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Is Metrorail in Prince William County the Answer?.

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1 Is Metrorail in Prince William County the Answer?

2 The Current Situation in Prince William County Daily commuter traffic congestion  Safety issues  Pollution Longest mean commuting times in Virginia  Less time for family, recreation, community activities  Frustration, road rage Dependence on gas  growing economic hardship  dependence on foreign fuel

3 Negative Effects of Traffic Congestion: Safety Traffic Fatality Rate in Virginia ~950 Annual ~12.5 deaths/100,000 population (PWC population in 2000 was 280,813 equates to ~35 deaths) ~1.1 deaths/100 million miles ~1/3 of deaths occur in Northern Virginia National Safety Statistics (1) Fatality Rate: ~1.5/100 million Injury Rate: ~100/million miles Total Annual Crash Costs: ~$250 billion National Safety Statistics (2) Annual Bus Fatalities: ~40 Annual Bus Injuries: ~12,000 Annual Transit Rail Fatalities: ~15 Annual Transit Rail Injuries: ~600

4 Negative Effects of Traffic Congestion: Pollution Transportation accounts for one third of total CO2 emissions from energy use in the U.S. Passenger cars and light duty trucks account for more than half of total transportation emissions. (Source: Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks:1990-2004 (EPA))

5 Emissions Criteria CO 2 (Carbon Dioxide)  No direct effects to human health. Most prevalent greenhouse gas. CO (Carbon Monoxide)  Degrades ability of blood to carry CO 2 NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen)  Precursor to lung infections, exacerbates asthma HC (Hydrocarbons)  Irritates eyes, increases respiratory problems

6 Example Calculation 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser Per mile in pounds  CO2:1.8654  CO:0.05815  NOx:0.00707  HC:0.00413  Fuel Consumed 0.077 gallons/mile 2004 Toyota Prius Per mile in pounds  CO2: 0.3490  CO:0.01667  NOx:0.00058  HC:0.00044  Fuel Consumed 0.018 gallons/mile

7 Negative Effects of Traffic Congestion: Commuting Time (Source: 2005 U.S. Census American Community Survey) Car, truck, or van -- drove alone Public transportation (excluding taxicab) Mean travel time to work (minutes) for workers who do not work at home National 77.0%4.7%25.1 DC 37.5%37.7%29.3 MarylandState73.6%8.5%30.8 Montgomery Co.66.9%14.9%33.2 Prince George's Co.63.7%17.4%25.7 Howard Co.80.3%3.9%30.2 Fredrick Co.79.1%2.2%32.9 Charles Co.78.7%5.2%36.2 Calvert Co.78.0%2.3%39.4 Anne Arundel Co.80.1%2.5%27.8 VirginiaState78.4%3.7%27.0 Alexandria City64.9%17.9%28.3 Arlington Co.54.6%23.8%25.9 Fairfax Co.72.9%8.7%31.2 Loudoun Co.78.5%2.4%31.5 Prince William Co.70.5%5.5%40.5

8 How are we commuting everyday? (70%) Warrenton Interstate 95 Route 29 Route 66 Route 28 Manassas

9 PWC Current Public Transportation (5.5%) OmniRide  Monday – Friday service  Destinations along I-66 corridor to Metrorail Stations Virginia Railway Express  Departs 5:05-750 Monday- Friday  Destinations include L’Enfant Plaza, Union Station, Backlick Road, Burke Centre  Roundtrip fare from Manassas to Union Station or L’Enfant $14.90 per ride $206.50 monthly

10 Why do people go out? People take daily trips for a variety of reasons. One fourth of the trips are regularly taken. (Source: U.S. DOT 2001 National Household Travel Survey)

11 Proposed PWC Metrorail Stations Warrenton Manassas Gainesville Warrenton Nissan Pavilion Centreville Fair Lakes Haymarket Vienna

12 Overview of Prince William Metrorail Stations Fair Lakes: Fairfax County Government Center, business, shopping, dining, and residential areas Centreville: cinema multiplex, shopping, dining, residential areas Old Town Manassas: historic district, tourism, shopping, dining, courthouse, residential Nissan Pavilion: recreation Gainesville: residential, shopping, dining, tourism, Manassas Battlefields Warrenton: historic district, tourism, shopping, residential

13 Population by Census Tract in PWC Manassas City 2004 Total PWC Population: 280,813 Total Fairfax County Population: 969,749 Western tracts encircled: 79,013

14 Conclusion Metrorail is an answer for Prince William County  Alleviate traffic congestion  Environmentally conscientious solution  Improve travel safety  Meet commuting and recreational, family, etc travel needs  Population warrants it  Paradigm worth emulating

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