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ANANDYOG “Yog for bliss”.

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1 ANANDYOG “Yog for bliss”

2 ANANDYOG “Yog for bliss”
Ayurveda lounge takes the pleasure of organizing Yog and Ayurveda Festival called ANANDYOG (“Uplift YOUR consciousness”). A path leading to ecstasy, real joy and happiness is an ultimate goal of this festival. ANANDYOG is treat to seekers of Yog and Ayurved. A combination of yogasanas and ayurvedic massage treatments along with lectures makes ANANDYOG unique. ANANDYOG will raise your level of consciousness. 21st June st International Yog day is a auspicious start of this festival which will last till 28th of June. Eminent personalities from the field will guide to pursue the dream of every yogi. Indian ancient knowledge in the form of Yog and Ayurved is a gift to the mankind and ANANDYOG tries to unfold this heritage . Different facets of Yog and Ayurveda will be explained with details. Eg 64 types of OM chanting, Yadnya and its scientific approach , agnihotra and its scientific approach etc. Every individual, participating at ANANDYOG will find the way towards the ecstasy. ANANDYOG designed to harmonize your body, mind, and soul. Come be a part of this path, perform the yogasanas, enjoy the ayurvedic massages, enrich yourself with deep knowledge and finally get your own ANANDYOG.

3 AnandYog Yog & Ayurved International Festival 2015
आनंदयोग २०१५

4 Organized by Ayurveda Lounge & Swapnanagri Herbal Farm
Schedule 21st June – 28th June 2015 Venue – SPINE HOTELS (MARUNJE PUNE.)

5 Programme Days Yoga sessions.
Every day Yog, Aasan, and Pranayam Practicals. Learn Practicals from eminent personalities from the Yog field.

6 External Ayurvedic Treatments
Abhyang Shirodhara Nasya Katibassti Shiroabhyang Mukhabhyanga Enjoy and feel blessed with the lively ayurvedic treatments offered everyday.

7 6 Days lecture series on Yoga and Ayurved
Pranav recitation (Omkar therapy and 64 types of Om) Workshop on Pulse diagnosis Lecture on Importance of ancient traditional knowledge of Yog.- Dr. Manmath Gharote. Ayurvedic Factory visit of Dr. Balaji tambe followed by his speech Cancer and Ayurved – Speech By Dr. Yogesh Bendale

8 Live Demonstration of ayurvedic recipe.
Science and spirituality of Chakras by Dr. R. N. Shukla Magical relaxation techniques. Pranayam Techniques.

9 Actual Demonstration for ( यज्ञ व आग्निहोत्र)
Yadnya and Agnihotra Indian Classical Music live concert Post event heritage Tours

10 Advisory Committee Dr. Balaji Tambe Dr. P. H. Kukarni Dr. R. N. Shukla
Dr. Manmath Gharote Dr. Nitin Unkule Dr. Samprasad Vinod Dr. Mrs. Bhagyalata Pataskar Dr. Yogesh Bendale

11 Contact Us Ayurveda Lounge B1/4 Shantiban Society, Paud Road, Kothrud,
Pune India. India: Dr. Sheetal Chopade Germany: Astrid Dodegge Handy –

12 Thanks Dr. Sheetal Chopade Mr. Deepak Paranjaape

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