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2 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART OF HORTICULUTRE UNIT Secretary-cum-Development Commissioner Additional Development Commissioner DIRECTOR (HORT.) (*1) HORTICULTURIST (*3) F.V.S.(+1) HEAD CLERK (+1) Dy. DIRECTOR (HORT.) (*1) HORTICULTURE ASSISTANT (*3, +7) LABOUR (*13, +225) U.D.C.L.D.C.BELDARMALI (16) FIELD MAN (+14) SALESMAN (+1) HORTICULTURE ASSISTANT (+12)

3 DETAILS OF SANCTIONED AND FILLED POSTS UNDER HORTICULTURE UNIT, DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT AS ON :- S.No.Name of postGroupPay Grade in RS. No’s of Sanctioned posts No’s of filled posts No’s of vacant posts A.Ex-Cadre Staff:- Dy. Director (Hort,)Group-A Horticulturist ( Class-II gazetted ) Group-B F.V.S. ( Class-II gazetted)-do Horticulture Assistant Group-C Mechanical Supervisor Group-C DriverGroup-C Peon-cum-Messenger -do do Field man-do Beldar-do Chowkidar-do Sweeper-do Labour-do Total:

4 B.Ministerial Staff ( DASS Cadre) 1.Head ClerkGrade-II UDCGrade-III Junior StenographerGrade-III Store KeeperGroup-C LDCGrade-IV Sales ManGrade-IV Total: DETAILS OF SANCTIONED AND FILLED POSTS UNDER HORTICULTURE UNIT, DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT AS ON :-

5 Area of parks developed in Veterinary Hospitals of Director ( Animal Husbandry) Unit, Departmental Nurseries:- S.No.Name of locationArea 1In the campus of, Gazipur,2312 sqmts 2.In the campus of, Bhalswa,5844 sqmts 3.In the campus of, Nangli Dairy,4536 sqmts 4.In the campus of, Nasirpur,15368 sqmts 5.In the campus of, Palam,1123 sqmts 6.Floriculture Nursery at Hauzrani,05 sqmts 7.Floriculture Nursery at Patparganj, opp. Aksher Dham Mandir in Transyamuna. 04 sqmts 8.Floriculture Demonstration Center at Dwarka8500 9.Floriculture Demonstration Center at at Libaspur in Alipur Block. 03 acres 10.Herbal/ medicinal nursery/ garden at Libaspur in Alipur Block. 1.5 acres 11.*Kharkhari Nahar in Najafgarh Block. (Scarcity of water )24 acres 12.Masoodabad in Najafgarh Block04 acres 13., Gazipur, Nursery0.5 acre 14.Simirti Vatika, Moti Bagh12 acres

6 Name of State: Delhi Outlay and expenditure under State Plan on Agriculture and Allied Sector wef to S. No. Major Head/ Minor Head of Deptt. Budget Actual Exp Budg et Actual Exp Budge t Actual Exp Budge t Actual Exp Budge t Actual Exp Budge t Actual Exp Budge t Actual Exp Budget Exp. up Exp M.H.2401 Int.Veg. C. Pgr. B-1(8)(1)(1)(1) Salaries B-1(8)(1)(1)(2) OTA B-1(8)(1)(1)(3) B-1(8)(1)(1)(4) O.E B-1(8)(1)(1)(5) MT Total: Direction & Admn.(NP) M.H B-1(1)(1)(1) Salaries B-1(1)(1)(2) OTA B-1(1)(1)(3) DTE B-1(1)(1)(4) O.E B-1(1)(1)(5) MT B1(1)(1)(6)IT TOTAL Integrated Hort. Veg. Dev. Prog. (NP) M.H.2401 B-1(8)(1)(2)(1) Salaries B-1(8)(1)(2)(2) OTA B-1(8)(1)(2)(3) DTE B-1(8)(1)(2)(4) O.E B-1(8)(1)(2)(5) MT B-1(8)(1)(2)(1) Charged head Total:

7 4.4. Dev. of & Garden (NP) M.H.2401 B-1(8)(2)(2)(1) Salaries B-1(8)(2)(2)(3) OTA B-1(8)(2)(2)(4) B-1(8)(2)(2)(5) O.E B-1(8)(2)(2)(6) MT TOTAL Floriculture Production Programme (NP) M.H.2401 B-1(9)(2)(1) Salaries B-1(9)(2)(3) OTA B-1(9)(2)(4) DTE B-1(9)(2)(5) O.E B-1(9)(2)(6) MT Total: B-1(9)(2)(7)- Material & supplies ( NP) B-1(1)(1)(2)-SCP (NP) M.H Capital Head Flori. Prod. Programme ( Plan) Note:- The A/A and E/S of Rs lacs for boundary wall at Saidulazaib Park + Rs lacs for installation of two borewells at kharkhari Nahar Farm cum Nursery has been conveyed to Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi under Capital outlay during the year

8 STATEMENT SHOWING PHYSICAL T\ARGET & ACHIEVEMENT FOR THE YEAR to & ACHIEVEMENT UP TO JULY 2011 S.N. Name of the Department/Sector/ Scheme UnitTarget for 11 th. Plan Target for Achieve ments during Target for Achieveme nts during Target for Achieve ments during Target during the year Achieveme nt during Target during Achievement up to July 2011 Floriculture Prod. Programme I.Production at Govt. Nursery / Farms. 1.Decorative /ornamental plants No’s Bulbs of Bulbus plants-do Flower seedling-do Flower seedsKg Rising of Vegetable seedlings No’s Vegetable seedsKg Herbal / medicinal plants.No’s Other seedlings.No’s II.Extension activities:- 1.Area brought under floriculture Hac Area brought under Vegetables Hac Production of Vegetables.MT Kisan GosthiNo’s Training to rural youthNo’s III.Distribution of vegetable kits to SC families under SCP No’s As per availabili ty of funds 0 0 V.Dev. of parks on Gaon sabha / community / Govt lands /. No’s

9 List of Vehicles, Diesel Engines, Generator sets, lawn movers, tubewells/ borewells moveable & immoveable properties under Horticulture Unit:- S.No.Name of vehicle / Diesel Engine/ lawn mover/ tube/ bore wells etc. LocationName of Incharge 1.DHL-9021 ( Tractor)South DistrictShri Sant Lal, TA 2.DEL-9722 ( Tractor)South-West DistrictShri Laldev Yadev, HA 3.DEL-9974 ( Tractor )South-West DistrictShri J.P. Sharma, HA 4.DEL9828 ( tractor )Kharkhari NaharSh. Richhpal Singh, HA 5.DEL-9333 ( tractor)-do- 4.DLL-5491 ( Tractor )Hauzrani NurserySh. Rajpal Singh, HA 5.DL-1U-0705 ( TATA-207)Lying out of orderOn the disposal of the unit 6.DL-1U-811 ( TATA-207)Lying out of order-do- 7.DL-6C-4075 ( Maruti Van)HOO(Hort.)-do- 8.DNI-7335 ( En. Motercycle)Official dutiesSh. Rajpal Singh, H.A. 9.DNI-7336 ( En. Motercycle)-do-Sh. K.P. Maan, H.A. 10Generator SetOne at Hauzrani NurserySh. Rajpal Singh, HA 10-do-FDC- LibaspurSh. Rajpal Singh Tomer, HA 11.-do-Chilla NurserySh. Harveer Sharma, HA 12.-do-FDC, DwarkaSh. J.P. Sharma, HA 13.Diesel Engine SetsPatparganj Nursery.Sh. Harbir Singh 14.-do-Chilla NurserySh. Harveer Sharma, HA 15.-do-Libaspur FDCSh. Rajpal Singh 16-do-Masoodabad, Nsy.Sh. L.D. Yadev, 17.-do-Dwarka, FDC.J.P. Sharma,HA 18.Lawn moverTwo in South-West District.Sh. J.P. Sharma,HA 19.Tube / borewellsTwo at Hauzrani Nursery,Sh. Rajpal Singh, HA 20.-do-Sh. Sant lal, HA 21.-do-FDC, DwarkaSh. J.P. Shrama, HA 22.-do-Simirti Vatika, Moti BaghSh. Yogendra Singh Rathi, EO(A) 23.-do-Kharkhari Nahar Farm cum NsySh. Richhpal Singh, HA 24.-do-Libaspur FDCSh. Rajpal Singh Tomer, HA 25.-do-Herbal Nursery, libaspur.Sh. K.P. Maan, HA 26.Office cum StoresHauzrani NurserySh. Rajpal Singh, HA 27.-do-Patparganj NurserySh. Harbir Singh. 28.-do-Kharkhari Nahar Farm cum nsy,Sh. Richhpal Singh, HA 29.-do-Masoodabad Farm cum NurserySh. L.D. Yadev, HA 30.-do-Training Centre Moti Bagh/ Samriti VatikaSh. Yogendra Singh Rathi, EO(A)

10 FLORICULTURE PRODUCTION PROGRAMME Introduction:- In Delhi, area is decreasing day by day due to acquisition of land on large scale for urbanization/ colonization. Keeping in view the decreasing trend of cultivated land available for horticulture production and to meet growing need for high value/ low volume crops especially in metropolitan city due to western influence, being the capital of India, Delhi can impart an important role in production of flowers, vegetables and medicinal/ herbal crops for internal and international market, as the climate of Delhi region is suitable for these crops. Tough Delhi can produce almost all kind of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbal/ medical crops etc.

11 CROPS SUITABLE FOR DELHI AREA Loose flower:-Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Bush rose etc. Cut Flower :- Gladiolus, Tube rose, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, Rose, Lilium, Carnation etc. Medicinal Plants:- Stevia, Bhrami, Patherchut, Punarnava, Gudmar, Sennai, Anantmool, vasaka, Lemon grass, Bhrami, Aswagandha etc.

12 Year of Commencement of the Plan Scheme The following Plan schemes were initiated during the year :- 1.Floriculture Production Programme (Plan). 2.Development of Community Parks and Gardens (Plan) 3.Integrated Horticulture & Vegetable Production Programme (Plan) 3 (a) Distribution of vegetable kits to SC/ST beneficiaries under S.C.P. Latter on during the Year , the above said all schemes were merged into one and present nomenclature of the scheme is “Floriculture Production Programme (Plan) and it is an ongoing Programme with the above mentioned components.

13 NEED & JUSTIFICATION: The main aim for implementation of this project is to expand area under horticulture and to improve the quality and quantity by providing facilities like good quality inputs like seeds, seedlings, bulbs, ornamental plants, Insecticides/ pesticides, fertilizers, organic manure to the farmers as well as kitchen gardeners of Delhi. INPUT SALE CENTERS Input Sale Center Najafgarh.Discontinued during Input Sale Center Nangloi.-do- Input Sale Center Alipur.-do- Input Sale Center Shahadara-do- Input Sale Center Mehrauli.-do- Input Sale Center Krishi Bhavan.-do- Input Sale Center Khyberpass.-do- Input Sale Center Punjabi Bagh.-do- Input Sale Center At Simirti Vatika, Moti Bagh.-do- Difficulties in smooth running of sale centre: Discontinuation during and sale centre have been revived during the year Sale through Input Sale Centers:- YearSale in Rs ,36, ,47, , , ,13,132

14 Revenue generated through Departmental nurseries ( Amount in Rs.) YearPatparganj Hauzrani Total

15 Nature of activities under Horticulture unit During the eleventh Five year plan, Horticulture unit, Development Department, Govt. of Delhi with a view to intensify efforts towards extension of area and increase in production of flowers, vegetable, fruits crops in Delhi along with to improve the environmental conditions and ecological balance of Delhi. The objectives in the eleventh Plan proposed which are as under:- 1.To enhance the production of improved and good quality flowers and vegetable seeds and planting material at Government Seed Farm/Nurseries and to provide the same to the farmers as well as kitchen gardeners of Delhi on reasonable rates and to introduce the latest technologies for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables and medicinal/ herbal crops/ plants on Govt. farm/ Nurseries. 2.To demonstrate low/high technology at Govt. lands for providing the technical know-how to the farmers/kitchen gardeners/ technical staff. 3.Collection dependable data on area and production relating to flower/vegetable/medicinal crops/plants involved for the cultivation of such crops. 4.To provide the technical know- how for growing high value crops to generate more income & employment to the public.

16 Cont. 5.To provide training to the farmers who are interested to adopt the horticulture as profession. 6.To arrange exhibitions /Kishan Gosthies 7.To improve the ecological balances and environmental conditions of the areas of NCT of Delhi by planting more and more plants. 8.To protect Community Lands/ Govt. lands from the land grabbers by planting tree saplings. 9.To improve general condition of sub-urban/urban/rural areas from pollution. 10.To develop places for walking, studying, meditation and picnic, etc to the residents of Delhi by developing parks on Community/Govt./ Govt. Office premises/ campuses/ Veterinary Hospitals.

17 PROGRAMME CONTENTS:- The Floriculture Production Prgoramme is being implemented in whole NCT of Delhi:- 1.Expansion of scientific technology among the farmers:- The extension staff is providing latest innovative scientific knowledge for the production of flower, vegetable and medicinal/ herbs to the cultivators/ kitchen gardeners. All the techniques for adopting modern scientific techniques release by various research institutes are passed to extension. 2.Service for better Marketing:- There is generally scarcity of proper marketing facility in several locality of NCT of Delhi. The farmers faces many difficulties. In order to that the extension staffs are contacted and in close tech with the growers and guide them to take the right step.

18 Contd….. 3.Development of elite progeny nurseries for production of good quality plant materials:- In order to supply the good quality planting material of the cultivators of flowers, vegetables and medicinal/ herbals the nurseries are being developed. i)Floriculture Nursery at Hauzrani, M. B. Road. ii)Floriculture Nursery at Patparganj, opp. Aksher Dham Mandir in Transyamuna. iii)Floriculture Demonstration Center at Dwarka. iv)Floriculture Demonstration Center at Libaspur in Alipur Block. v)Herbal/ medicinal nursery/ garden at Libaspur in Alipur Block. vi)*Kharkhari Nahar in Najafgarh Block. (Scarcity of water) vii)Masoodabad in Najafgarh Block viii)Model Town ix)Nayabans at Community Center in Alipur Block. x)Veterinary Hospital at Gazipur. Area in AcStart Year

19 No. of plants at *Kharkhari Nahar S.No.Species Area(Ac) No. of Plants 1.Jamun Guava Amla Jatroopa Ber Kinno Anar Other plants3000 Masoodabad:- 1.Amla * Due to scarcity of water the farm at Kharkhari Nahar has been converted into plantation area and the above mentioned plants are planted at the farm.

20 Outlay R.E & Annual Plan as under:- S. NoRE Expenditure – BE Rev.SCPCap.TotalRev.SCPCap.TotalRev.SCPCap.Total Total

21 S. No. Name of ItemExp BE Revenue: Purchase of inputs, Planting Material, Tools, Machinery, for the development & maintenance including multiplication of seeds / seedlings / plant material of Horticulture, Floriculture, Herbal nurseries/ Floriculture Demonstration Centers, Parks etc SCP Purchase of Inputs for the distribution of vegetable kits to SC families Capital *Repair of glass houses & two re-boring of tubewells at Hauzrani Nsy. ** Repair of boundary wall & lighting system at Saidulazaib Park in South Disstt and covering of dirty drain at Samirti Vatika, Moti Bagh. *21.10**50.00 Grand total:

22 Physical Targets and Achievements:- S. No. Name of ItemsUnitAchievement During Targets During Extension Programme i.Area brought under VegetablesHac iiArea brought under Floriculture2222Hac iiiProduction of VegetablesMT ivKishan GosthiesNos.605 vTraining of rural youth/farmers No viDistribution of vegetable kits SC families / Dev. Of park / herbal garden in Harizen colonies. No.0As per availability of funds

23 Contd…… 2.Production at departmental Nurseries/ Farms i.Decorative/ ornamental plantsNo iiBulbs of bulbus plantsNo iiiFlower Seedlings (Production & sale)No ivFlower SeedsKg vSale of vegetable seedlingsNo viProduction of Other seedlingsNo Dev. Of Flori. Demons, centers/ herbal gardens. Development of Demonstration Centers/herbal gardens (The office cum store is under construction & A/A and E/S has been communicated to I&FCD) No Plantation of Gaon Sabha/ Community/ govt. lands No Development of parks on Community/ Govt. lands/ campuses of govt. offices. No.005 * Due to transfer of 3 acre land of Hauzrani Farm to Dy. Commissioner (South) for construction of office complex. ** Reduction of sale due to non-availability of other inputs like seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, garden tools etc. *** Development of Park at Vet. Hospital at Bhalshwa, Ghazipur, Nagali Sakrawati, Nashirpur (Gram Sabha), Rajya Sainik Board and BDO, Najafgarh.

24 Bottlenecks / Issues for considerations 1.Reducing strength of officers and field staffs. 2.Allocation of other duties to field Extension Staffs such as Panchayat Work, demolition, court case etc. 3.Non-availability of quality seeds/ bulbs especially is respect of bulbus flowers, proper cutting of ornaments & decorative plants. 4.Inequality marketing facility for flowers, aromatic & medicinal plants. 5.Charging of commercial rates on electricity as fixed by Delhi Electricity Regulatory Authority on cultivation of Floriculture, Horticulture & Mushroom cultivation. 6.Inadequate agro-based industries in Delhi for better price of produce to farmers. 7.Representation of labours for change of designation.



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