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The EMF-K Laboratory Experience By LCDR L. N. Griffin With contributions from LT C. Baker, LCDR D. Baker & LT E. Angelo 22 Mar 2010.

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1 The EMF-K Laboratory Experience By LCDR L. N. Griffin With contributions from LT C. Baker, LCDR D. Baker & LT E. Angelo 22 Mar 2010

2 EMF Welcome to EMF-Kuwait. A US Army facility run by the US Navy-GO NAVY. Lots of sand and heaven forbid, do not get caught anywhere without your “glow” belt. The ultimate joke: the military spends millions to make you camouflaged; only to wear a glow belt so everyone can see you! Hmmm..go figure!

3 Training Training Consisted of: –Weapons (9mm) qualification –IED detection –TCCC-again for most HMs! –Land Navigation –First Aid –Survival Skills –ISO Container Construction –LOTS of downtime!!

4 LT Charles Baker volunteered after tour in Japan Summer 2007-Winter 2008 32 nd St Camp Pendleton March, AFB; WA, Maine, Germany-30 hrs 2 days of thorough L seat/R seat 4 EMF-K DET ECHO ECHO ECHO

5 5

6 SWOT: Personnel, BB, TMC merger (N/A) Supply chain, heat & dust MWR: Qatar-1 st beer in 4.5 months! Simultaneous USA-USN football game. Who won? Gooooo Navy! 6 EMF-K DET ECHO ECHO ECHO

7 7 DCSS The One of One All Star Team! Laboratory Optometry Pharmacy Physical Therapy Radiology From left to right: LT Boyd, PT; LCDR Griffin, Lab; LCDR Kras, Pharmacy; CDR Bergren, Radiology; LCDR Hicks, Optometry; HMC Gamboa, DCSS SEL.

8 OUTLINE Taking care of yourself: Mind, Body & Spirit Structured five day turnover Your mailing address How do I call home? When do I eat at the DFAC? Admin notes: Working hrs, meetings, evals, awards, BPAs, OPMs, Cmd website, etc. Most commonly called numbers Chain of Command S-Shops/MTF (“Behind the wire”) Supply lessons learned Important forms and procedures History Talking points for DV tours Daily routine Personnel Supply & equipment Reference labs IT Excel tracking database Medically related tours Reports and frequencies Daily blood inventory report Oh by the way…! New blood bank, WBDP and MASCAL procedures SWOT Accomplishments Resources Questions?

9 Taking Care of Yourself Keep in constant touch with family members and friends. Mind: Library, Woodshop, MWR, Mental Health COPE classes, Qnet wireless internet (I-Bldg, Starbucks) and free video chats. Body: 24/7 Gym, no excuses! Pool, free bicycle rental & MWR. Spirit: Z1 Church services of all types at 0830, 1000, 1200, 1400… Plan for and take your R&R midway! You’ll need it!

10 Pool and Woodshop

11 R&R to QATAR Finally all the change of command protocol was done and over with and the last group to Qatar was on the way! Four whole days of NOTHING!! Of course a sandstorm as we left…how fitting!

12 Qatar


14 Structured MT 5 day TurnoverTurnover Day 1: Lab, hospital and base tour Day 2: Outlying TMC Tour Days 3 & 4: Reference Lab Tours (Hadi, ICL, United, KCBB, Embassy- optional-PA source of medical intel) Day 5: Verbal exchange with power point of pending challenges, opportunities for improvement, lessons learned, oh by the ways, electronic and paper files Upon completion, Incoming and Outgoing MT sign PQS/Turnover Checklist & Equipment list Turn over MT duty cell, bldg key & office keys Provide recommended LOTTD to get off to a good start

15 Temporary Housing 15

16 Open Bay 16

17 EMFK/TMC 17

18 Your POC InfoPOC Mailing Address: RANK LAST NAME, FIRST NAME EMF-K NAVY APO AE 09366 TEL: DSN: 318-430-1942Office/1975Lab, CELL: 964-9745, COMM: 011 (965) 389-1942 E-mail: NIPR (Public E-mail): SIPR (Secure or High Side E-mail): DSN area codes: CONUS 312, Europe 314, Pacific 315 Central Cmd (SW Asia, incl Iraq) 318 Keep in mind time differences: We are about 7 hrs ahead of East Coast 10 hrs ahead of West Coast, one hour ahead of Europe

19 How do I call home? 1. Call your parent Cmd and ask them to transfer, if it’s a local call 2. Use DSN phone list to obtain local # or call Global DSN 312-560-1110 3. Morale call numbers: 312-639-8909, 98-area code & #, enter code 360971# Norfolk DSN 312-564-0111 Press 2 MCRD DSN 312-524-1011 312-678-5056, 1, 2, 2, 991-area code, tel# NHCP Morale DSN 312-365-0026, 3 4. at the I-Bldg, Starbucks, etc. 5. 800 Calling cards: 312-835-9870, 7, 1-800… AT&T: 9480-9463-3376, 800#, Code, Tel#

20 When do I eat? DFAC Hrs Breakfast 0500-0800 (except Sundays Z2) Lunch 1130-1330 Dinner 1700-2000 (except Z1 = 1930) Midrats 2330-0100 (only Z 2 & 6)

21 DFAC The Dining Facilities became our “family time”. Each day had a special menu at a different zone AND we would all be there to share our day. –Monday, burrito night at Zone 1 –Wed, surf and turf: Zone 2 was the best and closest. –Friday, Mongolian BBQ Zone 6 –Sat, pizza and a movie –Sun brunch-Zone 1 of course, that’s were all the generals ate! That’s how engrained it was, I still remember it!!!

22 Not so fresh 22

23 AJ Fast Food if you had a hankering….but why when you could eat at the DFAC free and have your choice of 3-4 different meals, 4 times a day PLUS dessert!

24 24 Admin Notes Colors: Salute in the AM with first song and in the evening start salute with second song. Working Hrs: Mon-Sat 0700-1600. Phlebotomy no earlier than 0700-0730 no later than 1630-1700. Meetings: As needed depending on collaterals, DCSS, Lab PI, Wardroom, EOC, space utilization, EPRC, watchbill, etc. Evals & awards: Process starts 3 months into deployment. Navy awards only.Evals & awards Renew BPA memo and draft thank you ltrs.BPAmemo Command website/POW/tel dir: http://emfk/default.aspxtelhttp://emfk/default.aspx http://emfk/EMFK%20PHONE%20BOOK/Forms/AllItems.aspx Weekly OPM renewal.OPM Transportation currently meets ICL courier at gate.

25 25 Most Commonly CalledCalled Lab MT Office: 318-430-1942 MT Cell: (99 first from DSN line)-964-9745 LCPO/SEL: 430-2809/99-722-5156 Lab: 430 (389 from your cell) -1975 AJ TMC Lab: 430-1801 NMCSD 312-522-6400 NHCP 312-365 1288 LRMC Cyto 314-486-8909/6261 Hadi Lab 533-9799/RN Fatma 919-3950 United Dr. Khadije 720-9645 ICL Felipa’s Cell (Supervisor) 604-7432 FDPMU 720-9214 (Microscan?) USAF Lab in Balad, IraqUSAF CAPT Ciolorito (Larry.Ciolorito@AFIP.OSD.Mil) 202-782-2267, DSN: 662-2267, Fax: ext. 6022Larry.Ciolorito@AFIP.OSD.Mil Central Receiving Shipping Point (CRSP) 649-8656 Dexter Harp, Supervisor Rock Cargo (Ali) 442-2774

26 26 Chain of Command Det G CO: CAPT Elaine Wagner XO: CAPT Robin Wilkening DCSS (CPS): CDR Lorraine Nadkarni DFA (Senior MSC): CDR Jeanmarie Jonston SEL: HMC Samuel Henry (Theater Medical Command) 1 st TSC 311 th

27 27 S-Shops/MTF S-1 Admin (Leave, TAD, etc.) S-3 Transportation (TAVs, courier, etc.) S-4 Supply S-6 IT/Telcom/Radio (K:Hospital/Blood, J: Awards) MRO is “behind the wire” bldgs 506-7 X6147

28 28 SupplySupply Lessons Learned Order early, order often! Be proactive vs reactive. Keep accurate and all documentation, at all times for all items. Conduct inventory at least bi-weekly. Order small quantities daily. Follow up on every single order after 24-48 hrs of submission. If DCAM is down, use paper process and ALWAYS follow up. Always be prepared w/NIR, 3 Quotes, LOJ.

29 29 Important Forms & Procedures POC: S-6/IT for U.S. Member Network Account Processing Form (Check NIPR AND SIPR) POC Hayko.Worl@AMEDD.ARMY.MIL at DSN 314 486 8828 for LRMC CHCS Access LRMC CHCS Access Know how to change your tel # in Outlooktel # in Outlook Know how to create a PST filecreate a PST file Know how to scan a document Know how to encrypt an e-mailencrypt Direct cultural inquiries to Save all of your e-mails (Sent box and prior to departure)

30 30 History The tent hospital was in use for 4-5 years. There was no space, supplies or any phlebotomy functions performed in the tent hospital Lab. Billeted for 4 Techs only, in addition to 1 LCPO & 1 Lab Officer. Lab Officer on call 24/7 via command cell phone. Radio on board for MASCAL use. Lab Officer Det E was the Command Urinalysis Coordinator. Lab Officer Det F was the DCSS and at least one other Lab Officer was as well (Det D) DCSS for Det E was the Radiologist. For Det G is a Provider due to the junior ranks of the Lab & Pharmacy Officers. Physical Therapist, Optometrist and Radiologist too busy with patient care for additional responsibility. LCPO Det F was the Assistant Command Urinalysis Coordinator and SEL. LCPO Det G is the Command Urinalysis Coordinator and DCSS SEL. The new hospital was open for business on Easter Sunday, 20 Apr 2008.

31 31 Lab Facts Lab Facts or Talking Points for VIP/DV Tours The most distinguishing feature of our Laboratory department is the fact that we provide 100% of the Blood Bank and Microbiology testing for the USA, USAF & USN in the Kuwait theater. We recently improved the quality of reference laboratory testing by visiting Kuwaiti Labs and choosing to send our general mailouts to the only College of American Pathologist accredited laboratory in Kuwait, which also provides free daily courier services. We send histology to the Hadi Clinic downtown, and virology and cytology (PAPs) to LRMC. We currently average approximately 4200 tests in-house monthly. We are awaiting the arrival of new, floor model, high volume type of equipment with increased capabilities. In addition to Micro and Blood Bank, which are considered specialized areas, we also provide basic Phlebotomy services, Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis and Serology testing. All testing services, whether in house or from a reference lab, are provided 24/7.

32 32 Daily Routine 0700 Morning report 0715 Blood Inventory Report 0730 QC Review EMF Lab/Equipment status 0800-0830 Check outlook/answer COC taskers 0830-1130 Rounds/Work on projects Lunch 1130-1230 1230-1300 Rounds 1300 QC Review AJ TMC Lab 1400-1600 Work on projects

33 33 Personnel Det F survived with 5 Techs because one was reallocated from his duties at the 708 th Ambulance Company. He came to us as a motivated HM2 and left as a motivated HM1 Two Techs extended from Det E, so we had lots of corporate knowledge One of these two Techs came as an HN, straight out of school, serving as an Admin person at the school house and left here as an HM3 Lab Tech Lab Tech 1: LPO Lab Tech 2: ALPO Lab Tech 3: Supply PO Lab Tech 4: PM Swing Shift/Trng PO Lab Tech 5: Night Swing Shift/Safety 12 hr shifts during R&R and turnover between waves I & II Techs should not stand command watches! Techs should cross train at AJ TMC to run Vitros and Advia when the TMC Tech is unavailable Justification for 6 Personnel Phlebotomy duties 0730-1630 Blood Banking requires two Techs at all times for verification procedures Safely multitask between 6 analyzers, the telephone, visitors, couriers

34 34 All Equipment on ER Power Chemistry >K+ causes falsely >CK Piccolo* x 2 (+ 1 loaner/no dilutions!) I-STAT x 3 Triage x 2 UrinalysisClinitek 50 HematologyAct T Diff 2 primary (on order) Act T 10 Back up CoagulationHemochron (back up on order) MicrobiologyIncubators Non-functional hood & CO Incubator**(F/U BM) Bactec & Vitek on order Blood Bank*** Shipments come from Qatar to Ali regularly (Need Tail No, Transp Ctrl No, Time, etc.). Staff must stay until flight leaves. Manual testing performed. Avg of 30 PRBCs, 20 FFP and 10 Cryo on board Send to Balad/Bucca PRN Use Base Transp for pick up from Ali and EMF Transp for drop off to Ali en route to Balad SerologyManual (GC/Chlamydia by DNA via Ref Lab)

35 35 Supply & Equipment Issues ChemIn date clue software for I-STATs (2 of 2 operational) In date simulator for Triage (1 of 2 operational) Piccolos: Exchange loaner for ours (2 of 3 operational) Vitros 250 en route status? If not, change to 350 (ice machine must move to make room for Vitros). New refer needs work request for plug. No rotors for new centrifuges! UA/BB2 of 2 Clinitek 50 operational/Cell washer on order HemoPrimary: Mother board died, too costly to order Back-up in use. New unit(s)* on order CoagNew unit on order. No issues with current unit, except that there is no back up, but it has never been down. MicroJoint standardization team recommended Microscan. We requested a Bactec and Vitek. No Microbiologist in theater. New hood is non-functional no regulator for CO2 incubator SeroRPR supplies received. Testing can now be done in house or continue sending to AJ TMC.

36 How To Choose a Reference Lab Accreditation In house test menu TAT Quality Location/distance from core EMF/travel time Specimen requirements Test methodologies Result retrieval mechanisms (fax, online, encryption) Courier services Provider satisfaction All of the above for their reference lab Cost

37 37 Reference Laboratories TMC Lab (Separate TC2* CHCS Icon) Quantitative BHCG, Hgb AIC, Mg, TSH, T4, PSA, RPR. Hadi Clinic (Tissue Form+BPA Memo) Histology (tissues) 3-4 day TAT/ results faxed to Host Nation** daily for pick up. ICL/Central United Med Labs (Request more blue forms) CAP Accredited/Courier Service Online results*** Userid : 416 Pwd : 90416 Login As : Corporate. LRMC, Germany (Separate CHCS****) They order our PAPs (cytology) & virology in their CHCS Kuwait Central Blood Bank (KCBB) Free Blood Products! Coordinate w/MRO for pick up via Helo.

38 38 IT Systems Don’t Talk To Each Other! EMF CHCS = TC2 Ask DBC to order unk under him/her All providers must be registered in EMF’s TC2 regardless of TMC assignment so they show up in our menus to order labs & Rx for them. TMC LabSeparate TC2* CHCS Icon. Copy and paste form their TC2 to our TC2. Hadi ClinicResults faxed to Host Nation** daily for pick up. How providers get their surgical pathology results is an area for improvement. ICL/Central United Med Labs Copy and paste from online to our TC2(CHCS) Online results*** Userid : 416/Pwd : 90416/Login As : Corporate. LRMC, Germany (Separate CHCS****) Copy and paste results from LRMC CHCS to our TC2. Kuwait Central Blood Bank (KCBB) No IT system used by us.

39 39 Excel Tracking Database It is the responsibility of all Techs to monitor mail outs TAT and document status during turnover every shift to prevent specimens pending for weeks at a time without follow up.

40 40 Medically Related Tours AJ TMC/Walk in Refer/Host Nation Office/OIC/XO/DH AJ TMC Annex Dental Refrigerated Conex Room Temp Conex FDPMU WRU / WTP TMCs: Buehring, VA, Ali USN & USAF and KNB KCBB Hadi ICL United Embassy

41 Off Base Trips We had a few trips off base at the beginning, then due to the tragedy with our fellow MSC officers, all off base trips were stopped. All trips required a chase vehicle and tight security checks.

42 42 Reports & Frequencies EMF QC & AJ TMC QCDaily by LPO/Weekly Blood Bank Inventory on SIPRDaily NLT 0800, except Sun SITREPWeekly ^SLGDaily ^WRMMonthly Phlebotomy/Blood culture totalsMonthly MRSA & other culturesMonthly Antibiogram ^Micro ^MCRMonthly Tissue & Transfusion RxnsMonthly QCRsQCRs/Mailout Tracking DatabaseMonthly TAVsAs needed post TMC visits POCT RoundsAs needed post rounds AAR/LL/Accompl & Equip T/OAfter MASCAL & EOT

43 Daily Blood Inventory Report 43 Lab Techs conduct inventory at midnight Use actual paper inventory to update electronic blood report Log on to SIPR using first name.middleinitial.last name (BloodReport08$$) Click on my computer, access K: drive Then Hospital folder, EMF Blood Report Det “G” 2008 Month (Aug) folder Access yesterday’s file, update and save as today’s date When inserting lines in the inventory by type, right click on shaded bar so the formula will work Add new unit numbers to the bottom of the list in accordance with exp date Open Outlook’s latest sent file, reply all and insert today’s report Change the message title to today’s date Change the body of the message to reflect today’s date Delete any extra info and insert any pertinent comments

44 44 Oh BTW…! Any Legal inquiries from Provost Marshall, attorneys and others must go through the front office & Legalman 1st. Host Nations and Kuwait reference laboratories are closed on Fridays. Hadi will not fax us results, but ICL will. However, we don’t have a working fax in EMF. Supply has to rotate between FedEx and DHL. As of recently, we are now utilizing DHL to send specimens out. Dry ice shipments arrive automatically every Tuesday. BTC in Qatar automatically resupplies us and we send left overs to Balad for Bucca or where ever as needed. Base transportation delivers our blood shipments to us, but we have to go to Ali to send to Balad. Can’t leave until the air craft leaves in case it doesn’t take off for some reason. Get clues for I-Stat & simulators for triage. The QC card for the Act T Diff 2 works for the Act 10. Implement use of micro QC organisms. There’s a $250 Influenza Wizard box in the admin rm from FDPMU. Need rotors for centrifuges, CO2 regulator, polarizing lens for microscope. Good luck with ever getting the Vitros 250 on board! A Joint Standardization team came in early Aug and recommended disapproval of Bactec and Vitek purchase. Evals and awards are done 3 months into the deployment! If it has not happened, it will be removed! Biowaste is taken to the TMC. ASG has the contract. We do not do command urinalysis for the USA nor paternity testing. HM2 Demegillo wants to host a Bone Marrow Drive and HM2 Owen will be at NAVLEAD on 01 Sep (x2wks). Draw extra tubes when sending to France via ICL/United to prevent lost in transit issues. Ensure containers are labeled vs lids per Hadi. Can’t result tissues in CHCS because we need a Pathologist (options encrypted email, paper delivery, LRMC). Avoid batch testing when possible because it delays the TAT. All formulas may not be correct in the blood report if you don’t use the “shaded” line to insert rows. Discourage the Fleet from dropping off their HIVs here due to shipping materials and result retrieval challenges. They should collect, spin, separate, freeze and deliver to a large MTF or TPC en route. No PDHA blood draws at this time! When Techs extend, they only get one eval. Important to follow up. Attend defensive driving course after online and paper tests, cultural awareness class on Friday Ams and woodshop safety brief. Remind Pharmacy to order glucometer controls for wards and TMCs.

45 45 NewNew BB & MASCAL Procedures WBDPMASCAL ProceduresWBDP All Techs must have a verifier for their blood banking procedures from beginning to end (not just ABO/Rh, Cx too!) Preserve O type blood at all costs Phlebotomy must be performed ASAP and Type specific blood issued as first choice Units sent with patients are documented as a shipment (eliminates f/u on disposition) No Cryo or FFP used to date Avg of 0-2 Tx/month (Jul 08 was unsual)

46 46 Laboratory Department Strengths Outstanding staff! Corporate Knowledge: HM2 Owen. All Blood Banking & Microbiology for Kuwait (USA, USAF & USN). CAP & AABB accredited reference Labs, ICL/United/LRMC and KCBB respectively.

47 47 Laboratory Department Weaknesses Staffing, if billets (4) not increased (6) for future dets Small, low volume POCT equipment Limited space for expansion of provider desired capabilities and sustainment (vs. EMF) mission Reference Lab TAT and procedures outside of our control (QCRs) Appropriate mechanism to give providers pathology results Qatar TAT for re-supply during MASCAL Reliance on MRO & KCBB working together for prompt resupply during MASCAL WBDP not implemented x 3 Dets

48 48 Laboratory Department Opportunities for Improvement Provider satisfaction surveys Staffing quantities and quality (experience) SOPs ^SLG Intermec printersIntermecprinters TAR (Transfer Auto Result) ^ WRM Capturing additional workload in CHCS Ordering specimens in CHCS prior to delivery & transport specimens in biohazard bags Warm transfers of specimens for accountability & TAT Standardized Hematology instrumentation in Kuwait (share parts, reagents, back ups in AOR) Supply chain drop shipments/Ordering reference books Micro reporting (certifying no growth daily, adding drugs/MRSA) CHCS Test files (interpretation, ref ranges, cpt codes, units, ref labs, etc.)

49 49 Laboratory Department Threats & Vulnerabilities Constantly changing procedures based on fluctuating individual provider preferences (ping-pong effect/mission creep) Supply system TAT from Qatar, Germany, U.S. USA/USN relationships Relationship with local reference laboratories Lack of Embassy sponsored blood drives for KCBBx1yr Contacting Techs without cell phones after hrs for MASCAL

50 50 Accomplishments Serving the Fleet and the Forward Deployed Improved quality of reference laboratory services by switching to CAP accredited laboratory Established relationship with Kuwait Central Blood Bank for MASCAL and CENTCOM Joint Blood Program Officer Successfully completed transition from Tent Hospital to New Facility and successfully absorbed AJ TMC’s workload Improved mail-outs, supply tracking and QC review Obtained additional permanent (1) and temporary (3) personnel for assistance Improved PAP TAT Technical Assist Visit to all 5 BMCs (TMCs) Identified equipment for the Command’s wish list that will reduce mail-outs and eliminate manual procedures. Camp Buehring analyzer repairs I-STAT clue software & CHCS workload capture USS Cleveland supply assistance & USS Tarawa technical assistance Djibouti Lab consultation Creation of Lab divisions for CHCS merger & dual visibility within both systems Access to LRMC CHCS Successfully completed multiple VIP Tours GC/Chlamydia by DNA Chicken pox evolution Document scanner in Lab Cross trained LPO in AJ TMC Lab

51 51 Resources Tracking specimen shipments: Chicken PoxChickenPox Biomnis Merieux Test Guide Pathologists in Iraq (& Det G Psych): CPT(P) Jennifer Russell, Theater Pathologist, OIC 44th Pathology Team, 86th CSH (Ibn Sina Hospital), Baghdad, Iraq 09348, DSN 239-7713/Cell 914 822-0241 Field Lab Website: Organize a Blood Drive! What are you waiting for!? Recommended LOTTDLOTTD Re-deploying is accomplished via WTP in Zone 6

52 EMF-Kuwait Hotel Det 04 Jan 2009-22 Aug 2009 LCDR Baker-Volunteered for this Deployment

53 Where it all Started All Members converged in Gulfport Mississippi on the 4 th of Jan 2009. So beings the development of our deployment family and team.

54 Finally in Kuwait Long flight from California, to the East coast, via Germany and finally arriving in Kuwait around 0500 on 27 Jan 2009. We are all excited to “just get started with the deployment”. Our Boots on Ground time starts NOW!!

55 EMF Welcome to EMF-Kuwait. A US Army facility run by the US Navy-GO NAVY. Lots of sand and heaven forbid, do not get caught anywhere without your “glow” belt. The ultimate joke: the military spends millions to make you camouflaged; only to wear a glow belt so everyone can see you! Hmmm..go figure!

56 Clinics Although the detachment started out together, many of us got separated being sent to support the other clinics. Above, Beth and I at KNB. Below, my nephew (Army) at Beuhring. –Lab Tech at Beuhring: HM3 Wolff

57 EMF-K Hotel Lab AJ Staff HM1 Ramdass- Portsmouth HM2 Greer-Yokosuka HM2 Onigbanjo-Bethesda HM2 Carrasquillo- Okinawa HM2 Paguilian- Jacksonville HM3 Lockhart-Bethesda HM3 Acker-Bethesda

58 Great Group

59 Lab

60 TAD from Deployment?? Due to the fact 8506 staff were sent to forward deployed units untrained, thus unable to perform basic lab technician jobs, we had to send 2 staff members, HM2 C and HM2 Oni to support forward deployed missions. This is where we as a MT Community can do better with our 8506 community.

61 So What Did We do? Medically we had very little to do. Sick call, couple of suicides and the occasional contractor having an MI or anemia (needing transfusion with anti-c3d-amazing). So to pass the time there was Mustache March to raise money for the Nurse Corps Ball. Creepy!!!! Visits by NFL players. All us Minnesota staff with Jared Allen- Go Vikings!!!

62 NC Ball-Camo gone Wrong!

63 Kuwait Joint MSC First ever Joint MSC association established. Celebrated our B- days together and had a visit from RAMD Mittelman.

64 Hotel Detachment Leaves; without 5 of Us Amazing how hard it was be to say “good- bye” to people you’ve only known for 7 months. Five of us were left behind for an additional month due to our replacements not showing or hung up during initial training.

65 My Last Tech Although it was difficult to say goodbye to all my shipmates, I was very happy to have been able to welcome back my last TAD tech- HM2 Carassquillo came home a week later! HM2 C and HM2 Oni were true sports about these TAD trips and did work that made me very proud to serve with them!

66 Lab Family How much better can it get to see your lab family thousands miles away from your normal setting? CAPT Soyk, so great to meet up with you! Even if you caught me dumpster diving at the Warrior Transition Unit for Gortex! It was a surprise meeting for both of us! LT Angelo-thank you for relieving me! I was beginning to think I was part of India det too

67 Hotel Detachment Accomplishments: Forward blood supplier for downrange facilities, All lab staff cross- trained, Development of First ever Joint MSC Assoc. Strengths: Sick call clinic, Great Blood support from Kuwait Blood Bank, at least one tech trained in each area of the laboratory. Weakness: Staff arriving untrained in all areas of the laboratory, Lack of experienced leaders. Lab staff having to go TAD to support other inexperienced 8506 staff at forward deployed units. Challenges: The “rules” change from Det to Det; from CO to CO. Supply, Contracts, H1N1, Army vs. Navy way of doing business, CHCS. Lessons Learned: Life if not Fair

68 INDIA DET LT ANGELO Most recent challenges was Operation HT –Army Merger –DCSS Merger –Drawdown in Iraq –Afghanistan Work ups –Wounded Warrior Program 68

69 Causality Receiving 69

70 Tearing Down The Tents 70

71 Be able to carry about 150lbs… 71

72 INDIA DET LT ANGELO Drawdown in Iraq also lessened our Blood Products creating more Blood Products for Afghanistan We had to get creative. What do you do? –Develop and implement the Walking Blood Bank Program 72

73 INDIA DET LT ANGELO Installed and Validated the Vitek 2 and a Biosafety 2 Cabinet (hood) Take home message! Some of EMFK India Det Lab Techs were deployed into Afghanistan to train lab techs on blood bank and/or microbiology. Have technicians Complete Competency Assessment Packets prior to deploying. 73

74 So you’re going to deploy? Print the checklist (do each item on the list) YOURSELF Do the NKO/AKO training Make three copies of everything including your HIV results, cholesterol results, last Pap, all your shots, etc. Verify your security clearance and have three copies of your verification. If I can make it through the process, anyone can! 74

75 Any Questions? Hadi ProfessionalsEMF-K Det F ProfessionalsUnited Professionals Kuwait Central Blood Bank Professionals Det G MT Professional

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