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Geological Sequestration of C Carbon Sequestration in Sedimentary Basins Module 4: Sleipner Project Maurice Dusseault Department of Earth Sciences University.

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1 Geological Sequestration of C Carbon Sequestration in Sedimentary Basins Module 4: Sleipner Project Maurice Dusseault Department of Earth Sciences University of Waterloo Most of these slides are from a presentation by: Tore A Torp,, Adviser CO 2 Storage, StatoilHydro ASA, Norway

2 Geological Sequestration of C 2 Time Magazine, 17. May 2004 Sleipner CO 2 injection: - Decided in 1992 - In operation since 1996 - 1 million tonne CO 2 /year Tore A Torp

3 Geological Sequestration of C North Sea, Sleipner  About 2,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide are separated daily from Sleipner West's gas production and injected into the Utsira sandstone formation (aquifer), rather than released to the air.  Why? Purely economics from the gov’t…  But… Good Politics as well (Norway, EU, StatoilHydro, joint funding…)

4 Geological Sequestration of C Sleipner  9.5% CO 2 in the produced gas  They would …  Be penalized a bit by having less pure gas  Have to pipeline it at extra cost  So…  It is better to separate on platform  And re-inject the CO 2 into a shallow stratum, the Utsira Sandstone

5 Geological Sequestration of C Experience with CO 2 & Injection  Enhanced Oil Recovery (Texas, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Croatia)  Natural gas cleaning  Transport – Pipelines & Ships  Natural gas re-injection  Natural gas underground storage  But, SLEIPNER is the first project to massively inject CO 2 without EOR application - Sequestration

6 Geological Sequestration of C 6 CO 2 -tankers, 1500 m 3 capacity Tore A Torp

7 Geological Sequestration of C 7 Sleipner Facility 2004 Tore A Torp

8 Geological Sequestration of C Sleipner Facility

9 Geological Sequestration of C Injection into the Utsira Fmn. CO2 Injection Well in "Utsira" 9 Sleipner A Sleipner T Utsira Formation Heimdal Formation Sleipner Øst Production and Injection Wells CO 2 2 InjectionWell 1000m 2000m 2500m 0 500m 1500m 1000 m 0 500 m 1500 m Tore A Torp

10 Geological Sequestration of C The Utsira Formation 10 Tore A Torp

11 Geological Sequestration of C The Utsira Formation  High porosity sandstone  ~30% porosity  Permeabilities > 1 D (up to +10 D)  H 2 O saturated, no gas or oil…  200 m thick, with a modest central shale zone that appears continuous  Large volumes available  Regionally continuous  50-60 million m 3 capacity per km 2  Excellent lateral transmissivity!

12 Geological Sequestration of C 12 Statoil BP ExxonMobil Total Norsk Hydro Vattenfall BGS BRGM GEUS IFP NITG-TNO SINTEF IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme Schlumberger Research NO, DK, NL, FR & UK Authorities SALINE AQUIFER CO 2 STORAGE PROJECT

13 Geological Sequestration of C CO 2 Zone Growth

14 Geological Sequestration of C 14 Time-lapse seismic datasets of CO2 stored in Utsira formation Tore A Torp

15 Geological Sequestration of C 15 1 km Plume outline June 2006 Plume outline Oct 2001  8,4 million tonnes injected over 10 years  Plume area: 2,8 km 2 (1,3 km 2 in 2001)  Plume long axis: 3760 m  Maximum distance from injection point: 2560m  Maximum speed of front since 2004: 250 m/year,  Distance from CO 2 to wells:  Exploration well 15/9-13: 430m, decreasing about 12 m/year  D-template: about 2 km straight west of northern plume  15/9-19 wells: about 4,5 km north of plume 3,76 km Plume extension & top Utsira time map saddle Amplitude maps of the uppermost horizon, in 2001 (left), 2004 (middle) and 2006 (right). Hot colours represent higher amplitudes and thicker CO 2 accumulation. 15/9-13 430m Injection point Seismic section CO 2 distribution June 2006 Tore A Torp

16 Geological Sequestration of C 16 Simulated picture of the distribution of CO 2 after three years. Radius of largest bubble 800 m and the total plume 200 m high. Ref: SINTEF Petroleum 2001 Tore A Torp

17 Geological Sequestration of C 17 Dissolution of CO2 in the Utsira Brine Year 2021 Year 2412 Year 2621Year 5019Year 7018 Source: Gemini No. 1, 2004 (NTNU and Sintef) Tore A Torp

18 Geological Sequestration of C SACS Project 1998-2002 18 WHAT WAS ACHIEVED: 3D Seismic proven, Gravimetry tested Reservoir simulation tools partly proven Geology and Geochemistry of “Utsira” mapped Reason to expect the CO 2 to stay for thousands of years DOCUMENTATION “SACS Best Practice Manual, 1.version.” Download from, see page “SACS” Tore A Torp

19 Geological Sequestration of C 19 Demonstrations of CO 2 storage SLEIPNER SNØHVIT WEYBURN IN SALAH GORGON K12B Source: IEA GHG FRIO BRINE KETZIN Nagaoka

20 Geological Sequestration of C 20 Sleipner CO2 Injection

21 Geological Sequestration of C 21 What is keeping the CO 2 there? Trapping Mechanisms  Closure - from day one – faults?  Micro-pore trapping - during injection - lasting  Dissolution in water - sinking to the bottom – centuries  Mineral binding - precipitating solids – centuries/millennia Tore A Torp

22 Geological Sequestration of C 22 Possible Leakage? Leakage paths?  WELLS - Corrosion of cement & steel  Faults/Cracks – Overpressure critical  Underground fluid mobility – Site specific Prevention  Detection  Remediation Tore A Torp

23 Geological Sequestration of C Monitoring: Safety Over TIME?  Before start: Site selection, Planning and Risk assessment =>licence  During injection: Monitoring – “Watch the barn doors” => report  Closure: Monitoring and long-term risk => agreement  Post-closure: Monitoring gradually less => hand-over  Safety against leakage will be better over time! 23 Tore A Torp

24 Geological Sequestration of C CO 2 Capture and Storage (CCS) 24 Leg 2: COST of Capture  Energy use  Costs  Better technologies Leg 1: TRUST in Storage  Methods from oil and gas industry  Geology varies from place to place  More demonstrations Pace: CO 2 Transport Pipeline Ship  Large projects Tore A Torp

25 Geological Sequestration of C 25 Vision

26 Geological Sequestration of C Total Lacq Project (~60 MM €)  Gas processing plant  Steam needs, to be done with CH 4 + O 2  This results in almost pure CO 2 + H 2 O   So, they plan to inject the CO 2 into the Lacq natural gas reservoir, displace a little bit more gas  150,000 t in 2 yrs, starting in 2008  …the first integrated CO 2 capture system using oxy-fuel combustion combined with storage in a depleted hydrocarbon field.

27 Geological Sequestration of C SUMMARY…  First genuine sequestration project  High permeability, high porosity reservoir for the CO2, good seal, etc.  Not fully driven by economics (gov’t subsidy)  A model for future sequestration projects…

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