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“Innovative Visualizations” November 10, 2011 Digital Media Center Blue-Green Algae: Bio-fuel production.

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1 “Innovative Visualizations” November 10, 2011 Digital Media Center Blue-Green Algae: Bio-fuel production

2 What is Digital Media?  Any type of digitally produced, transmitted and/or stored electronic media  Text, pictures, movies, visualizations  Visualizations are now recognized as the fastest most effective way to convey a complex idea in a simple and intuitively understandable fashion  We interact with Digital Media daily: — Internet — Cellular phones — E-readers — Television — Film — Interactive media — Electronic commerce 3 D DIGITAL MODEL

3 Definition of Digital Media  Florida's digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance of Florida, defines Digital Media as: “The creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education” 3 D DIGITAL MODEL Zirus Antivirotics Condensed Tight-Gas Study

4 Definition of Digital Media?  We spends about 23% of each waking day engaged with Digital Media in one form or another… Work/Other

5 EXAMPLE: Analog Media CARBON DIOXIDE - CO2 Formula for CO2 “Stick & Ball” representation of CO2 (Analog “3D”) “Stick & Ball” representation of CO2 (Analog “3D”) O=C=O


7 Digital Media – The Convergence  Growth and unique convergence of Art, Science & Technology has driven a major shift in how information is now conceived, produced, delivered and consumed  Digital media has evolved from an artists tool to a powerful visualization tool used in engineering, business and the sciences  Digital media has distinguished itself as an important ally in the dynamic world of scientific, technical and commercial communications Engineering Study PDL BioPharma HuLuc63

8 Innovative Visualizations Examples: Engineering, Petro-Chemical, Geological, Architectural & Artistic Natural gas drilling platform

9 Response: Created the Digital Media Center  Launched the DMC with tremendous support from Provost Nicholls, Dean’s, Faculty & Staff  Currently offering 2D visualization classes  Provost has approved a trans- disciplinary faculty hire in 3D visualization  Digital Media Lab locations: Storrs (AB228) & Stamford (SLA)  Two areas of initial engagement: 1.Science & Engineering 2.Entertainment & Art Volvox Aureus Geological Visualization

10 The Digital Media Center - GOALS 1.Collaborative laboratory for interdisciplinary study Instruction 2.Research Research visualizations: Faculty & Students Visualization projects: State agencies & private sector 3.Outreach State high schools – 100 students last year, 500 this year State and national universities & institutions (Yale, NYU, URI, CMU, BDW) 4.Technology and IP development & transfer Foster entrepreneurial activity around visualization Nurture next generation visualization techniques, processes, and software (Office of Technology Commercialization, CCEI & CITI) 5.Clearing-house for extramural funding sources Pursue grant and financial resource opportunities Seek out and catalyze research collaborations with CT digital firms Engage in for-profit projects with private sector

11 The Digital Media Center - OPPORTUNITY  Nearly every area of the university employs some level of visualization:  Fine Arts – Creative Expression & Entertainment  Business – Marketing & Branding  Engineering – Data set analysis and results communication  Pharmacy – Biochemical interaction  UConn Health Center – Cellular Viz.  Agriculture & Nat. Res. – Animal Virus  College of Liberal Arts & Sciences  Chemistry  Communications  Geosciences  Journalism  Marine Science  Mathematics  Molecular & Cellular Biology  Physics XVIVO – “Inner Life of a Cell”

12 The Digital Media Center - OPPORTUNITY UConn Digital Media Center - Innovative Visualizations Digital Media Center – The Horizontal Connection

13 Innovative Visualizations The New York Times – SCIENCE Series – November 2010 Harvard Medical School “BioViz Project” – Molecular & Cellular Biology Sources: Robert Luh, PhD. – Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology – Harvard University Janet Iwasa, PhD. – Department of Cell Biology, Molecular Animator – Harvard Medical School Drew Berry – Cell Biologist, Biomedical Animator – 2010 MacArthur Fellow Tomas Kirchhausen, PhD – Department of Cell Biology – Harvard Medical School XVIVO: Scientific Animation, “The Life of a Cell”

14 Digital Media Center – Employment UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF LABOR – Bureau of Labor Statistics (October 25, 2011) Projections data from the National Employment Matrix: Multi-media artists and animators projected growth of 14% - 19% —Occupational Title: Multi-media artists and animators projected growth of 14% - 19% (2008-2018) —Median annual wage multi-media artists: $56,330.00 —Middle 50% earned between $41,710.00 to $77,010.00 —The highest 10% earned more than $100,390.00 $65,600.00 in motion picture and video production —Median annual wages were $65,600.00 in motion picture and video production —Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics: ( O*NET OnLine: BLS Occupational Employment Statistics: (

15 Research Partnerships Connecticut Company’s using digital visualization: 51 – Entertainment companies 53 - Architecture & Engineering companies 335 - Defense contractors 309 - Pharmaceutical companies 1,702 - Advertising & Marketing Companies

16 State Administrative Partnerships State Government Partners: Connecticut Office for Workforce Competitiveness (OWC) Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Connecticut Office of Film, Television and Digital Media Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism Connecticut Film Center/Commission Connecticut Career Choices Connecticut Production Coalition Connecticut Venture Group Connecticut Digital Media Business Network Connecticut Digital Media Group

17 Digital Media Center – Value Proposition Students Instruction in interdisciplinary high-tech, high-growth field Positioned to join (or form) CT’s high-tech, research & business sectors Faculty Research, innovation & entrepreneurship through visualization Interdisciplinary collaborations and asset usage (DMC & BECAT) University of Connecticut New IP development, implementation & commercialization Technology transfer (Office of Technology Commercialization, CCEI & CITI) Addressing CT’s need for high-tech jobs creation & economic growth Trans-disciplinary benchmarks: Harvard’s “BioViz Project”: Molecular & Cellular Biology [Medical, Engineering & Art] CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center (Pittsburgh, Silicon Valley, Portugal, Japan & Singapore) [Dramatic Arts & Engineering] URI 3D Group for Interactive Visualization [Art & CSE URI] Boulder Digital Works [Art, Business & Economics)

18 Digital Media Center – Value Proposition State of Connecticut Graduates will migrate to CT’s high-tech industry’s: Entertainment, Business, Advertising, Legal, Communications Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Dental Engineering, Science, Aerospace & Defense Entrepreneurial spin-outs from UConn enhancing CT’s economic base More high-tech employees & businesses in CT – increased tax revenues

19 “Innovative Visualizations” Digital Media Center Green algae - bio-fuel production

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