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Horticulture CD Unit B1 - 12 Floriculture. Problem Area 1 Greenhouse Crop Production.

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1 Horticulture CD Unit B1 - 12 Floriculture

2 Problem Area 1 Greenhouse Crop Production

3 Lesson 12 Managing the Greenhouse Business

4 Interest Approach zImagine you’re a greenhouse manager. What do you think your duties will be? Will you be in charge of other employees? What are other management decisions you think you might have to make? Think about your answers to these questions as you follow along with the lesson.

5 Student Learning Objectives z1. Identify types of greenhouse businesses. z2. Recognize costs related to production. z3. Describe career opportunities associated with greenhouse management. z4. Identify skills a plant grower should master.

6 Terms zDirect labor costs zDirect materials cost zGreenhouse manager zGrower zMarketing costs zMarketing manager zOverhead costs

7 Terms cont. zProduction manager zPropagator zRetail growers zShipping room manager zSpecialty growers zWholesale growers

8 Wholesale Florist Courtesy, Society of American Florists

9 What are the types of greenhouse businesses? zGreenhouse businesses fall under one of three categories. ySpecialty growers produce crops sold to wholesale or retail greenhouse growers. Specialty growers often specialize in one crop or a limited number of crops.

10 xSome specialty growers focus on rooted cuttings, such as poinsettia cuttings, chrysanthemum cuttings or florist azalea liners. xSpecialty growers are common when it comes to producing seeds, particularly for bedding plants.

11  A third type of specialty grower produces bulbs for forcing, including Easter lilies, tulips, and daffodils. yWholesale growers produce a limited number of crops. Wholesale growers may specialize a type of plant or cut flower, their products are sold to retailers.

12 yplants. Their products are then sold to retailers. yRetail growers generally produce a variety of crops sold directly to the public through their own retail outlet.

13 What costs are associated with production? zDepending on the type of greenhouse business, the costs can vary a great deal. However, there are some costs common to all greenhouse operations. yDirect materials costs are those costs including plant materials, pots, chemicals, and growing media. They have a direct impact on the production of the crops.

14 yDirect labor costs are based on production activities such as planting crops, spacing crops, watering and fertilizing crops and managing pests and diseases. Direct labor costs include wages and benefits (health insurance, paid vacations, sick leave, etc.).

15 yOverhead costs are costs that do not have a direct impact on the production of the crops. Some examples of overhead costs are heating fuel, office management and secretarial support, taxes, depreciation, insurance, and utilities.

16 yMarketing costs cover those costs associated with advertising, packaging products, ship-ping, and billing.

17 What career opportunities are associated with greenhouse management? zThere are many different career opportunities in the greenhouse industry. Large companies may seek employees for specialized jobs, while smaller companies may look for employees to perform diverse tasks.

18 yThe greenhouse manager is responsible for the total greenhouse operation. Often the greenhouse manager is also the owner.

19 yA production manager holds the job of planning and supervising the production of the crops that management has decided to grow.

20 yThe propagator is in charge of all phases of the propagation of plant materials. The propagator must understand methods of propagation, cultural practices that speed propagation, and disorders that occur during propagation.

21 yThe grower is given charge of the day to day tasks involved in producing one or more crops. They oversee tasks such as planting, watering, fertilizing, and harvesting of the crop. Large operations have more than one grower, with each assigned to a different greenhouse or range of houses.

22 yA marketing manager’s job is to sell the crops. This job includes tasks such as grading plants, storing the plants, packaging and shipping the plants, and ordering materials to perform these tasks. In small operations, the production manager carries out the tasks described here.

23 yShipping room manager is a title given to the person responsible for handling a crop from the time it leaves the greenhouse until it is shipped.

24 yMany jobs are available for other work to be done in the greenhouse. These jobs are often labor intensive. Some examples are filling pots with media, disbudding plants, pack-aging plants for shipping, taking cuttings, and driving trucks. Entry level workers are commonly assigned these jobs before advancing to manager positions.

25 What skills should a plant grower master? zGrowers are required to have an expert understanding of many different things. yFirst, growers must understand the crops being grown and how to care for them. Proper watering, prescribed fertilizer rates, photoperiodic control, and pest management are keys to being successful.

26 yGrowers should have mechanical skills, particularly those needed to keep the greenhouse in good repair and operation. yGrowers must understand the market and be able to deliver crops in good condition.

27 yGrowers must possess administrative skills that result in efficient use of the labor force in the greenhouse and completion of production tasks (pinching, chemical applications, black cloth treatment, etc.) on a timely basis.

28 yGrowers should have a good understanding of laws pertaining to the greenhouse industry. Two examples are the pesticide storage and use and run off of fertigation water.

29 Review/Summary zWhat are the types of greenhouse businesses? zWhat costs are associated with production? zWhat career opportunities are associated with greenhouse management? zWhat skills should a plant grower master?

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