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Presentation of New Updates / Developments within the DTI Mary Jean T. Pacheco Director Corporate Planning Service.

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1 Presentation of New Updates / Developments within the DTI Mary Jean T. Pacheco Director Corporate Planning Service

2 What’s Happening? Rationalization Plan Breakthrough Goals/Performance Contracts AEC 2015 APEC Hosting 2015 Budget 2015 Good Governance – SPMS – Proficiency Level – ISO – PQA

3 Rationalization Plan D.O. 14-21 issued to implement DBM approved ratplan NOSCA finally issued – Total plantilla: 2,341 – Total plantilla, filled up: 1,700 – Total vacancies: 631 Managerial Selection Process – 44 vacant positions Change Management Team to be reconstituted Town Hall Assemblies now being conducted

4 Performance Contracts & Breakthrough Goals DTI Secretary Gregory L Domingo Consumer Protection Group U/Dimagiba Industry Development Group U/Cristobal Industry Promotion Group U/Manalo Regional Operations Group U/Maglaya


6 2014 SGLD Performance Contract MeasureTargetAcc to Date Competitiveness Ranking* 55/14859/148 (2013) Employment from Industry and Services Sector** 596,000 (As of Apr2014) Level of Consumer Awareness*** 72% 77% (As of June2014) *World Economic Forum (WEF) ** 2013: 38Million employed; 69% come from Industry & Services Sector (Wholesale/retail trade: 18.6%; Manufacturing: 8%; Construction: 6%) Apr 2014: 38.65M employed, Agriculture 30.70%; Industry 16.40%, Services 52.80% (I&S: 69.2%=26.7M) *** Pulse Asia

7 B2: Jobs Generated 2013April 2014 Employment Rate92.7%93% Unemployment Rate7.1% (2.9 M)7% (2.92 M) Underemployment Rate19.3%18.2% Total Employed38.12 M38.66 M Wholesale/retail trade18.64%18.84% Manufacturing8.29%8.59% Construction6.23%6.79%

8 Total employed 2013: 38.1Million 2014: 38.6Million Workers in the Industry and Services sectors comprised 69 % of total employment

9 2014 Breakthrough Goals MeasureTargetAcc to Date CONSUMER PROTECTION Consumer Welfare Index 60%54% (as of 2014 Sem1) 90% resolution rate of consumer complaints received by NCR within prescribed time (10 days mediation, 20 days arbitration 75%86% Number of new products covered by Quality Ratings General labelling framework prepared (self- declaration policy) Labelling of G.I. Sheets for roofing Committee draft on standards being circulated for comments Price Monitoring, Enforcement, Port Congestion, Consumer Advocacy, Lemon Law

10 C3: Consumer Welfare Index 2012 2013 2014 TargetActualTargetActualTargetActual* Consumer Awareness 71.75 6671.5 Price are Reasonable: 33.53426.75 Fish 32.53325.5 Bread 34.534 28 Safety 67 63 5757.425955.386053.75 % Accomplishment 106%94%90% *Pulse Asia Survey, January – June 2014

11 2014 Breakthrough Goals MeasureTargetAcc to Date TRADE AND INDUSTRY POLICY % Share of Manufacturing to GDP (average 3 years) 22.5%23.7% FTA scoping with EU common understanding on 9 out of 13 subjects except for Trade in Goods, public procurement, competition policy and IPR Think Tank conducted demographic survey of technical staff Development of industry roadmaps, PJEPA, ASEAN: RCEP negotiations and impact studies, TPP: technical consultations and studies ongoing, FTA with EU and EFTA

12 Trade Negotiation Agenda WTO  Implementation and monitoring of current obligations  Attend to relevant trade disputes/cases (either as complainant, respondent or third party)  Contribute to the discussions on the DDA and abide by the consensus; monitor and implement the Bali Package APEC  Maximize capacity building through economic and technical cooperation  Agenda for 2015 hosting – mainstream SMEs in Regional Economic Integration ASEAN  Work towards the substantial compliance of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 commitments  Implement and review existing ASEAN+1 FTAs  Negotiate the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and ASEAN-HK Bilateral Maximize current bilateral arrangements while actively pursuing new partnerships (whether through FTAs or bilateral consultation mechanisms) with strategic partners

13 Measure TargetAcc to Date TRADE AND INVESTMENT PROMOTION PHL exports higher than average exports growth of other ASEAN countries, i.e., Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam Growth rate of PHL exports >/= average growth of Thailand, Indonesia, PHL-8.86 Ave. TIV- 4.33* Increase export growth from +7% to +10% by EOY. 10%8.34% (Jan-June) Increase local and international buyers from 15,000 to 22,500 22,50011,605 (Jan-Jul) Double Philippine and International Media Exposure Php 66.96 MPhp 21.72 M (Jan-Jun) Increase inbound investment missions by 15% from 210 to 241 by EOY 241128 (53.1%) Increase outbound investment missions from 9 to 15 by EOY 159 (60%) Increase investment leads generated by 15% from 250 to 288 by EOY 28871** (Jan-Jul) *Source: NEDA report to the President, as of First Semester 2014 **Preliminary report from Posts. No BOI report yet.

14 2014 Breakthrough Goals MeasureTargetAcc to Date REGIONAL OPERATIONS No of MSME’s assisted90,570 54,526 (as of July) Number of Shared Services Facilities established and maintained 300 (2014) 800 (2013) No release 744 (2013) Utilization rate of SSF funds100% No release (2014) Number of SME Roving Academy runs conducted 1, 000 583 (as of 15 August) No. of Runs of standardized Diskwento Caravan with 10 sellers/run 100 159 (as of 18 August) Go Negosyo Act, Establishment of Negosyo Centers Pilot, national MSME Summit, Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (GPB)

15 2014 Breakthrough Goals MeasureTargetAcc to Date MANAGEMENT SUPPORT A scalable portal for the PBR Next Gen PBR Live by EOY ePayment facility launched At least 90% achievement of MARC/PARC Targets 45/45 22/45 100% Completion of DTI’s ICT Enablement Projects 100% completed 48% 100% Resolution of Exceptions in Cash Advances and COA Findings by EOY 0 Prior Years’ Unliquidated 65% prior years’ unliquidated CA settled 100% resolved 100% of new findings addressed

16 APEC 2015 APEC 2015 Chairmanship and Summit – Planning commenced in Feb 2013, preparations are being undertaken in 11 locations around the country – Manila, Tagaytay, Subic, Clark, Bataan, Boracay, Iloilo, Bacolod, Cebu, Legazpi and Davao APEC Customs for SMEs Regional study and dialogue on APEC customs initiatives for SMEs SME Customs Business Initiative (Super Green Lane for SMEs) initiative for an applications-based customs facility that assures qualified SMEs with simplified, prompt and efficient customs clearance process Way forward for major APEC Programs Supply Chain Connectivity Framework Action Plan Ease of Doing Business Initiative Environmental Goods List Support for the Multilateral Trading System APEC New Strategy for Structural Reform Leaders’ Growth strategy

17 AEC 2015 AEC Game Plan: COMPLIANCE, COMPETITIVENESS, COMMUNICATION,COLLABORATION Work towards the substantial compliance of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015 commitments Enhancement of PH competitiveness Integration of SMEs into AEC – Pilot Self-certification Project Promotion of PH as regional production hub – EO 148 – according ASEAN-originating status for Special Economic / Freeport Zone locators Advocacy & Communication DBFTA Sessions on AEC 109 sessions since 2013 conducted

18 2015 Budget General Summary (‘000) Department of Trade and Industry AGENCY GAA 2014 2015 VARIANCE NEP over 2014 GAA% NEP over DTI PROPOSAL% DTI PROPOSAL NEP OSEC 4,026.511 5,662.197 3,270.560 (755.951)-19% (2,391.637)-42% BOI 287.480 390.324 265.875 (21.605)-8% (124.449)-32% CIAP/CMDF 94.556 143.371 87.978 (6.578)-7% (55.393)-39% PTTC 37.909 56.388 48.801 10.89229% (7.587)-13% PDDCP 76.366 177.056 77.046 0.6801% (100.010)-56% Grand Total, w/ RLIP 4,522.822 6,429.336 3,750.260 (772.562)-17% (2,679.076)-42%

19 19 HIGHLIGHTS OF INCREASES DTI-OSEC (CY2015 NEP over FY 2014 GAA) HIGHLIGHTS OF DBM RECOM VS. 2014 GAA272,371 MAINTENANCE AND OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES242,511 Provision for Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-The Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) 10,000 Provision for Human Capability Training Program for employees competencies (P15.269M) and for all on-going programs and projects of the department adjusted for inflation as applicable 115,097 Increase provision for Manufacturing Resurgence Program 29,500 Increase in MSME Council Fund 3,898 Increase in Grassroot Participatory Budgeting (GPB) 84,016 CAPITAL OUTLAY29,860 Provision for the construction of DTI-Office building in the assigned lot of Regional Development Council in Region III 28,000 Provision for the acquisition of motor vehicle for Reg IV-A (Batangas Provincial Office) and Region XIII-Dinagat Provincial Office 1,860

20 20 Strategic Performance Management System an integrated results-based system focused on measuring performance across all levels in the organization Conditional approval by CSC DTI: one of first few agencies to comply with CSC resolution final approval sought by EOY 2014 Major components : Performance Governance System (PGS) Human Capital Development Program (HuCAP) Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE)

21 Maraming Salamat Po.

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