM THERMO MECHANICAL AND DYNAMICS EFFECTS NOVEL THRUST FOIL BEARINGS FOR OIL-FREE MICROTURBOMACHINERY More collaborative research programs expected with Asian OEMs, and K OSEF (Korea Science Foundation), NSF-China, C ONACYT - Mexico, Brazil Education Ministry.

13 13 The rankings 2012: 15 th among all institutions

14 14 Tribology Group Students Prepared for global competency Learn communication skills (written & oral) Training in teams that work and deliver Ready for open-ended multidisciplinary problems with no unique answer Experience in research tied to industrial needs Learn of compelling need for professional integrity Do more with less Graduating 08/2012 PhD Thomas Chirathadam (SwRI) MS Yujiao Tao MS Jose Hernandez (CIATEQ, Mx) MS Feng Yu Do more with nothing! Diversity students PhD (1F) 6 MS (1F, 1H) 2 UGS (1F, 2AM)

15 15 Funding $ 208.3k (Honeywell) k (Pratt & Whitney) k (Borg Warner) k (TRC-2011) 542.1k + $ 68.0k software licenses Research expenditures $ 246.4k (FY 11) $ 182.2k (FY 12) Performance

16 16 Scholarship Total Journal (peer reviewed) Conference (peer reviewed) Conference (NOT peer reviewed)222 Book Chapters Accepted/awaiting publication BEST Rotordynamics Paper Award – IGTI Structures and Dynamics Committee San Andrés, L., and Delgado, A., “A Novel Bulk-Flow Model for Improved Predictions of Force Coefficients in Grooved Oil Seals Operating Eccentrically,” ASME Paper GT Best Paper Award for ASME Journal of Tribology (2011 IJTC Conference, LA) Kim, T. H., and San Andrés, L., 2010, “Thermohydrodynamic Model Predictions and Performance Measurements of Bump-Type Foil Bearing for Oil-Free Turboshaft Engines in Rotorcraft Propulsion Systems,” ASME Journal of Tribology, 132, p Total: FIVE Best paper awards

17 TRC reports TRC-SFD Force Coefficients for a Large Clearance Open Ends SFD with a Central Feed Groove: Test Results and Predictions TRC-BC Measurements of Rotordynamic Response in a High temperature Rotor Supported on two Metal Mesh Foil Bearings In the works after n+1 revisions Summer 2012: Reports on computational model for tilting pad bearings (Y. Tao, M.S. Thesis) and NL rotordynamics XLTRC 2 modeling (Q.Liu)

18 TRC proposals # yearsCost Automated analysis of time transient responses in nonlinear rotor bearing systems (Year II) 2 $ 41,484 Computational model for tilting pad journal bearings (Year III) 4 $ 40,984 Linear-nonlinear force coefficients for SFDs (Year II) 2 $28,470 Making a wet (foamy) seal and estimating its dynamic forced coefficients 2 $ 44,984 Engineered analysis for pocket damper seals and combined labyrinth-brush seals 2 $40,984

19 19 Questions: Luis San Andres: More information at All presentations and annual report available

20 20

21 21 Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering Enrollment --- with 387 graduate students (fall 2011; almost all full-time students); the 7 th largest and one of the most diverse mechanical engineering graduate programs in the U.S. Faculty T/TT faculty (, spring 2012), including 4 endowed chair professors, 20 professors, 11 associate professors*, and 19 assistant professors* Ranking th among U.S. public institutions and 15 th overall (U.S. News & World Report, 2012) Diversity (20%) women; 214 (55%) Ph.D. students (with M.S. degrees), or 250 (65%) including direct Ph.D. students; students from 23 states in the United States and 18 other countries (fall 2011)

22 22 Project in negotiation Samsung Techwin ( S Korea ) (2 years) $160 k Predictive model for thrust collars in helically geared compressors. (+ experimental benchmarking at TurboLab: Childs) Bull gear Pinion gear Thrust washers Pinion gear Expected + use in drive trains for wind turbines

23 23 Honeywell Turbocharging Technologies ( ) $600k VIRTUAL TOOL for TC rotordynamics Integration of nonlinear rotordynamics & bearing performance – reduces time for prototype development (35%) and saves costs in product development (30%) Predicted shaft motion Measured shaft motion

24 24 Compare leakage: four seal types HALO™ Seal Hybrid Brush Seal Flow factor Φ for four seal types versus inlet/exhaust pressure ratio [Ps/Pe] for increasing gas inlet temperatures (300 °C). Flow factor

25 25 Oil-free Microturbomachinery when green becomes white white Oil-less turbocharger

26 26 Oil-Free Bearings for MTM PV/CV turbochargers and midsize gas turbines need gas bearings to secure compact units with improved efficiency in an oil-free environment. Applications as portable fuel cells (< 60 kW) to midsize GTs (< 400 kW) for distributed power, hybrid vehicles, CO 2 waste heat and compression systems. Gas Bearings allow weight reduction, lower number of parts higher temperatures & no cooling improved overall engine efficiency & system availability 2025 mandate on + efficiency for IC vehicle engines: Materials and oil-free bearing systems could enable 55 miles/gallon.

27 27 Gas Bearings for MTM What are the needs? Make READY technology for industrial application by PUSHING development to make out of the shelf item with proven results for a wide range of applications; engineered product with well known manufacturing process; known (verifiable) performance with proven laboratory and field experiences

28 28 Project in limbo GE O&G ( Italy ) (1 year) $100 k Enhanced model for prediction of leakage and force coefficients in pocket damper seals GT GE O&G interest in improving reliability of annular seals in subsea compressors, including operation under wet conditions.

29 29 Oil-free MTM at TAMU Best known program in the USA. Licensed engineering predictive tools for gas bearings and seals and ready integration in MTM packages – high efficiency Validation of performance – static and dynamic – on dedicated high speed test rigs. BEST PAPER AWARDS 2011 IJTC J. Tribology (with KIST) 2008 IGTI S&D - Rotordynamics 2005 IGTI S&D - Rotordynamics 2003 IGTI S&D - Rotordynamics Cooperation with NASA GRC, KIST, Capstone Honeywell, Borg-Warner, Becker-Turbo, Capstone MT, Barber-Nichols, NASA, SNECMA, Dresser-Rand, SWRI, R&D Dynamics, KIST, Bosch Software Licenses

30 30 The future in the works

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