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“We nurture all that is best in each of our students” Sutton Park School Leaving Cert Subject Choice.

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1 “We nurture all that is best in each of our students” Sutton Park School Leaving Cert Subject Choice

2 Leaving Certificate – Subject Choice Must satisfy entry requirements for any potential course, matriculation & course req. Some subjects are mandatory Some subjects are relevant Some subjects are easy / interesting / suited therefore a ‘relatively’ stress free LC

3 LanguagesSciencesBusinessSocial Sciences EnglishMathematicsBusinessGeography Irish*BiologyEconomicsHistory FrenchChemistryAccountingHome Economics/S.E SpanishPhysicsArt Applied Mathematics Music Design & Communication Graphics Subjects Available

4 ‘CORE’ Subjects All students *take:- Mathematics English Irish French/Spanish * Except those with exemptions

5 Matriculation All NUI ’ s require a third language for entry, (exception, NCAD art, engineering, science & Nursing) TCD - Maths, English & one other language DIT - Maths and English OR Irish DCU – Maths and English OR Irish Foundation level is accepted as general entry in many universities, but no points are awarded and it will not suffice for meeting course requirement.

6 Science subjects Medicine x 2 (can include higher maths instead of physics) Nursing / midwifery / OT / radiography x 1 Science x 2 TCD (can include higher / app maths / geography) Science x 1 UCD Dentistry x 2 (can include higher maths instead of physics) Pharmacy, Physiotherapy x 2 (can include higher maths) Veterinary courses x Chemistry + other matric. Engineering ( UCD ) need chemistry / physics Dietetics (DIT) need chemistry Usually implies HC3 Biology, physics, chemistry, applied maths, maths

7 Subject Choice 2011 8 Subjects may be taken for Leaving Cert ‘Points’ for best six counted for college entry All subjects acceptable All carry equal ‘Points’ *(except Maths in U.L, M.I & Maths/Sciences for 1 course in DIT) # (25 Bonus points for H. Maths) High Points attainable on lower level papers

8 Leaving Certificate Common Points Scale GRADEHIGHER PAPERLOWER PAPER A110060 A29050 B18545 B28040 B37535 C17030 C26525 C36020 D15515 D25010 D3455

9 Points = grades 555 = 2 x A1, 3 x A2, 1 x B1 500 = 4 x B1, 2 x B2 475 = 2 x B1, 2 x B2, 1 x B3, 1 x C1 440 = 4 x C1, 2 x B2 400 = 3 x C1, 2 x C2, 1 x C3 350 = 2 x C1, 2 x C3, 1 x ord B2, 1 x ord A2, 300 = 1 x ord A2, 2 x ord B2, 1 x ord C1, 2 x C2,

10 Good Reasons For Choosing A Subject  Personal Interest and Enthusiasm  Aptitude – High Achievement Possible  Relevance to possible career/entry requirement to third level course of interest  Course requirement

11 Career Opportunities There is more than one career for everyone There is a place on a Third Level course for everyone of average ability Most careers are attainable eventually

12 Valuable Subjects Chemistry – first for Med, Vet, Dent Higher Level Maths – essential for Engineering (L8) Degrees Higher Level Irish – essential for Primary Teaching Physics – for Engineering (P+C +Ap M), Architecture, (P.+C. +A), Med, Electronics Art – for Art, Arch, Media, I. Design Geography – second science for T.C.D (Not for med) Business (Ec, Ac, Bus) for Business courses (Not essential for any 3 rd Level Business Course)

13 How to Decide Get information on subjects-talk to teachers, older students, parents. Get advice about your suitability for a subject from teachers who know you. Research Career links- / N.B Choose subjects you like and can do easily.

14 Making up your mind and career focused tasks for 5 th year What subjects do I enjoy and am good at Information gathering/research on careers and courses Work experience/shadowing in career areas of interest Preliminary selection of suitable careers/courses Researching application systems to colleges /

15 CAO process Begin research now Convert points from all exams Goals – short and long term Art applicants need to work on portfolio – restricted courses #

16 UCAS University and College Application System First deadline is 15 th October (6 th year)– for Oxbridge and medicine, dentistry and veterinary Work experience is crucial for these courses Aptitude tests 15 th January is deadline for all other courses Recommend to apply early, first come first served, Predicted grades so work from now!

17 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Biology New shorter course More physiology Fewer but more specific experiments i.e DNA Honours Maths not required Ability to use diagrams to illustrate answers Manual skills and use of microscope Practical course Demanding Laboratory science – fulfills requirement for many courses

18 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Chemistry Emphasis on understanding and interpretation of chemical data rather than that learning off by heart Good mathematical ability required (Hons Maths not essential) Students examined on chemical laws/principles Interest in Chemistry necessary. Students learn how and why reactions occur and their importance in everyday life. Manual skills and interest in experiments advisable Demanding course. A lab science – essential for Vet, most medical courses.

19 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Physics Honours Junior Cert Maths required Honours Maths L Cert advisable Students should have an eye for detail, enjoy problem-solving & understanding how things work Formulae to be studied, memorized and applied to experiments Demanding subject A Lab. Science – valuable for med, architecture, engineering, computing & science courses – sometimes essential. A Sense of wonder and curiosity makes physics more enjoyable

20 Answers to FAQ’s Re: App Maths Good mathematical skills required Honours Maths (B or C) in Junior Cert Honours Maths Leaving Cert Interest in problem solving Enjoyment of Maths contests Some overlap with Physics Valuable for Maths courses, Engineering, Architecture and Scientific careers

21 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Art Leaving Cert Art Course consists of:- Life Drawing Still Life/Imaginative Composition Craftwork History & appreciation of art Gives students opportunity to explore, imagine, design, invent & communicate through different art materials and to develop a greater awareness of visual, spatial and tactile world. ART – An aesthetic experience! Art is a good subject for students interested in the following careers: Architecture, Industrial design, Graphic design, Advertising, Set design, Cinematography, Film Studies

22 Design & Comm Graphics Unique contribution to cognitive and practical skills development of student Skills-graphic communication, problem solving, spatial abilities, design capabilities & CAD modelling. Skills developed through: design & communication graphics, plane & descriptive geometries & applied graphics. Creative thinking and problem solving abilities of students developed Design project undertaken in 6 th Yr & accounts for 40% of overall grade. 60% achieved through a 3 hour examination dealing with geometry.

23 Hm Economics, Social & Scientific An applied subject, combining theory with practice in order to develop understanding and solve problems. It is concerned with the way individuals and families manage their resources to meet physical, emotional, intellectual, social and economic needs Core consists of three areas: 1. Food Studies 2. Resource Management & Consumer Studies 3. Social Studies There is a choice from 3 elective subjects 20% of marks is awarded for a course work journal, done within normal class time and submitted prior to written exam.

24 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Geography 5 th Yr - Physical, Regional, Fieldtrip 6 th Yr - Population, Urbanisation, Geoecology Field work before examination now compulsory (20% of marks) Short answers and essay type answers required. Students must think abstractly and in 3-d (Don’t do Geography if you have any problems with this) More information about new syllabus at subject meeting Urban Planning, Engineering, Geology, Urban Design (Relevant Careers)

25 Answers to FAQ’s Re: History Good standard of English Recall & accurate understanding required. Wide choice of topics and questions, allowing students to concentrate on particular areas. Students should be prepared to read, use libraries and other sources for their special topic. Irish & European topics covered, between 1800-1990 20% of exam entails – special study of an historical topic, requiring research and critical thinking. (This is submitted before L.Cert) Annual national statistics show history students gaining high grades.

26 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Business Good standard of English required Academic subject – not ‘hands on’ Relevant to students’ experience – many will have worked in Business areas Answers in point format – NOT Essay – type answers Calculations rarely required Not necessary to have taken Business Studies at Junior Certificate

27 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Economics Honours Maths not required but students should be mathematically inclined At least 25% of Economics course is for definitions – students must be able to answer precisely. Students should be capable of working with and manipulating diagrams Must be capable of moving from practical economics (macro) to purely theoretical (i.e models in micro economics) Should have some knowledge and interest in current statistics, inflation, employment & economic growth

28 Answers to FAQ’s Re: Music Practical is now examined in a musical styles, Classical, Pop, Rock, Folk, Traditional, Jazz, Voice, modern electronic etc including participation in groups of any sort. The ‘Music Technology’ option involves the use of I.T in music composing and performance. Course consists of composing, listening, set works, Irish music and aural skills. Three sections – Practical, composing and listening – the student decides which to take as a specialisation and that section will be worth 50% of marks. Not essential, but advantageous, to have studied music for Junior Cert. Some practical music making experience essential. High Grades (including As) are attainable.

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