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CIGRE 2012 A brief report regarding B1 and D1 activities (related to cables) Ray (Refat) Awad

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1 CIGRE 2012 A brief report regarding B1 and D1 activities (related to cables) Ray (Refat) Awad

2 CIGRÉ Study Committees Rotating Electrical Machines SC A1 Transformers SC A2 High-Voltage Equipment SC A3 Insulated Cables SC B1 Overhead Lines SC B2 Substations SC B3 HVDC & Power Electronics SC B4 Protection & Automation SC B5 System Development & Economics SC C1 System Control & Operation SC C2 System Environmental Performance SC C3 System Technical Performance SC C4 Electricity Markets & Regulation SC C5 Distribution Systems & Dispersed Generation SC C6 Materials & Emerging Technologies SC D1 Information Systems & Telecommunications SC D2 SC = Study Committee

3 2012 Dairy for B1 cable experts Last Session in Paris – August 27-31, 2012 Poster Session of SC B1 (Great Success: 200 visitors) Discussion Group of SC B1 28 Papers 1 Special report Around 50 prepared Contributions 82 spontaneous Contributions Meeting of SC B1: 1.5 Day (First time)

4 Cables within CIGRE: SC B1 (Insulated Cables) Founded in 1927 (85 years old) 24 Members and 13 Observer Members 250 experts in the Working Bodies 360 “seats” in Working Bodies Around 170 publications since 1969

5 SC Chairman Pierre Argaut Secretary Alain Gille AG Strategic SC B1 Organisation AG CustomerAG Tutorial and Publication AG Prospective NEW WORK ITEMS WG B1.42 Testing of Transition Joints between HVDC Cables with Lapped and Extruded Insulation. Gunnar Evenset WG B1.41 Long Term Performance of soil and backfill of Cable Systems. Walter Zenger WG B1.44 Work under Induced Voltages and Induced Currents including Link Boxes. Caroline Bradley TF B1.45 Thermal Monitoring Hardware of Cable Circuits & Man Machine Interface. Blandine Hennuy TF B1.46 Conductor Connectors: Mechanical and Electrical Tests. Milan Uzelac TF B1.47 Technical Issues related to Long AC EHV Cable Systems. TBN WORK UNDER STUDY

6 To cover the activities of SC B1, 255 Experts in SC and 26 AGs, WGs, TFs, JWG and JTF (2011: 209, 2010: 194, 2009: 191, 2008: 170, 2007: 158, 2006: 132, 2005: 110, 2004: 89). Impressive growth !!! Regarded as a 363 (2011: 289, 2010: 264, 2009: 264, 2008: 238, 2007:228, 2006: 199, 2005: 174, 2004: 142) experts’ community, Concentration on some experts : From Manufacturers (134), Utilities (119), Consultants (57), Institute (30), Universities (23) From Europe (227), America (66), Asia (47), Oceania (14) & Africa (9) 20 ladies (2011: 10), 28 contributions Conveners sharing well balanced (10 countries for 16 SC B1 Working Bodies) 11 Young Experts Some B1 Statistics (August 2012)

7 Discussion Group Meeting Took place on Friday 31rst 250 Average attendance Special Report from M.Marelli –3 Preferential Subjects –15 Questions –50 Prepared Contributions –82 Spontaneous Contributions –One invited Contribution from SC D1 –Proceedings available on CIGRE Website for delegates

8 D1/B1 CIGRE SC D1 Materials and Emerging Testing Technologies Major directions D1 Materials for electrotechnology and electrical insulation systems Dielectric, conduction and oxidation performance of insulating liquids Functional and nanomaterials for electric power industry Material properties, ageing, AC and DC application Emerging test and diagnosis techniques Development/evaluation of testing/measuring methods Interpretation rules for diagnosis, CA and AM

9 Current working groups D1.19 Solid insulation under repetitive transients D1.23HVDC ageing, diagnostics of polymeric materials D1.25 Application Guide for UHF PD detection in GIS D1.34Condition assessment for oil-impregnated insulation used in ac cables D1.37 Maintenance and evaluation of PD measuring procedures D1.38 Emerging test techniques common to HTSC applications D1.39Methods for Diagnostic/Failure Data Collection and Analysis D1.40 Functional Nano-materials for the Electrical Power Industry D1.48 Properties of insulating materials under VLF voltages D1/B1.49 Harmonized test for the measurement of residual gases in insulating materials by gas chromatography D1.xx1 Moisture measurement in insulating fluids and transformer insulation D1.xx2 Ageing of upgraded cellulose and cellulose impregnated in ester liquids and other liquids (update TB 323) D1.xx3 Dielectric performance of eco-friendly GIS D1.xx4 Basic principles and practical methods to measure the AC and DC resistance of conductors of power cables and lines SC D1 (Materials and Emerging Technologies) working groups of interest to B1 D1/B1

10 Completed work WG B1.11: Upgrading and Uprating of underground cables TB no. WG B1.23 Impact of EMF on current cable systems (Harry Orton, CA; to be issued 2013) WG B1.28 On site Partial Discharge assessment (Mark Fenger, CA; to be issued 2013) WG B1.29 Guidelines for maintaining the integrity of XLPE transmission cable accessories (Eugene Bergin, IR; to be issued 2013) WG B1.30 Cable systems electrical characteristics (Christian Royer, CA; to be issued 2013) WG B1.31 Testing of superconducting cables systems(David Lindsay, US; to be issued 2013)

11 Work in in progress WG B1.32 recommendations for testing DC extruded cable systems for power transmission at a rated voltage up to 500 kV (Bjorn Sanden, NO, to be issued 2013) WG B1.34 Mechanical forces in large cross section cable systems (xxx to be issued in 2013) WG B1.35 Guide for rating calculations (Frank de Wild, NL; to be issued in 2014) WG B1.36 Life cycle assessment and environmental impact of underground cable systems (Aude Laurens, FR, to be issued in 2015) WG B1.37 Guide for operation of fluid cable systems ( Colin Peacock, AU; to be issued in 2015) WG B1.38 After laying tests on AC and DC cable systems with new technology (Mark Fenger, CA; to be issued in 2015)

12 Work in progress WG B1.39 On shore generation cable connections (Olivier Moreau, FR, to be issued in 2015) WG B1.40 Off shore generation cable connections (Christian Jensen, DK, to be issued in 2015) WG B1.41 Long Term Performance of soil and backfill of Cable systems (Walter Zenger, US) WG B1.43 Recommendations for mechanical testing of submarine cables (Marc Jeroense, SE, to be issued 2015) WG B1.44 Work under induced Voltages and Induced Currents including Link Boxes (Caroline Bradley, UK. To be issued in 2015)

13 New proposed work (Task Forces) TF B1.45 Thermal Monitoring hardware of Cable Circuits & man Machine Interface (Blandine Hennuy, BG) TF B1.46 Conductor Connections; Mechanical and Electrical Tests (Milan Uzelec, US) TF B1.47 Technical Issues related to Long AC EHV Cable systems (TBD)

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