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323 Final Semester Overview Project Presentations.

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1 323 Final Semester Overview Project Presentations

2 Semester Overview Instructional Design is a systematic process It requires good project management It is not much different than other disciplines –Civil Engineering –Mechanical Engineering, etc. Instructional Design requires methodological approach Instructional Design needs to be based on sound Instructional Approach/Strategy

3 Özlü Bir Söz "bir bilgisayar mühendisi ile programcı arasındaki ilişki, inşaat mühendisi ile sıvacı arasındaki ilişkiye benzer" –Prof. Dr. Ufuk Çağlayan, Boğaziçi Üniv. Bilgisayar Müh. “Bir öğretim teknoloğu ile Web tasarımcısı/programcı arasındaki ilişki, inşaat mühendisi ile sıvacı arasındaki ilişkiye benzer"

4 Final Day Procedure Learning projects will be presented on –21/01/2011 Friday –9:30 – 13:30 Two sessions (~6 groups, break, rest of the groups) Each group will have about 10-12 minutes in total, so please only give the key points in your presentations. Each team will make presentation first (~6-7 minutes) and then show the video.

5 Deliverables (on January 21st) Project Final Report 5 mins Video and upload to Youtube Paper Manual (for each member) Peer Evaluation (on January 22th)

6 Presentations In your presentation please give a brief overview of the project. You may start with the analysis stage (needs, target group, purpose, etc), instructional approach, then some highlights from the design stage and findings from the evaluation. Finally, show your video Don't forget, every team member will take a part in the presentation.

7 Presentation Order, Place Order will be announced Copy your presentation files and video to that computer in advance Test your video (and sound) before presentation. If it does not work, you will not be allowed to fix it during the presentation.

8 Important Presentations will be held in two sessions –If you are in the first group you have to be here early No entry to the classroom during the presentations You will not be allowed to present after this hour. Do not forget to rehearse your presentation

9 Good Luck with Your Finals

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