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Christmas Day in the Morning Pearl S. Buck. R einforcement T ext Analysis Christmas Day in the Morning B ackground W arming uparming up Unit 12.

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1 Christmas Day in the Morning Pearl S. Buck

2 R einforcement T ext Analysis Christmas Day in the Morning B ackground W arming uparming up Unit 12

3 W B TR Questions/Activities Check-on Preview Objectives Warming up Unit 12 Christmas Day in the Morning

4 Do you know any Bible story about Christmas?

5 1. What does Bible tell us about the birth of Jesus? Bible: …And when they (the three Magis ) had come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him; and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts: gold and frankincense, and myrrh… Warming up Questions/Activities

6 2. What is Christmas? Christmas Day—December, the 25th—which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian religion, is the biggest and the best-loved holiday throughout the Christian world. It is a time of warmth and gaiety, love and laughter, hospitality and good will. Today, it’s a time for people from far distance to gather with their families. Warming up Questions/Activities

7 We Wish You a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year. Good tidings to you, And all of your kin, Good tidings for Christmas, And a Happy New Year. Warming up Questions/Activities 3. Sing the song about Christmas

8 We all know that Santa's coming, We all know that Santa's coming, We all know that Santa's coming, And soon will be here. Good tidings to you, And all of your kin, Good tidings for Christmas, And a Happy New Year. Warming up Questions/Activities

9 We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year. Warming up Questions/Activities

10 Check-on Preview W B TR Warming up How did Rob spend one Christmas with his wife? How did he learn about his father’s love for him? How did he make his Christmas present for his father when he was 15 years old? What made that Christmas so memorable for both Rob and his father? How did Rob celebrate this Christmas after more than 50 years?

11 W B TR Warming up Through this unit, students should – understand the main idea and the structure of the text and be able to talk about the theme(s) of the text; –the key words, idiomatic expressions, collocations, sentence structures and grammar items in the text; –acquire a basic understanding of the writing techniques in this text: simile, metaphor, alliteration, euphemism, and flashback –inform themselves about the author Pearl Buck (life, best known work[s], relation with China, anecdotes with other famous figures, etc.); –learn to do a mini-Internet-research by doing; –form a comprehensive understanding of Christmas Objectives

12 Background Author B W TR Christmas Day in the Morning Unit 12 Culture Tips

13 Pearl S. Buck ( ) A friend of Chinese people A Literature Nobel Prize Laureate (1938) Background Author

14 I should not be truly myself if I did not, in my own wholly unofficial way, speak also of the people of China, whose life has for so many years been my life also, whose life, indeed, must always be a part of my life. The minds of my own country and of China, my foster country, are alike in many ways, but above all, alike in our common love of freedom. Background Author

15 Background Author And today more than ever, this is true, now when China's whole being is engaged in the greatest of all struggles, the struggle for freedom. I have never admired China more than I do now, when I see her uniting as she has never before, against the enemy who threatens her freedom. With this determination for freedom, which is in so profound a sense the essential quality in her nature, I know that she is unconquerable.

16 Birthday: June 26, 1892 Parents: Absalom and Caroline Sydenstricker Came to China: 3 months old Period of stay in China: 40 years Residential area: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province Background Author

17 Pearl and Her Family 1 st husband: John Lossing Buck, a Cornell graduate Carol (first child): profoundly retarded Janice: adopted child 1 st marriage: unhappy but last 18 years 2 nd husband: Richard Walsh, a publisher Background Author

18 Pearl’s Life in 1920s In 1921, her mother died. In 1927, Nanking incident broke out which made her suffer a lot. She spent a terrified day in hiding, and was rescued by the American gunboat. The Bucks sailed to Japan for a year. Background Author

19 Pearl’s Works East Wind, West Wind The Good Earth Dragon Seed The Big Wave Satan Never Sleeps, etc. Background Author

20 Pearl and Her Prizes Pulitzer Prize and Howells Medal for The Good Earth Nobel Prize in Literature 1938 for The Good Earth “—for her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China and for her biographical masterpieces” Background Author

21 Pearl’s Special Contributions In 1942, Pearl and Richard founded the East and West Association, dedicated to cultural exchange and understanding between Asia and the West. In 1949, outraged that existing adoption services considered Asian and mixed-race children unadoptable, Pearl established Welcome House, the first international, inter-racial adoption agency; in the nearly five decades of its work, Welcome House has assisted in the placement of over five thousand children. In 1964, to provide support for Amerasian children who were not eligible for adoption, Pearl also established the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, which provides sponsorship funding for thousands of children in half-a-dozen Asian countries.Pearl S. Buck Foundation Background Author

22 In 1973, Pearl died at Green Hills Farm, at the age of 80. Background Author

23  Do you know some of the most popular Christmas customs? Exchanging gifts Hanging a stocking near the chimney and receiving toys from Santa Claus Singing Christmas carols Decorating for Christmas Culture Tips Background

24 Exchanging gifts: –The first Christmas gifts were those that the three Wise Men brought to the infant Jesus. The custom of giving gifts to family members and close friends is extremely popular in the United States today. Both children and adults get Christmas presents, although children usually get many more. Culture Tips Background

25 Hanging a stocking near the chimney and receiving toys from Santa Claus: –Children believe that on Christmas Eve Santa Claus, a fat, jolly man who wears a red suit, red hat and long white beard, slides down their chimneys to bring them gifts. –On Christmas Eve children would hang stockings by the fireplace, hoping that Santa Claus will fill them with candy and toys. Many youngsters would lie awake listening for Santa Claus and his sleigh; some children even leave him a snack of milk and cookies. Culture Tips Background

26 Singing Christmas carols: –The custom of singing Christmas carols during the Christmas season goes back to the time when they were sung in the churches as part of the Nativity (Christmas) plays. Now everybody sings them. From early December, beautiful Christmas songs are heard on the radio, on TV, in the streets and in office buildings. Many people still keep the custom of walking with friends from house to house singing the traditional carols of Christmas. Culture Tips Background

27 Do you know how to decorate for Christmas?

28 Decorating for Christmas: –The spirit of the Christmas season arrives about a month before the holiday itself. Late in November, street lights and store windows are decorated with the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. –Snowmen, Santa Claus, shepherds and angels appear in countless shop windows. Fir trees, holly wreaths and mistletoe are familiar sights. Everyone is busy shopping for Christmas presents and families decorate their homes, inside and out, with colored lights and evergreens. Culture Tips Background

29 Decorating for Christmas: –In ancient times, branches of fir or spruce were considered to bring good luck and guarantee the return of spring. Today, Christmas trees are usually covered with colored balls and strings of colored lights. The star on top of the tree represents the star in the East which guided the Three Wise Men to Bethlehem, the Holy Land. Culture Tips Background

30 Detailed Analysis Writing Devices Structure Theme Unit 12 Text Analysis T WB R Christmas Day in the Morning

31 Text Analysis Theme T WB R Love alone can waken love. It means that love is always mutual and always begins with giving. In view of the growing lack of human warmth partly due to the fierce competition in modern society, this idea appears all more important. Of course it would be naive to think that love is the answer to all our problems today, and in a world divided by class, racial and national conflicts, universal love is still unrealistic. The theme is summed up at Para. 44.

32 1 Paras. 1-8 Rob woke suddenly in an early Christmas morning and insisted on a proper celebration of Christmas for his wife and himself. 2 Paras Rob recalled the Christmas morning when he was fifteen years old and it was on that morning that he realized how much his father loved him. 3 Paras Rob realized that love alone can waken love and wrote a letter to his wife to express his love for her. T WB R Text Analysis Structure

33 Flashback A literary or cinematic device in which an earlier event is inserted into the normal chronological order of a narrative. Text Analysis Writing Devices

34 Flashback Write down the numbers of the paragraphs for the time period according to the text: 1) Christmas morning, Rob’s present time: Paras.1-2; Paras. 7-8; Paras ) The previous day: Paras ) That particular Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when Rob was fifteen: Paras ; Paras ) The day when love woke in Rob: Paras ) The time of the conversation between Rob and his father, when he was a little boy: Paras Text Analysis Writing Devices

35 Alliteration The same consonant sound is repeated at intervals in the initial position. e.g. 1. She sells sea-shells on the seashore. 2. Wild Mushrooms: Mysterious-Menacing-Magnificent 3. Predictably the winter will be snowy, sleety and slushy. 4. weak and weary Text Analysis Writing Devices

36 Euphemism The substitution of a mild or indirect word or phrase for a blunter or harsher one e.g. 1. ugly: plain-looking; homely-looking 2. die: to pass away, to depart, to go to sleep (heaven) 3. fat: plump, stout, chubby, weight catcher 4. toilet habits: to go to the bathroom, to do one’s business, to answer nature’s call Text Analysis Writing Devices

37 Main Idea Sentence Paraphrase Words & Expressions Exercise Part I Part II Part III T WB R Text Analysis Detailed Analysis

38 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part I: Main Idea When did Robert wake up on Christmas Day? Why didn’t he go back to sleep as usual? What did Robert say to his wife? Did Robert and his wife love each other? How do you find out?

39 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part I: Sentence Paraphrase Strange how the habits of his youth clung to him still! (para. 1) Paraphrasing: It was strange how up to that moment he had continued doing things the way he had always done them from boyhood.

40 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis WordsPhrases Grammar Part I: Words & Expressions worthwhile trim dawn help with cling to use of it

41 cling to (para. 1) e.g. –Cling to an idea/the hope –His mother’s last words clung to his memory. –The wet clothes clung to his body. –The child clung onto its mother. Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

42 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part I: Exercise Fill in the blanks. 1. Prof. Yang considers teaching a w______ career. 2. We woke at d ______. 3. You’d better t ______ off the leafy ends of the vegetable before cooking. 4. She c ______ to the hope that her husband will come back to her. Key: worthwhile, dawn, trim, clings

43 Text Analysis Part II: Main Idea When did Rob realize his father loved him very much? What special gift did he decide to give to his father? How did his father feel about this special gift? Detailed Analysis

44 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part II: Sentence Paraphrase He slipped back in time, as he did so easily nowadays. (para. 9) Paraphrasing: He had recently got into the habit of recalling things in the past /of reminiscing/ of letting his thoughts go back to the old days.

45 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part II: Sentence Paraphrase He had never thought of it before, taking for granted the tie of their blood. (para. 13) Paraphrasing: He had never thought of the fact that his father loved him because he took the relationship of father and son as a matter of course. He had never given this another thought.

46 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part II: Sentence Paraphrase His heart was bursting with love. (para. 38) Paraphrasing: His heart was filled/overflowing with love.

47 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Words Phrases Grammar Part II: Words & Expressions now that take one’s turn pull on gaze at come to think of it burst with slip grant stumble creep burst use of conjunctions

48  slip (para. 9) v. 1) to slide unintentionally 2)to go somewhere or carry out an action quickly so that you are not noticed e.g. 1) Time is slipping away. 2) Never let a good chance slip by! 3) The dog slipped his collar. n. a slip of paper e.g. 1) a slip of the tongue/pen Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

49  grant (para. 13) 1. to give what is wanted/requested e.g. They were granting a holiday for their achievement. 2. to admit to the truth of sth. e.g. I had to grant him the reasonableness of his argument. Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

50  loiter (para. 13): 1. to move on /about with frequent stops; 2. to move slowly around or stand especially in a public place without an obvious reason e.g. 1. You should not loiter your time away. 2. A gang of youths were loitering outside the cinema. 3. Come straight home and don't loiter, Alan. Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

51  stumble (para. 13) vi. 1. to step awkwardly while walking or running and fall or begin to fall e.g. I stumbled over a stone and fell. 我在石头上绊了一下跌倒了。 2. to make a mistake, such as repeating something or pausing for too long, while speaking e.g. stumble over one's words 结结巴巴地说话 Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

52  creep (para. 22) to move slowly and quietly with the body close to the ground (usu. stealthily) e.g. The hours crept by.  crawl: to move slowly with the body close to the ground/floor, or on the hands and knees e.g. That apple is crawled with worms. 那个苹果爬满了虫子。 Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

53  burst (para. 38) 1. (to be filled ) to the breaking point 2. to feel a strong emotion, or strong wish to do something e.g. 1.He is bursting with health. 2.The hall was bursting with people. 3.The barns were bursting with grain. 4.Tom was bursting to tell everyone the news. Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

54 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part II: Exercise Translate the following sentences into English. 1. 她悄悄溜走未被人看见。 2. 他在街上闲逛。 3. 孩子们感到累了,所以他们扑灭营火之后就爬进帐篷了。 4. 我知道. Key: 1.She slipped away without being seen. 2.He was loitering around the street. 3.The boys felt tired, so they put out the fire and crept into their tent. 4.I knew they were bursting with curiosity but I said nothing.

55 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part III: Main Idea What did Robert want to do after he trimmed the Christmas tree? What was his Christmas gift to his wife? What did Robert do after he finished the letter to his wife?

56 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part III: Sentence Paraphrase Love alone could waken love. (para. 44) Paraphrasing: Only love could waken love. Love could not be bought or forced.

57 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis WordsPhrases Grammar Part III: Words & Expressions along with occur to put out feel for in place inversionfade brooch dainty genuinely beloved seal tiptoe gleam

58  shimmer: to shine with a soft trembling light e.g. The water shimmered in the moonlight.  beam: 1.of the sun or other shining objects to send out light 2. to smile brightly and happily e.g. The sun beamed through the cloud. He beamed on his visitors. 他对着客人们微笑。  glimmer: to give a very fait unsteady light e.g. A faint light glimmered at the end of the corridor. 走廊的尽头闪着一星微光。  gleam: 1. to give out a bright light 2. to be expressed with a sudden light in the eyes e.g. The furniture gleamed after being polished. 家具擦后闪闪发亮。 Amusement gleamed in his eyes. 他眼睛流露出愉快的神情。 Text Analysis Key words and Expressions Detailed Analysis

59 Text Analysis Detailed Analysis Part III: Exercise Translation: 1. 如果你把衣物晒在强烈的日光下,它们就会褪色。 2. 我为我说过的话真诚地致歉。 3. 他用胶带封上了包裹。 4. 他的眼中闪烁着喜悦。 Key: 1.If you hang your clothes out in the bright sun, they will fade. 2.I'm genuinely sorry for what I said. 3.He sealed the package (up) with sticky tape. 4.His eyes gleamed with/in joy.

60 R WB T Unit 12 Reinforcement Presentation Discussion Christmas Day in the Morning

61 Pair-work: Discuss the following quotes on love with your partner. Reinforcement Discussion 1. Faults are thick where love is thin. 2. Love and cough cannot be hid. 3. Love at first sight. 4. Love cannot be forced. 5. Love is blind. 6. Love is neither bought nor sold. 7. Love is the mother of love. 8. Love lives in cottages as well as in courts. 9. No herb will cure love. 10. One love drives out another. 11. Love me, love my dog.

62 Reinforcement Discussion Choose one topic from the list below for the class to discuss in groups. 1.When did you first realize the love of your parents for you? Do you have any similar experiences to Rob’s? 2.Do you agree that “love alone could waken love”? 3.Among the presents you have received, which one is the most precious? Why? R WB T

63 Reinforcement Presentation Invasion of Foreign Holidays R WB T 1.Discuss the following points with your group (15 mins): 1)phenomena and examples; 2)pros and cons; 3)things we should/can do about it. 2.Take your own notes while discussing. 3.1 st round of presentation. (3 mins) 4.2 nd round of presentation. (3 mins) 5.3 rd round of presentation. (3 mins) 6.4 th round of presentation. (3 mins)

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