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Alecsandar STOIANOV. Legacy software Introduction.

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1 Alecsandar STOIANOV

2 Legacy software Introduction

3 Patterns & Antipatterns

4 Observer  observerPattern(Project, SubjectN, ObserverN, ConcrSubjsN,ConcrObserversN, UpdateMsN,AttDetMeths,NotifyMeth):- observer(Observer,ObserverN,Project), subject(Subject,SubjectN,Observer,AttDetMeths,Notif yMeth,UpdateMsN), findall(X,concreteSubject(_,X,Subject),ConcrSubjsN), findall(Y,concreteObserver(_,Y,Observer),ConcrObser versN).

5 God Class  This AntiPattern is characterized by a class diagram composed of a single complex controller class surrounded by simple data classes. The key problem here is that the majority of the responsibilities are allocated to a single class.

6 Results 1 SingletonDecoratorObserverStrategyAdapter MePinotMePinotMePinotMePinotMePinot jHotDraw 6.0b Java AWT Java Swing Apache Ant

7 Results 2 Data ClassCall Super Constant Interface God Class Interface Bloat Yoyo Problem (factor = 6) Poltergeist jHotDraw 6.0b Java AWT Java Swing Apache Ant

8 & Answers? Questions

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