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2 COMMANDER’S INTENT Commander’s Program
Small group interactive honest Discussion-not politically correct answers All Army and Civilian personnel 2 hours Once a Quarter-facilitator Led Conducted down to Squad /Team Level -CO2 is simply a vehicle that commanders at all levels use to include the human dimension factor when it come to readiness. -Teaching and training technical and tactical competence has always been at the forefront of leadership. It is that willingness of individuals to want and feel like they are a part of the team that CO2 will help address. -Sitting together as a part of a team and sharing honest feelings in a non threatening environment helps each individual understand a little more where a team members may be coming from, and how are values and beliefs may differ and actually be the same.

3 COMMENTS They would have issued you one Don’t ask why Everybody Drinks
Get over it I cannot take this new army-Nintendo generation I own you 24/7 Do as I say, not as I do Comments leaders and soldiers make on a daily basis -(They would have issued you one)Todays Army is a married army. Families are our strength. This is a statement made to justify not taken care of families. Consequently the soldier. -(Don’t ask why)This is nothing new, soldiers have been asking why since the continental army. Now Leaders tell the subordinates to answer the why -(Quit your crying)Sometimes has the tendency to be used when leaders do not want to hear what others think about certain situations -(Get over it)Sometimes an answer from leaders who really don't know why they have to accomplish something. -( I cannot take this new army or Nintendo generation)This statement is made by NCOs that are told they cannot use foul language to describe soldiers both IET and active duty. They have to call them privates or soldiers as though this has changed the standard. -(I own you 24/7)-Quality of life Killer-Re-Up Killer. We know our soldiers are to be ready at a moments notice. A peace time army has to create soldiers who believe in the institution and willingly serve in war.

4 - General Creighton Abrams Army Chief of Staff 72-74
“People are not in the Army, People are the people I do not mean Personnel...I mean living breathing human beings. They have needs and abilities. They have weaknesses and faults; and they have means. They are at the heart of our preparedness... and this preparedness--as a nation--depends upon the spirit of our soldiers. It is the spirit that gives the Army... life. Without it we cannot succeed.” - General Creighton Abrams Army Chief of Staff

“Those actions that indicate a sensitivity to and regard for the feelings of others and an awareness of the impact of one’s own behavior on them; being supportive of and fair with others”

6 CSA ON CO2 CO2 Reinforces Army Values through the Discussion of Human relations issues in Small Interactive Group Discussions Leader Involvement and commitment are Essential EOAs provide the Commander’s Key Staff Support for Implementation CO2 Sustains and Nurtures the Values and Traditions Taught in Our Army Schools, While reinforcing and Strengthen the Chain of Command

7 CSA INTENT “The intent of this program is to foster and strengthen the command climate, reinforce the importance of trust, teamwork, dignity, and respect for others

8 COMMANDERS PROGRAM A Command Leadership Program
EO Personnel Important, NOT Solitary Tool Designed to help build Unit Cohesion A Resource


10 PHILOSOPHY CO2, those actions that indicate a sensitivity to and regards for the feelings and needs of others and an awareness of the impact of one’s own behavior on them --ultimately involves awareness, the actions, and the responsibilities of the individual

11 METHODOLOGY Parallels Operational or Mission Planning
Small Group Instruction Based on Command Assessment Instruction with the ‘edge’ of emphasizing actions/responsibilities of individuals

12 METHODOLOGY Parallels Operational or Mission Planning
Survey/assess your command Identify primary of key areas of concern Identify specific training needs Determine priorities, first among CO2, them among other needs Identify and commit resources

13 METHODOLOGY Small Group Instruction Identify the small groups
Identify/Train facilitators Discussion based Team concept-who works together up to 25 personnel

14 METHODOLOGY Based on Command Assessment Assess the need
areas of key concerns areas of training requirements soldier/worker oriented

15 METHODOLOGY Instruction with the ‘edge’ of emphasizing actions/responsibilities of individuals You are responsible for your actions education makes you aware of those actions helps you change actions that do not fit the Army

16 CAPABILITY Leverage existing information technology so both existing and newly created resources are available to local Commanders Army wide Flexibility to assess and change to the units changing environment

17 CO2 Handbook Draft format available 3 Sections Concept Focus Areas
Brief description of concept Focus Areas Broken down to 8 focus areas Lesson Plans 17 original lesson plans

18 WHAT IT IS NOT Set of Mandatory lesson plans
Mandatory replacement for existing programs AN EO, rather than Command, program A vehicle for lesson plans

19 ROLE OF EOA Primary player, by direction of CSA Train the Trainer
Resource EO only part of CO2

20 FACILITATORS Appointed/screened by Commanders Recommend EORs
Attend Small Group Instructor Trainer Course Attend 2 Day seminar for CO2 Create a Contingency of Facilitators ADAPCP, EEO, IG, JAG, SJA, Pre-Med CHAPLAINS

Seminar for Senior Leaders/Middle Managers 1-DAY-OFF SITE if possible All Personnel receive 8 hours annually 2 hour Quarterly sessions Led by trained FACILITATOR-Small Group Discussion POI Decentralized to Unit level Train the Trainer Program Briefed at QTB’s

22 Highway to CO2 2nd QTR 98 Publish Post Program
Identify/ Train Facilitators CO2 Seminar 3rd QTR 98 Senior Leader Training Publish Unit Programs Brief Unit Programs 4th QTR 98 Small Group Sessions-Recommend Non EO 1st QTR 99 Small group Sessions-Recommend Non EO Assess Program



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