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By Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx (grade 10 high school, Queensland)

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1 By Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx (grade 10 high school, Queensland)

2 Are you feeling: Confused? Bored? Frustrated? Annoyed or even angry? Sure? Guilty? Doubtful? Uncertain? Confident? Afraid?

3 Because you need: Understanding? Reassurance? Security? Confidence? Action? Clarity? Confidence?

4 Topics: Carbon Dioxide, CO2 facts Dishonesty Australian Government’s supposed experts Al Gore/movie

5 Context: Claims by some politicians and media: Earth is warming Due to increasing CO2 in air Increase due to humans Warming will hurt humans and planet Tax will prevent harm and control climate

6 Carbon Dioxide - CO2 Invisible, colourless. CO2 levels in air are result of temp. Nature controls CO2 in air. Humans don’t/can’t Australia’s production CO2 doesn’t affect global climate. It cannot. It’s pointless to try to control CO2. CO2 is essential for life on earth. Not a pollutant/poison.

7 ERRORS and LIES by the UN IPCC? Not 4,000 scientists only 5 IPCC reviewers IPCC has no scientific evidence CO2 warms Every IPCC report is based on a falsity IPCC omitted 90,000 reliable CO2 measurements Some measurements are 15 – 40% higher than now InterAcademy Council’s review criticises IPCC

8 Supposed experts Professor Tim Flannery Professor David Karoly Professor Will Steffen CSIRO All have no evidence. All misled. All paid by government.

9 Al Gore’s movie ERRORS: Planet is warming Increasing CO2 levels are causing warming Human CO2 is causing increased CO2 levels Temperature rises are catastrophic To prevent catastrophe we need to dramatically reduce CO2 production

10 My conclusions on climate: Temperature is not unusual CO2 doesn’t drive temperature Temperature drives CO2 levels Nature controls CO2 levels. Humans don’t A tax can’t change climate Warming is beneficial We don’t control climate

11 My conclusion: Don’t assume adults know what they’re talking about Don’t always accept what governments say Question everything and think for yourself



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