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Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association Overview Mites to Squirts; What to Expect? Spring 2015.

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1 Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association Overview Mites to Squirts; What to Expect? Spring 2015

2 Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association Overview  Minneapolis Storm is a traveling hockey association  501(c)(3) non-profit organization  Managed by a Board of Directors  Meets third Monday of each month (Pearl Park, Minneapolis)  Board Meetings are Open to the Association Membership  Volunteers are Welcome!

3 Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association Overview – Hierarchy of Policy  USA Hockey  Minnesota Hockey  District 3 Hockey  Minneapolis Storm Hockey

4 Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association Overview – District 3 Hockey Members  Armstrong Cooper Youth Hockey Association  Delano Area Youth Hockey Association  Hopkins Youth Hockey Association  Minneapolis Storm Hockey Association  Mound Westonka Youth Hockey Association  North Metro Youth Hockey Association  Orono Youth Hockey Association  Osseo Maple Grove Youth Hockey Association  St Louis Park Youth Hockey Association  Wayzata Youth Hockey Association

5  Volunteer Hours  The Minneapolis Storm depends on volunteers to run the hockey association smoothly  There are both Association and Team volunteer hours  All families must  Complete a volunteer forms  Provide a bank drawn check that equals $300 for 1 Player or $600 for a family  How can I serve my volunteer hours?  Assisting coordinator in evaluations  Minneapolis Storm sponsored tournaments  Coaching  Team Manager  Concessions What to Expect? – Volunteering

6 What to Expect? – Costs  2014-15 Squirt Registration Fees (2015-16 fees have not yet been finalized)  $1,200 MHA fee  $50 USA Hockey/MN Hockey fee.  Team Fees cover tournament gate fees, additional ice that the team may choose to purchase, team building activities (parties, dinners, etc.), and team gear (jackets, sweatshirts, hats, etc.)  $50 - $150 possible team fee (the team’s ability to find sponsors can alleviate costs)  Tournaments Costs – expect additional costs when traveling to out of town tournament including hotel, food, and transportation costs

7 What to Expect? – Who Moves to Squirts?  Who Moves to Squirts? Players turning 9 prior to July 1, 2015 MUST move to the Squirt or U10 (Girls) level  Grade exception: If your child will be 9 in July or August of 2015 and will be attending fourth grade in the fall, you may choose to move your child up to Squirts to play with their schoolmates

8 What to Expect? – Practices, Games, Tournaments  What is the time commitment? During the season each team will have 4-6 ice times a week that include practices and games  Preseason Ice Sessions: start in September and go to evaluations in mid-to-late October  In Season Practice Ice:  Weekday practices typically between 5 pm and 9 pm  Weekend practices can start as early as 7 am and be at late as 9 pm  There are no set practice times for any team, at any level  Typically, practice ice time will issued for pre-season, September and October through the squirt coordinator  Ice time for the remainder of the season will be provided to all team managers on a month to month basis; who will schedule the practices and games on the individual team calendars  In Season: Games are scheduled with the District in October and team managers will enter the individual games on to the team calendars  D3 league games start after Thanksgiving  Team Tournaments  3 tournaments for each team: one local tournament, one out of town tournament, and the Minneapolis Cup, Thanksgiving tournament

9 What to Expect? – Players and Teams  Players  In the 2014-15 season we had 123 squirts players; about 113 skaters and 10 goaltenders  We are always on the lookout for goalies. We expect to have 2 returning Squirt goalies, so if your kids are interested, we definitely need more goalies (part time goalie is an option)  Teams  2014-15; 9 squirt teams, 1-A, 2-B1, 3-B2, and 3-C teams.  2014-15; likely, 7 or 8 squirt teams, 1-A, 2-B1, 2-B2, and 2 or 3-C teams  Team Information – Volunteers Needed! Each team will need volunteers. Some of these positions come with Association Volunteer Hours (Team Manager), others do not (Locker Room Monitor)

10 What to Expect? – Coaches  Team Coaches.  Each squirt team officially has 1 head coach and 2 assistants. It is our stated goal at squirts to have 1 head coach and 3 assistants  Final coaching assignments will be completed after tryouts.  Squirt coaches are selected by committee – let me know if you are interested  At the squirt level we have had 1 paid A head coach in the past and are looking to add a paid coach this year. We may also have paid assistants  Yearly Coaching Requirements  Registration with USA Hockey  Registration with Minneapolis Storm Hockey  Mpls Storm Background Screening Process  USA Hockey Coaching Certification; Including  On Site Clinics (full day) or Online renewal for Level 3 (5-6 hours)  Age Specific Online Modules (5-6 hours)  Safe Sport (2-3 hours)

11 What to Expect? – Evaluation Process; Tactical  Must be registered and payment plan secured  Volunteer form and volunteer check must be completed  Parents may attend. We encourage distance from players  There is absolutely no interaction with players on the ice once the evaluation has begun  Either Mpls Storm or generic hockey jersey’s and socks only! No camp, team uniform (other than Storm) or decals on helmets allowed  Evaluation pinnies (pullovers), are assigned first night of evaluations. Players must hold on to assigned pinny until end of evaluations  Must wear neck and mouth guards  Evaluation ice times and evaluation results posted on Mpls Storm Squirt home page  On ice evaluations will include both hockey exercises and scrimmages

12 What to Expect? – Evaluation Process  Most important; place players of like abilities together  The goal is to separate players in teams of like ability as quickly as possible  Parents and players choose a path  A/B1 or B2/C path?  Ability to choose C’s available

13 What to Expect? – Code of Conduct  The Minneapolis Storm Hockey has adopted a code of conduct from the USA Hockey Official Rules and Casebook of Ice Hockey. Each player, parent/guardian, and coach is expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct  Players, parents/guardians and coaches are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect to other players, coaches, officials, parents and spectators.  The Player Code of Conduct is shown below:  Play for fun.  Work hard to improve your skills.  Be a team player; get along with your teammates.  Learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline.  Be on time for practices and games.  Learn the rules and play by them. Always be a good sport.  Respect your coach, your teammates, your parents, your opponents, the officials and the facilities where you play.  Never argue with an official's decision. Do not use abusive or vulgar language when addressing other players, officials, coaches or parents.

14 What to Expect? – Player Commitment  At the squirt level players are expected to participate in all team activities including games, practices, tournaments, etc.  All teams will establish their own allowances for excused and unexcused absences. This means that teams will decide what the level of allowance is given for:  “Excused Absences”, when reasonable notice and excuse is provided  And “Unexcused Absences”. Unexcused absences can be grounds for consequence to a player, as determined by the team, up to and including suspension  USA Hockey and the Storm Hockey Club encourage multiple sports and sporting seasons for all players. However, at the squirt level parallel participation in other hockey clubs is discouraged  During the hockey season, Storm Hockey Club expects players and parents to prioritize hockey over other “off-season” sports (soccer, lacrosse, tennis, etc.) when there is a conflict. This includes practices as well as games

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