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Your staff, property, profits and managers could be at serious risk!!! This is a short extract of key slides from the ARTF-SCRACE public & industry danger.

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1 Your staff, property, profits and managers could be at serious risk!!! This is a short extract of key slides from the ARTF-SCRACE public & industry danger alert slide show (ePIM1A) to be found on / Library. Please refer to this full slide show for full information, terms and copyright notices. Copyright © March 2010 – RNA Consultants – all rights reserved. 1

2 In 1994, a very successful and valuable research and development cooperative was initiated between a senior national S.A.B.S. / ISO standards and technical authority, a prominent veteran CSIR research scientist, and a leading remedial roofing research and applications technologist. 2

3 3 Six years later, due to the great success and value of this unique collaboration to industry and the public, these authorities became the founding associates of ARTF.

4 4

5 Worldwide, and over many decades, a great many national institutions, research authorities, corrosion specialists etc., have issued numerous serious warnings, regarding the massive financial losses, asset damages, and risks caused by the corrosion of metal components in roofs and buildings. 5

6 6 Long-term neglect, incorrect material and corrosion control specifications caused this Wadeville factory structure to fail and collapse dangerously

7 7 Many an Engineer, Architect, Property or Maintenance Manager has found himself in the middle of a… … very embarrassing multi-million Rand project failure…

8 8 “Overall costs which can be attributed to corrosion amount to several billion Rand annually in South Africa alone. Corrosion damage to roofing contributes significantly to this costly situation”. Editorial - Volume 4 Issue 1 2007 - Hot Dip Galvanizing Today

9 9 the long-term cost of not having correctly designed, constructed, repaired and maintained these very valuable assets, could run into the …

10 10 Hundreds of millions, or even …

11 11

12 12 Wadeville – failed, collapsed, corroded gutter and liner

13 13 “In most cases, these extreme costs, losses and risks could have been reduced by 40% or more...” (Based on CSIR roof cost study bulletin – ref #B1 104/002 5663 – 12 April 2000)

14 Costs set-aside for roof etc. replacements & repairs (neglect/ unplanned scenario) Disposable Income These and other graphs, charts and calculations used in this slide-show are empirical approximations, not based on virtual models or formal accounting. DISPOSABLE INCOME vs. DEPRECIATION 1963 19782009 14

15 15

16 16 “In recent years, two very well known large wholesale warehouse buildings have been gutted by fire in Gauteng, and their stock and equipment destroyed – this was due to the flammability of the roof insulation”.

17 Highly flammable, extremely bio-hazardous insulation media in use at a Butterworth warehouse– this product releases deadly hydrogen-cyanide gas during combustion In cases like this, insurance claims may be declined. 17

18 18 Illegal and very dangerous structural non-compliances and weaknesses are often a major issue in buildings. Structural risks and failures

19 Very unsafe, failed roof and structure – East London 19

20 20 “Any company that owns or manages a large portfolio of … properties, is very probably in the middle of a massive asset damage, SHE risk, legal compliance and financial loss crisis, without realizing that anything is seriously wrong”. ARTF Public Information Bulletin 2009 THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT …

21 21

22 22 Advanced Level Corrosion Control Services Engineering Services SCRACE CUSTODIAN & CO-ORDINATOR FUNCTIONS Special Corporate Services Specialised Roofing Services Architectural Services Construction Services SCRACE CUSTODIAN SCRACE CO-ORDINATOR WORKS PROJECT (Optimal & most economical outcome and best investment return ensured) OWNER / TENANT

23 23 SCRACE derives its name from the first letters of the following: S pecial corporate services; C orrosion control; R oofing; A rchitecture; C onstruction; E ngineering. SCRACE is an operations, structures and hard asset care and services portfolio that is scientifically developed to address building, property, client and employee needs in the field of roof and building technology, etc.. SCRACE is highly beneficial, as it is an advanced, holistic, synergistic and comprehensive science and system…

24 24 …carefully interlaced and balanced, to ensure maximum asset protection/ development; cost control; staff wellness; statutory, engineering and SHE compliance… … building and function optimization; risk and loss control; green building and infrastructure development; energy efficiency optimization etc.

25 25 SCRACE utilizes 12-year Strategic Maintenance Plans (SMP's), and cleverly paces and optimizes cost and works allocations, for maximal investment value, ongoing economy, and owner benefits.

26 26 “ Although roofing project failures and sub-performance are (very) common in the local roofing industry, cases of such that have been reported to myself, the CSIR, ARTF or their senior members, regarding projects undertaken by ARTF approved specialist applicators, using the (SCRACE) specifications and application/ QA etc. systems, have decreased to zero ”. M.S. Smit, Chief Research Officer (now retired), Division of Building and Construction Technology, CSIR. ( ) = editors changes

27 27 “The ARTF-SCRACE system probably achieves more cost saving - and asset salvation, stabilization, protection and optimization per Rand input, then any other method in use continentally. It is a true, exceptional and very secure investment”.

28 28 The PSAR (Preliminary SCRACE Assessment & Report) is a concise, broad-spectrum preliminary assessment of various key engineering, architectural, corrosion, SHE, fire, roofing, construction etc. items, which provides recommendations regarding high priority works to be done over the following 3 years. It also includes advice regarding reliable expert professional resources, ideal specifications and materials to be used on buildings and roofs etc. The SCRACE PSAR

29 29 Micro PSAR - For a concise general overview R 13,980.00 R 13,980.00 Midi PSAR - Includes Fire Audit, Natural Ventilation Assessment, Safety and Health (S&H) Assessment, Safety and Health (S&H) Audit, more comprehensive Building and Audit, more comprehensive Building and Roof Assessment* Roof Assessment* R 24,980.00 R 24,980.00

30 30 Full PSAR (Highly recommended): Includes: OHS etc. related Structural Engineer’s Assessment and Report Assessment and Report Fire Audit Fire Audit Basic Natural Ventilation Assessment Basic Natural Ventilation Assessment Building and Roof Assessment Building and Roof Assessment Safety and Health (S & H) Audit Safety and Health (S & H) Audit plus a Green Building/ Energy efficiency review* plus a Green Building/ Energy efficiency review* R48,850.00 (All prices VAT Excl) (In some case, expanded PSAR’s are recommended – SQ)

31 31 Place your order now for a PSAR (Preliminary SCRACE Assessment and Report) to be undertaken by an ARTF listed professional team, at one or more of your properties.

32 Contact ARTF on +27 (0)11 605 2837; (0)71 343 9194 or Log on to or Contact your nearest ARTF-SCRACE listed Consultant, Architect or Engineer 32

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