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Introducing SAP Business One A Single Solution with Complete Small Business Essentials Product Overview.

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1 Introducing SAP Business One A Single Solution with Complete Small Business Essentials Product Overview

2 Road Blocks to Sustainable Growth and Profitability The main challenge is actually having the time and the ability to focus on my business. I spend most of my day babysitting instead of driving my business. - A small business owner “ Respond to market needs faster Improve profits and margins Use better tools & technology Focus more on what’s important Get the information when you need it Gain efficiency with broken processes Keep multiple systems working together Not be distracted by day-to-day tasks Want to… But Hard to… © SAP 2008 / Page 2

3 Small Businesses Demand a New Breed of Solution Many point solutions Limited functionality Hard to work together Difficult to change Costly to maintain Comprehensive Instant, real-time Intuitive Adaptable Easy to maintain What Small Businesses Have What Small Businesses Want © SAP 2008 / Page 3

4 The Solution: SAP Business One® A single system to streamline the entire business Instant and complete business information Strengthen customer relationship and loyalty Adaptable to your business and industry needs Designed specifically for small businesses A Single Integrated Solution Services Executive Operations Sales Finance E-commerce Sales Operations Finance Services ? x ! © SAP 2008 / Page 4

5 Proactively Focus on What’s Important Workflow-based alerts to monitor, notify and trigger auto- responses when important business events occur Integrate All Critical Business Functions Manage your entire business end-to-end across sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, financials and HR functions, all in a single system Eliminate Duplicates & Redundancies Information captured is instantly accessible in the entire system, eliminating redundant data entries and errors in different systems Services Executive Operations Sales Finance E-commerce A Single System to Streamline Your Entire Business © SAP 2008 / Page 5

6 a. Complete accounting and financials ■ Financial accounting – Handle all financial transactions – including general ledger, journal entries, recurring postings, etc. ■ Budgeting – Manage budget creation, allocation, distribution, and tracking. ■ Banking – Track all banking processes such as deposits, payments, and reconciliation ■ Financial reporting – include balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flow analysis © SAP 2008 / Page 6

7 b. “Order-to-Cash” meets “Quote-to-Ship” ■ Sales and delivery – Generate quotes, customer orders, set up deliveries, update stock levels, customer billing and accounts receivables. ■ Purchasing – Manage vendor contracts and purchase orders, updates to stock quantities, calculations for the value of imported items, returns and credits, and payment processing. © SAP 2008 / Page 7

8 c. Real-time inventory visibility and control ■ Inventory management – Handle and track inventory levels, price lists, and stock transactions – all in real time ■ Production planning (MRP) – Manage your production material requirements and predict demand based on forecasts. © SAP 2008 / Page 8

9 Strengthen Customer Relationships and Loyalty Sales Services E-commerce Complete 360 o View of Your Customers A 360 o customer view across sales, operations and financials helps uncover new opportunities and ways to serve customers faster and better. Integrated Customer Relationship Management CRM provides robust capabilities to handle sales force automation, customer services & support, all seamlessly integrated with other business functions across the company. Built-in E-Commerce & Online Store E-commerce and online store capabilities allows businesses to open up new sales channels to rapidly reach broader customers © SAP 2008 / Page 9

10 a. Build-in customer relationship management (CRM) ■ Sales management to track sales opportunities and activities, and forecast revenue potential. ■ Customer service and support – Allow your to manage service calls, and track all customer interaction activities. ■ Business partner management – Manage master data for your resellers and channel partners © SAP 2008 / Page 10

11 ■ Scalable Web store with customizable themes and shopping cart ■ Multiple store support (B2B, B2C) ■ Powerful catalogs and integrated inventory management ■ Cross-selling and online promotion ■ Online customer self-service Expanding e-commerce is considered the No.2 growth strategy for small and midsize businesses in 2007 (35%), following Advertising (54%) National Small Business Association Survey “ (*Separate licensing required. Applicable to selected countries only. Check SAP Channel Partner Portal for details) b. Grow online business via integrated E-commerce © SAP 2008 / Page 11

12 ■ Synch data in SAP Business One® and MS Outlook (calendar, contacts, tasks) ■ Creating snapshots of SAP Business One® info and associate them with MS Outlook contacts ■ Saving MS Outlook s as SAP Business One® activities ■ Saving MS Word and MS Excel documents as an activity with a business partner or contact person in SAP Business One® c. Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook® © SAP 2008 / Page 12

13 Act on Instant and Complete Information Access It from Anywhere Over the Web Web-based tool allows sales team to access customer information from anywhere, anytime to respond to customer needs faster A Single Source for All Business Information Critical business data across sales, customers, operations and financials are captured in a single source one place for immediate user access Intuitive Drill-Down, Excel-based Reports Powerful “drag & relate” and Excel reporting capabilities allows users to click through relevant data and get complete information instantly © SAP 2008 / Page 13

14 ■ Reports on live data: data are extracted directly from SAP Business One® without staging data in OLAP cubes or in a data- warehouse ■ Standard functionality for financial reporting included ■ Supports live drill-down to posting level from the reports a. Comprehensive reports via XL Reporter © SAP 2008 / Page 14

15 Drag & Relate is a particularly effective means of linking two business objects to create a query b. Instant information using “Drag & Relate” ■ View important relationships between data – and instantly gain a complete understanding of any business transaction ■ Drag the data you want more information on, positioning it on top of other data, and then drilling down for more details. © SAP 2008 / Page 15

16 ■ Web-based sales and customer contact management ■ Marketing features for campaign and promotion management ■ Web-based customer services and support, including Projects, Service Tickets, and Service Contracts c. Remote access from anywhere over the Web* 52% of small businesses believe that Web will help them grow their business while strengthening their customer relationships. - AMI 2005 Small Business Survey “ (*Separate licensing required. Applicable to selected countries only. Check SAP Business One portal for details) © SAP 2008 / Page 16

17 Adaptable to Your Unique Business and Industry Integrate Customize Extend Standard integration with productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Outlook Open APIs for integrations to other business applications 400+ ISV Add-ons to extend the product to meet the your local and industry specific needs Standard SDK provides reusable business objects and tools Do-it-Yourself customization with user-defined fields (UDF), forms, queries and reports Grow with your business with easy product modifications to meet changing business needs © SAP 2008 / Page 17

18 ■ User can update rejected documents ■ User can save rejected documents as draft before pressing “Update” (without posting) ■ Inventory documents can be added to Approval templates a. Flexible document workflow to match your unique process © SAP 2008 / Page 18

19 b. Extensible technology allows for easy expansion ■ Core functionality: Financials, Operations, CRM, Reporting, HR, etc. ■ SAP Add-ons: built by SAP for country- specific extensions, i.e. local legal requirements ■ SDK: A standard software development kit consisting of reusable business objects and user interface customization tools ■ ISV Extensions: built and developed by ISV partners for vertical-specific needs Business One core SDK ISV extension Add-on © SAP 2008 / Page 19

20 165 SSP partners * 350 SSP solutions * 45 certified solutions * 12 vertical packages ■ Fashion & Apparel Importing ■ Medical Device Manufacturing ■ Electronics Distribution ■ Food & Beverage Manufacturing ■ IT Professional Services ■ And more…* c. A large selection of industry-specific SSP solutions Example: seating allocation © SAP 2008 / Page 20

21 Designed Exclusively for Small Businesses Built specifically for small businesses Intuitive, easy to use interfaces Built-in, self-guided e-Learning Do-it-yourself customization Affordable pricing & financing © SAP 2008 / Page 21

22 a. Intuitive to use, easy to customize User Defined Fields ■ Enable users to easily add fields, change forms, and personalize queries and reports ■ Users can adapt field descriptions or even add fields without any programming skills! © SAP 2008 / Page 22

23 b. Quick to install, simple to maintain ■ Accelerated Implementation Program enables customers to go live in as little as 1 month ■ Low Maintenance without overhead of managing multiple systems ■ Early Watch Program prevents potential downtime and disruptions © SAP 2008 / Page 23

24 c. Self-explanatory help is only 1-click away ■ Context-sensitive help at the field level, mainly for fields that are not self explanatory or obvious ■ Help available from the right-click menu of each field, as well as from the Help menu Right click © SAP 2008 / Page 24

25 Backed By SAP THE BEST-RUN BUSINESSES RUN SAP ■ The world's largest business management software provider ■ 40,000 employees in 50 countries ■ 80,000 installations ■ 75% of SAP customers are small businesses and mid-size companies © SAP 2008 / Page 25

26 Delivered by Experienced Partners Near You ■ A global partner network ■ 1,600 experienced local resellers ■ Dedicated 24/7 customer support ■ Free “SAP EarlyWatch” program © SAP 2008 / Page 26

27 ■ 2,224 members ■ 550 active contributors ■ 36,000 messages ■ 1000s of hours saved ■ Forums, blogs, wikis… Instant access to community knowledge and best practices. Supported by a large online user community (SDN) © SAP 2008 / Page 27

28 Summary: SAP Business One Functional Coverage Human ResourcesOperationsFinancials Software Development Kit CRM Reporting And Data Navigation Capabilities General Technologies (Drag & Relate; Alerts; User Defined Fields, etc.) Accounting General Ledger Journal Entries Journal Vouchers Multi-currency Fixed Assets Financial Reports Cash Flow Data G/L Accounts & Business Partners Aging Reports Tax Reconcilation Banking Incoming Payments Credit Card Management Payment Engine Bank Statements Processing Reconciliation Cost Accounting Profit Centers Sales Sales Order Delivery Pick & Pack Gross Profit Calculation Structured Marketing Docs Sales Analysis Report Procurement Purchase Order MRP Purchase Analysis Report Inventory Management Batch/Serial Numbers Customer/Vendor Catalog Numbers Stock Management Price Lists Production Bill of Material Production Orders MRP Activities Management Opportunity Management Opportunities Opportunity Analysis Reports Opportunities Pipeline Service Management Service Call Customer Equipment Card Service Contract Solutions Knowledge Base Service Reports Calendar Microsoft Outlook Integration Payroll provided through partner solutions Employee Data Management Employee Human Resources Reports © SAP 2008 / Page 28

29 Technical Infrastructure Coherent and integrated product Windows look & feel Very easy data navigation Drill-down Drag&Relate 2-Tier Client-Server Architecture Win 32 based MS SQL Server/DB2 Express Ease of use Product architecture Customizing Search Help Forms Queries User defined fields SQL Field Link Excel, Word, Outlook Configurations MS Office integration Flat files, XML (HTTP/SOAP), API (COM), ODBC Interfaces Server Backup API (COM) XML Adapter Services Client Interfaces MS SQL Server/ DB2 Express/ RDBMS © SAP 2008 / Page 29

30 © SAP 2007 / Page 30 Thank you!

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